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“Whitney Houston is a crack whore bitch” – Yolandi from Die Antwoord on the day Whitney died

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First things first – as always, head over to over here to catch up on Die Antwoord to be up to date on what we have covered it so far. Familiarize yourself with their behavior. In today’s update, there are a few clips in this little video compilation below. These are all part of some behind-the-scene clips which was documented by Die Antwoord‘s ex artist and videographer, Ben. Don’t worry if the video gets taken down by Die Antwoord for some bullshit copyright claim. It is totally expected. If it does disappear from YouTube, we will embed it on our server and share it on the cloud via GoogleDrive, OneDrive, WeTransfer and Dropbox. If it does get removed, we will treat is as a trigger to create various snippets for distribution through WhatsApp videos. Like Ninja would probably say: “There are more than one way to jerk off a cat, my broe. Keep it simple, keep it safe.”

In today’s episode of “Die Antwoord are totally innocent because it was 7 years ago and you have no proof and you are just jealous and butt hurt”, there are a few clips to go through:

In one of these clips you can see Ninja, clearly very proud of himself, discussing saying “nigger” live on stage for the first time in America. This was when he introduced Justin De Nobrega (DJ Hitek) for the very first time on stage as “my nigger, DJ hi-tek”. It is clearly a big moment for him which he reminisces about in the back of the cab.

Then there is another clip where Yo-Landi is hanging out with her Fietas crowd (the below-the-breadline poor white kids from the poor neighborhood, Fietas in Johannesburg) which herself an Ninja use as props for their videos. They are smoking a fat joint. Fun times. She looks very cool with her fat joint. She is the leader of the pack here. A black guy walks past in the background and Yo-landi comments: “Only a nigger can wear a cap like that”.  Now, for the American die hard Die Antwoord fans morons  on Reddit, Instagram and Facebook: even if she said “nigga” or meant “nigga” and you think it is OK for a white person (specifically) to act like this – it is 100% not fucking Ok. You need to read more and with comprehension. If you think it is OK, please come to South Africa and say it to first black person’s face. I would love to film the reaction and sell the clip.
I would also like to hear from anyone who attended a DA show (outside South Africa) and were right up front by the stage. There is a pattern. They like to single out random fans in the front row at some of their sold out live shows to abuse them. Someone at the front always needs to be embarrassed by either Yo-Landi or Ninja. In the video below there is such an example and Yolandi makes a big scene at the end of their performance of Watkykjy (the irony is not lost on me). It reminds me of the scene she made when she lied about Andy Butler sexually harassing her in Australia. In the clip below she yells: “Vat hierie man hier weg! Hysie welkom hier nie! Vat hom weg! Fokof jou swart naai! Gaan vrek, jou doos!”. The fans keeps on cheering, because she is entertaining them with Afrikaans (the second most sexy accent in the world) and they don’t understand a fucking word she says. Allow me to translate: “Take this man way! He is not welcome here! Take him away! Fuck off, you black fuck! Go and die, you vagina!”. There is a reason she din’t shout this in English to the stage managers – they would have removed an innocent guy from the front of the crowd at Yolandi’s request because that is their job. There would have been severe issues and repercussions, so Yo-Landi chose to hide in plain sight with racist insults in a language only herself, Ninja and Hitek understood in that arena. That ppor “fan” didn’t understand a word she shouted at him, but look at his face – I am convinced he felt it.

Lastly, there is the day that Whitney Houston passed away and it is the same day Die Antwoord had a gig at Irving Plaza in New York. Remember when Yolandi played all dumb in her phone call to Ben? “Whitney Houston?” Aaaah-duuuuuh???
Lets refresh her memory: Below is part of the conversation which took place in the back of a cab between Yo-Landi, Ninja and DjJ Hitek as they turned into West 28th Avenue in New York on the 11th of February, 2012. Whitey Houston’s music was playing over the radio:

Tour manager: Whitney Houston died tonight. At 48 years old.
Yolandi: Right before our show in New York. What a bitch! How come she gotta do it then dude? Couldn’t she wait like 10 minutes?
DJ Hitek: Didn’t we almost have it all?
Ninja: To start the fashion week, dude. Do you want to hear weirdest news ever, guys?
Yolandi: Ja?
Ninja: Yo won’t believe ne though. I didn’t wanna tell you. You know Terry Richardson?
DJ Hitek: Ja?
Ninja: He’s sitting like 2 seats away from us, Do you know who was sitting next to him dude?
DJ Hitek: Who?
Ninja: You’ll never guess.
DJ Hitek: Eminem?
Ninja: I sweat to Jesus you won’t ever guess, dude.
DJ Hitek: Just tell me.
Yolandi: Yellawolf
Ninja: Whitney Houston
DJ Hitek: No ways!
Yolandi: She died at the Alex Wang fashion show dude!
DJ Hitek: Bullshit dude.
Yolandi: Oh my god. that bitch went fucked it up. How come she gotta do it then dude?
Ninja: There’s a photo on the net I saw on Whitney Houston sniffing crack out of Alex Wang’s ass.
Yolandi: No, out of his vagina
Ninja: Out of his vagina
Yolandi: Alex Wang is a freak.
Ninja: Wow, what a fucken weird little pixie fucken oriental motherfucking psycho?
DJ Hitek: Was she married?
Yolandi: Whitney Houston is dead, check how they announce it. They like “Whitney Houston is dead”. They like DJ mix it.
Yolandi: I can’t believe like Black Eyed Peas didn’t do a remix of it dude, you know?
DJ Hitek: Was she married?
Yolandi: Whitney Houston, no she was a whore dude.
DJ Hitek: No dude!
Yolandi: She was a crack cocaine whore.
DJ Hitek: Shame, fuck!
Yolandi: Dude I saw this live show with her and Mariah Carey. Mariah Carey whipped her ass, dude. She was so drunk she couldn’t even remember her cues, dude.

Whtiney had an active career between 1977–2012. Did she fuck up? Yes, like everyone else in life. Did she constantly try to fuck over other people’s lives and careers the way the predatory Die Antwoord still does? Hell no!

To each and every artist, promoter, event owner and festival organizer who ever worked with or booked Whitney Houston as well as Die Antwoord – you have some thinking to do…

griffin“Whitney Houston is a crack whore bitch” – Yolandi from Die Antwoord on the day Whitney died
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Dis naweek, kom ons fokken duik!

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Vrydag is soos ‘n superhero wat net betyds invlieg om jou te keer voor jy iemand by jou werk oor die kop poes met ‘n keyboard.

griffinDis naweek, kom ons fokken duik!
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O donner, die dak het afgewaai!

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Our top 10 weekly selection of DSTV Now | Showmax | YouTube | Netflix | Amazon Prime
Did you come across this little Afrikaans Capetonian monologue last Friday by any chance:
“O donner, die dak het afgewaai! O fok, daar gaan die venster! O fok daar gaan die banke! Hier’s ‘n vet fokop!”
If not, let me catch you up to speed:

Fokkit, Cape Town can have nasty ass weather during their winter period. Unfortunately when it doesn’t piss down like that, the Western Cape is in groot kak. And us Valies have to make jokes about water conservation and how the Capies need to shower with buckets in the shower and gooi that mix of water and their dead skin cells into the kakhuis cisterns to flush away their craft drolle forged by Jarryds burgers, Unframed Ice Cream and Moro Gelato. You can eat fancy, but your kak is always just kak, hey?
All jokes aside – there will always be someone who has it way worse than you – the homeless ,for instance. This is of course a countrywide problem but the weird Cape Town weather made me wonder what these poor people do and I came across an article of a sweet lady who dedicates her time to make warm, weather proof sleeping bags for a cost of next to fokol with the added bonus of being fully recycled and easy to carry around. Jo Maxwell looked at what resources she had at hand and started experimenting with plastic bags, newspaper and buff tape. She made several prototypes before finalising her design using recycled, heavy-duty plastic bags and lots of layers of newspaper. She calls it the  “Good Night and God Bless” sleeping bags. and she has been demonstrating her sleeping bag technique for volunteer groups, schools, corporates and prison inmates. These guys have have made and distributed more than 20,000 sleeping bags for those who desperately need it. Their good deeds even resulted into Wales, Scotland and England taking up the initiative. If you want to find out how to make it, get in contact with Jo over here:

I suggest you start collecting those free community newspapers and put them aside. Just make one sleeping bag and hand it to a person at a traffic light. See how it makes you feel, but more importantly, see how it makes the other person feel. Because it is also a person.

This is not a guilt trip, it is really just a thought that popped up when I saw that insane video of the storm in Cape Town.

Once you’ve handed out a sleeping bag, you can treat yourself to
our Plumlist’s top 10 pick for the weekend:

# 10 Gangland Undercover S1-2
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#8 If you loved True Detective, American Crime should be your next binge-watch pick
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 #7 Finally – the trailer for Netflix’s Witcher series
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 #6 How Wayde van Niekerk revolutionised what can be done as an athlete
When Wayde van Niekerk crosses the finish line at the 2016 Rio Olympics he looks over to his left expecting to see a rival ahead of him. But there is no one in sight.
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 #5 The best of EFC hits the Showmax catalogue
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 #4 The Boys: Superheroes for the social media age
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 #3 Twenty-five hilarious lines from 5 of TV’s funniest shows
I was a kid of the 80s and fondly remember growing up in front of and along with South African TV. Back then we weren’t glued to the idiot box like kids these days with their inseparable tablets or smartphones. Not for the lack of trying, though.
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 #2 Get ready to check into Hotel S4, coming in January 2020
Ferdie Kruger and the staff of Die Fransen hotel return to kykNET with a 4th season of the mocumentary, Hotel, in January 2020. In the previous season, there was a struggle and bustle over who the next mayor would be, Danny’s first play was performed by Die Fransen staff, there was fun with Batcoin and Jaap’s pet sheep caused havoc, but this fresh new season will be even bigger, better and funnier.
 On Showmax
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 #1 Kanarie, now streaming, soars to exceptional heights
This coming-of-age musical drama set in the height of apartheid – South Africa, 1985 – was easily one of the best movies of 2018 (and now that it’s left the big screen, it’s only available on Showmax).
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Our randomized trailer pick of the week

Each week we take a number from 1 to 10 from our list of suggestions and put it through a randomizer to choose a trailer to show you. This week it landed on our number 1 spot, Kanarie – a coming-of-age musical war drama, about a young boy who discovers how through hardship, camaraderie, first love, and the liberating freedom of music, the true self can be discovered. One of the best South African movies ever to date.

griffinO donner, die dak het afgewaai!
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Watkykjy interview die cast van die TV-reeks, Hotel!

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Hotel is ‘n mocumentary sitcom wat handel oor al die wel, weë en wandel van ‘n ‘n fiktiewe plattelandse boutique hotel, iewers in ‘n fiktiewe dorpie in Mpumalanga. Ferdie Kruger (gespeel deur James Borthwick) is die bestuurder van hierdie boutique hotel, Die Fransen Hotel, in Fransenburg. Dan is daar ook een van my gunsteling stand-up comedians, Schalk Bezuidenhout, in die rol van wacky en quirky Danny, Simoné Pretorius as Jony, Beer Adriaanse as Thomas, en Martelize Kolver as die hardegat tomboy, Brenda. Verder is daar Mila Guy (sy is hierdie maand sommer ook  op Rooi Rose se voorblad!) as Malanie en De Klerk Oelofse as arme ou fokken Jaap. Die dweeb wat heeltyd aan die agterste tiet suig. Shame, man.

Ek het bietjie minder as ‘n jaar gelede eers hierdie skreeusnaakse Afrikaanse program ontdek en destyds vir Beer Adriaanse daaroor uitgevra. Die eerste twee reekse het my deeglik impress en in Augustus verlede jaar was daar aangekondig dat season 3 ook op pad DStv toe was in Januarie 2019. Ek as so excited, ek het dit sommer fokken heeltemal gemis! Wel, nie die hele ding nie. Teen die tyd wat ek wakker geskrik het, was dit te laat om die show op live TV te kyk en ek was net betyds om die eerste vier episodes op DStv Catchup ook te fokken mis, wat my glad nie gehelp het nie. Ek wou ook nie halpad inspring nie, maar gelukkig hoef ek net ‘n maand of so te gewag het vir season 3 om op Showmax te verskyn. Ek het vir hom stadig klaargemaak – soos wanneer jy as kind net een glas peink Nesquick per week mag gekry het en dit met ‘n teelepeltjie slukkie vir slukkie geslurp het…

My afwagting en opgewondenheid het ook grotendeels te doen gehad met die feit dat ek  uitgenooi is na die heel laaste dag van season 3 se shoot om op stel te gaan kyk hoe dit verfilm  en direct word. En met “genooi” bedoel ek dat ek hulle aanhou soebat het tot hulle my uiteindelik jammer gekry het en gesê het dat ek maar mag kom kyk hoe hulle die storie doen  daar by die Kleinkaap Boutique Hotel in Centurion. Hulle het my toegelaat om so bietjie behind the scenes footage ook af te neem asook om met so paar van die cast members en die twee creators te gesels tydens hule lunch break. Dit was ‘n moerse lekker dag gewees en dit was befok om met genuine down-to-earth akteurs piele te vleg. Check die video!
Artikel gaan voort na die interview clip:

Toevallig is daar juis gister aangekondig dat Hotel vir ‘n vierde seisoen hernu is! Ek het sommer dadelik vir Schalk Bezuidenhout gebel en hy het sommer dadelik nie sy foon geantwoord nie want hy is tans in Edinburgh met sy show, Schalk Bezuidenhout: South African White Boy. So toe bel ek maar weer vir old faithful, Beer Adriaanse. Die nuus van die nuwe reeks was nog so vars dat hy nie eers geweet het wat mag sê of nie mag sê nie:

“Seisoen 4 bevat ‘n aansienlike meer emosionele storieboog waar die Fransen se personeel met allerhande eksistensiële krisisse gekonfronteer word. Ferdie, wat nog nie heeltemal van sy kortstondige politieke loopbaan herstel het nie, stoei met sy nalatenskap terwyl Thomas en Jony se nuutgevonde vriendskap ‘n onverwagse draai vat en ‘n splinternuwe karakter aan Fransenburg bekendstel. Daar is allerhande veranderinge in die lug en selfs Danny en Malanie se verhouding moet ‘n paar wilde bollemakiesies maak om te probeer oorleef. Boer Jaap begeef hom aan ‘n interessante 19-stap program om oor sy liefdeskwale te kom, Brenda se kindertydtrauma kom na vore en ‘n beroemde Afrikaanse kunstenaar kom lewer ‘n opspraakwekkende praatjie by die hotel.

Die vierde seisoen ontrafel teen ‘n vinniger spoed as ons vorige seisoene. Ons kon dit in die skryf al voel en met die skiet het dit net meer duidelik geword. Daar is meer tonele, meer grappe en meer belaglike situasies as ooit tevore. Verwag stakende pensioenarisse, koeëlwonde, stootskrapers,begrafnisse, laerskoolrugbyspanne en die gewildste spesiale muffins wat Fransenburg al ooit gesien het.”

Jirre, die man praat mooier Afrikaans as Breyten Breytenbach wat op André P. Brink se skoot sit en druiwe gevoer word deur Antjie Krog…

Ek kan nie wag vir seisoen 4 nie en ek het reeds gevra of ek weer op stel mag gaan kuier. Ek wonder wat vir lunch is… Jy kan solank die eerste drie seisone van Hotel op Showmax gaan kokkenodge. Dis ‘n totaal van 39 episodes wat jou vir rukkie lank uit die moeilikheid sal hou. Daarna kan jy bietjie gaan rondkrap en ander movies, kortfilms en reekse kyk waarin so paar van Hotel se akteurs ook speel en dan sal jy besef dat hulle moerse versatile is en nie net one trick ponies is nie. Schalk is byboorbeeld te sien in Die Ware Naarheid, Die kliek, Skerpskerts, Beloofde Land en Die Spreeus. Vir Beer sal jy teëkom in Vir Onbyt, Wonderlus en Kanarie (waarin Schalk die lead speel). Mila (ook Beer se girlfriend in regte lewe) is ook te sien in Wonderlus.  Mila se movie en TV score op die Watkykjy Showmax-meter is die hoogste tussen haar en haar kollegas (dit sluit bae in – Bae Adriaanse). Sy vertolk ook rolle in Vlugtig, Vuil Wasgoed, Liewe Kersvader, Ballade Vir ‘n Enkeling en Binnelanders.

Het ek al vir jou gesê dat sy op die cover van Rooi Rose is hierdie maand?

Click ook sommer hier of op Mila se cover om jou deur te vat na Showmax se 14-dae free trial om Hotel season een tot tot drie te chain smoke soos ‘n standerd sewe laitie agter die fietsloods tydens tweede pouse. Hotel seisoen 4 begin January 2020 op kykNET wys,en sal tergelyke tyd beskikbaar wees op Showmax.




griffinWatkykjy interview die cast van die TV-reeks, Hotel!