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Rugby madness is upon us! Lekker Japan!

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Eight years ago if you had to use the words “rugby” and “Japan” in a sentence, you would have probably said something along the lines of “Japan knows fokol about rugby and their players are too tiny”. Fast forward to 2015 and your sentence would have change to “How the fuck on dearest flat earth did Japan manage to beat the Springboks? That’s like our national sport, jissis!”

Do you know why we lost to Japan? Check, I have a theory…

South Africans like very much to cling to the past in all aspects of their lives. I don’t want to get into politics, so let’s stick to sports – the die hard Springbok fans wil forever and a bit desperately cling to that 1995 victory over New Zealand in the final. I mean jissis, people still talk about our only Rugby World Cup victory as if was South Africa’s greatest accomplishment ever since Professor Christian Barnard transplanted the first heart on earth ever in Cape Town. In fact, people only stopped talking about Christiaan Barnard on the actual day we won the world cup, because now we had something new to brag about for the next fifteen years. What we forgot about was the losing team on 24 June in 1995 at Ellispark. In our celebrations, we failed to notice the All Blacks’ pain but in particular the pain of one of the flankers, Jamie Joseph. He was so hurt that he sommer retired after that game. But he refocused his sense of loss to anger and burning desire for revenge. He decided to humiliate South Africa in the worst way possible – by changing career from player to coach and devoting the next 20 years of his life to sharpen those skills like a ninja blade and coaching the least expected team to fuck up the Springboks in a World Cup Match. He knew that the manly men of South Africa would be touched on their studios if their national pride got bliksemmed on the ballas by a team called the Cherry Blossoms. Ag mamma!

Rugby Union – South Africa v Japan – IRB Rugby World Cup 2015 Pool B – Brighton Community Stadium, Brighton, England – 19/9/15
Japan celebrate victory after the match
Reuters / Eddie Keogh

If you have a better explanation for why they beat us 4 years ago, I’d really like to hear it. Good luck, mine is the most factual and scientifically plausible explanation.

Like myself, a lot of you might also have thought that Japan is fairly new to the world of rugby. South Africa and Japan basically started playing rugby in its popular format around the same time – the late 1890s. The sport is fairly popular in Sushiville. Japan has the fourth largest population of rugby union players in the world and there are 125,000 Japanese rugby players, 3,631 official rugby clubs, and the Japan national team is ranked 11th in the world. Not too kak, hey?

I missed the live opening ceremony a few hours ago, but I found it on YouTube. It is pretty cool. Just straight forward no-frills, culture filled stuff, more or less what you would expect from a country rich with culture and pride:

There’s a shitload of rugby to watch on DSTV this weekend – seven matches including the one that just finished between Japan and Russia. The Japanese kicked ass and took names. Russia couldn’t Facebook hack themselves out of this one.

Japan – 30
Russia – 10

Interestingly enough, it came VERY close to Katpein Kortbroek’s predictions. I think he had Japan picked for a win with 14 points!
So far, so good…

In case you reversed over your DStv decoder like a doos, head on over to
the Plumlist for our top 10 pick of the week to check what you can stream in South Africa, unless you’re planning on reversing over your internet with your bakkie as well…
#10 Undone: Animation for traumatised adults
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 #4 The very, very, very best of Veep S1-7
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 #3 Frights for fun in Los Espookys
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On Showmax 
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 #2 Mermaids are back – and they’re badass
In the mid-to-late 80s, like all my friends, I was fascinated by all the cool adventures Tom Hanks got to go on in his movies: in Big as a teenage boy, he wakes up one morning to find himself mysteriously in the body of an adult.
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Our randomized trailer pick of the week

Each week we take a number from 1 to 10 from our list of suggestions and put it through a randomizer to choose a trailer to show you. This week it landed on our number 4 spot, Veep:

Former senator Selina Meyer was a rising star in her party, a charismatic leader with White House potential. Then she became Vice President.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Emmy winner for Seinfeld and The New Adventures of Old Christine) stars in Veep, an HBO comedy series created by Armando Iannucci (Oscar nominee for co-writing In the Loop) that follows the whirlwind day-to-day existence of the Vice President as she puts out political fires, juggles a busy public schedule and demanding private life, and defends the president’s interests, even as she tries to improve her dysfunctional relationship with the chief executive.

In stead of the usual trailer, have a fair dosage of all the best insults in Veep from seaon 1 to 4:

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griffinRugby madness is upon us! Lekker Japan!
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The Road – ‘n Befokte documentary oor Piet Botha se lewe

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Everyday I wake up dreaming
This is where I want to stay
Far from the black city
Where the dragon wants your soul
The system wants control
But I will not go
I will stay here where the water meets the sand
In this wild and wonderful land
Ah you beauty
Beautiful Mozambique

Piet Botha, Mozambique

Hoekom is daar so min dokumentȇre oor die lewens van legendariese Suid-Afikaanse metal, alternatiewe musiek, rock, folk en blues musikante en songwriters? Sure, daar is nie hordes van hulle in ons land nie en hulle albumverkope bereik gewoonlik nie -goud of platinumstatus nie maar daar is wel genoeg van hulle om ‘n ordentlike verskeidenheid vermaak op TV te kan geniet, right? Is die staaltjies van geskiedkundige gebeurtenisse wat ‘n platform en bestaansreg geskep het vir al die jonger kunstenaars (waaroor ons hier op Wat Kyk Jy skryf) nie belangrik genoeg nie? Dit kan nie wees dat mense nie meer ‘n fok omgee vir die stories agter die bands nie, kan dit? In die roman I Shall Wear Midnight het Terry Pratchett die volgende neergepen:
“If you do not know where you come from, then you don’t know where you are, and if you don’t where you are, then you don’t know where you’re going. And if you don’t know where you’re going, you’re probably going wrong.”
As jy The Road kyk, of weer kyk, nȇ, waardeer net daai awkward Wildebeest onderhoud wat Carike Keuzenkamp met Colin Pratley gevoer het. Ha! Dis nou ‘n uitstekende voorbeeld van waar ons vandaan kom. En hoekom moet doccies beperk word tot die groot geeste? Dis broodnodig, maar fassinerende mense en hulle stories is oral om ons. Ons moet dit net meer raaksien. Die bands wat nog nie dekades agter die blad het nie kan mos solank oefen met low budget docs, of hoe? Ek gebruik die Hammer se famous quote gereeld in my eie lewe: “We’ll get there when we fucking get there”, maar wat die dokumentering van bands in die SA musiekbedryf aanbetref dink ek eerder: “We won’t get fucking anywhere unless family, friends and fans help us get there.” Die probleem is maar tyd, geld en oorlewing. Afrikatyd plus Afrikageld is gelyk aan Oorlewing.

‘n Paar fans het gelukkig hulle hande opgesteek om The Road die lig laat sien. Willem Louw het al jare lank al ‘n visie gehad en ek onthou sy absolute passie vir Jack Hammer toe ons ontmoet het destyds en hy ons die eerste keer van dié projek vertel het. Ekself was net ‘n innocent bystander en was nie direk betrokke nie, maar hy het my gereeld op hoogte gehou en ek moet bieg – ek het met tye gewonder hoe de moer hulle hierdie een gaan laat fly. Maar gravitasie het die regte mense bymekaar gebring en almal het as ‘n span saamgewerk oor die jare. Passie en harde werk is al wat jy nodig het, I guess. Willem is baie hush-hush en humble hieroor en ek het hom nie eens toestemming gevra of ek dit kan noem nie, maar hy het hierdie doccie grotendeels ge-fund. Hy sou nou net weer wou hȇ ek moet stilbly daaroor.

Dit was een van sy lewensdrome gewees en‘n moerse geskenk vir Piet, sy familie en vriende, al die kunstenaars, die bedryf en veral vir ons fans. The Road se opbrengste word net so aangepass vir die voortbestaan van die Jack Hammer band (meer van ‘n movement, eintlik), so there be no selling out here! ‘n Paar weke gelede toe Willem die finale produk hier aangebring het en by my huis kom kyk het, was die selfde passie vir die musiek nog steeds onblusbaar en ewe aansteeklik. Hy, Jessica Botha, Vickus Strijdom, Paul Buys en al die ander mense wat betrokke was by die projek se timing kon nie beter gewees het nie. Piet kon ons net sowel verlaat het voor dit alles gekonsepsualiseer of voltooi was! En in daai opsig was ons almal weereens baie gelukkig. En Dankbaar. Om iemand soos Piet Botha hier in SA te kon gehad het, wat so baie mense beïnvloed het op so baie vlakke, is bitter raar. Die huldeblyke op social media vir hom hou net nie op nie.
Maar wat van al die ander legendes? Hulle gaan nie vir ewig leef nie en hulle word ook nie jonger nie…

Informasie op die interwebs het baie voordele maar dis te gefragmenteerd om wyer in-roads in die SA mark in te maak. Watkykjy interview, feature en skryf al jare lank oor die Wolmers daar in die Noorde. Wanneer ons die tyd kry. Maar om met so doccie op Showmax te spog en die beweging en mense so akuraat weer te gee, is ‘n massiewe mylpaal. Well done, skurminkels!

Anton Goosen se wyshede dra by tot die geloofwaardigheid en integriteit van die produksie. Albert Frost se input van die jonger generasie musikante se point of view ook. Die doccie maak al die “karakters” met pittige sȇgoed nou meer toeganklik vir ander middelklas Suid-Afrikaners en dis goed om te weet waar almal inpas en dat Piet Botha die oorsprong was van die Wolmerlegende. Meeste Watkykertjies ken byvoorbeeld nou al jare lank die Van der Walt familie. Om legendes raak te sien en aan die gang te hou is belangrik want dit gee jong kids meer opsies om fans te wees van ‘n verskeidenheid subkulture binne die overall SA kultuur. Daar was voorheen ‘n leemte in die annale van SA rock and roll maar Showmax is besig om hullle digitale rakke stadig maar seker vol te pak. Sover is daar byvoorbeeld doccies en programme beskikbaar wat ons local talent soos Fokofpolisiekar, Karen Zoid, The Parlotones, Johannes Kerkorrel en Springbok Nude Girls insluit. We want moaaaar of this!

Terug by Piet en The Road: Dié van julle wat dit nou gaan kyk en geniet en nie voorheen die dots kon connect nie, kan nou al die connections maak:

  • Die Boet Faber/Jack Hammer konneksie van ouds.
  • Die Jack Hammer konneksie met Johnathan “The Kid” Martin, Tertius “Beano” du Plessis, Paul “The Duke” de Waal en Jacques Groenewald (aka Jake Gunn of Groenie).
  • Dan is daar die Weskuskonneksie met die Akkedis broers, Rudi en Arthur
  • Ook die STRAB en Mozambique connections waar ander jonger bands soos The Black Cat Bones ook bygekom het en intussen sukses behaal het. Kobus de kock Jnr gee ons pȇrels tydens sy onderhoud.
  • Die Gareth Wilson/Helen Zille konneksie was seker sy enigste genuine politieke konneksie.

Die doccie het die gevoel van ‘n nineties indie movie. Hype sou nie gewerk het met ‘n kunstenaar vir wie dit uiters belangrik was om nooit ‘n sell-out te word nie. Daar is baie waarhede deurentyd oor “Die Road” sonder om die mistieke daarvan te verloor. Dit sluit aspekte in soos Piet se suksesse, sy goeie verhoudinge met sy dogters en boonop sy heroïenverslawing in die nineties wat hy oorwin het met die hulp van Dr Heine Van der Walt, by the way. Hy en Johnathan Martin het die song Lady Amber geskryf oor hulle ervarings met die dwelm en Piet het dit vir baie lank deelgemaak van sy set om homself te vesterk teen sy verslawing.

Sy liefde vir sy Ma het my diep geraak maar ek het veral gewonder oor sy ander verhoudings met vrouens. Dit lyk my Piet het besluit om daardie geheime saam met hom die ewigheid in te neem. Sy ervarings in die politiek van ouds was baie interessant – Pik Botha se rock and roll seun. Hoe het die media dit nie uitgebuit nie? Die feit dat hy en sy vriende a-polities maar terselfde tyd anti-establishment was gee sy legacy net soveel meer trefkrag!

Wat kan ons leer van “die Kommandant” en al die ander misfits wat buite die sisteem ge-operate? Wel, moenie vir veertig jaar in ‘n fokken kantoor sit as jy nie rȇrig wil nie. Fok die sisteem. Tip vrygewig. Gee jou klere weg. Wees dankbaar vir jou familie en goeie vriende. Ons is almal net vir ‘n kort tyd hier op moeder aarde. Die Road is die road na nȇrens. As jy dink jy het arrive dan maak jy nie meer kuns nie.

Wie gaan daai fokken peace sign weer op die  berg herstel na sy vorige glorie?

Rus in vrede, brother…

Jy kan The Road en al die ander music doccies wat ons in hierdie artikel genoem het op Showmax kyk. Sluit gerus aan vir die free 14-dae trial as jy dit nog nie gedoen het nie. Daar is maande se internasionale en local vermaak.

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RolbeesThe Road – ‘n Befokte documentary oor Piet Botha se lewe
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Sit maar jou bucks op die Bokke vir die Rugby World Cup in Japan, my bra!

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Net gister het een van daardie standaard laerskoollatte – ja daai wat alewig op een of ander fokken toer gaan – my oortuig om ‘n loodjie vir Saterdag se World Cup game teen die All Blacks te koop: “Middag oom, as oom die telling regraai kan oom ‘n bottel Johnny Walker Black Label wen”
Ek was like: “my donner, Russel, julle was net laasweek in Pofadder vir tafeltennis of skaak of kakpraat. Julle is meer op toer as in die klas!”
Die klein etter het die skille met ‘n smile gevat, maar hy was so bietjie boos toe hy my score prediction kokkenotch:
“Nooit oom, jy skiem die All Blacks gaan die game met vier punte wen? Is jy dan nie trots op die Bokke nie? Hulle het dan nounet die Rugby Championship gewen?”

Check, ek was fokkol lus om die res van my middag met die snotmonstertjie te spandeer nie, maar ek het aan hom verduidelik dat ek ‘n whiskey amper so baie soos ‘n yskoue brannas like en dat die enigste Black Label wat ek kan bekostig in ‘n sixpack of krat verkoop word. Die klein marabs van Asbokfontein verstaan egter nou dat dit belangrik is om jou gevoellens by die huis te los as dit by weddenskappe kom.

So ja, hier sit ons weer op die vooraand van ‘n Rugby World Cup en alhoewel my lojaliteit altyd by die bokke sal wees, reken ek as ons een game kan ofmag verloor, is dit probably die eerste een. Nul Japan vibes soos in 2015 nie, manne! Assefokkenblieftog! In World Cups gaan dit mos oor daardie drie knock-out games. En yes, al die pundits reken die Bokke is een van about twee spanne wat actually ‘n kans het om die All Blacks in ‘n final te klop – die ander een is Engeland. Ek stem saam en wanneer ons in die final jol, sal my geldjies op die Bokke wees. Belowe!

Ons het die diepte, ons het ‘n coach wat dit reg kon kry om in ‘n moerse kort tydjie sy troepe weer broers te maak. Die manne sal bullets vir mekaar vat. En dan het ons ook genoeg ysters in ons groep wat oor die x-faktor beskik. Die resep om die toernooi te wen is daar; al wat ons nodig het is dat die bal so een of twee keer in ons favour bounce.

Vir die manne wat nie aan Laerskool Asbokfontein se rugbyraai kon deelneem nie is daar ‘n online opsie wat befok lekker werk: – ek gaan ‘n paar rande op dit spandeer want as ek wen, kan ek koop net waddefok ek wil.
My predictions vir die eerste twee weke vir so paar geselekteerde games is as volg:

Vrydag, 20 September
Japan v Russia (12:45)
Japan het al teen die Bokke gewen (ons is nou nog fokken skaam daaroor) en behoort hierdie eerste uitstappe met so 14 punte te wen. Go, Lappies! Jou yster!

Saterdag, 21 September
Australia v Fiji  (06:45)
As dit ‘n potjie Sevens was, miskien, maar dit is nie, so Fiji sal vir so 50-minutes dalk in die game wees voor die Aussies die deal doen. Ek gee die skaap lovers ‘n wen met so 17 punte.

France v Argentina (09:15)
Frankryk vlieg weer so laag onder die radar, hulle mag dalk net iewers in die toernooi ‘n haas of ‘n parrabeen of iets uit die hoed uit trek en een van die groot ysters se drome verwoes. Ek twyfel egter dat dit dié week gaan gebeur. Pumas met so 9 punte, pappie!

New Zealand v South Africa (11:45)
Om in die eerste game te peak is ‘n kak idee. Kom ons sorg eerder dat ons ons beste los vir wanneer dit saak maak. Die All Blacks voer beslis iets dieper in die mou hierdie keer en Saterdag sal ‘n goeie aanduiding wees van wat ons in die knock-out stages kan verwag. Die defending champs met vier, nes ek aan die skoollaaitie verduidelik het.

Sondag, 22 September
Italy v Namibia (07:15)
Sedert Nick Mallet hulle nie meer die woestyn se coach nie, is daar weer tekens van lewe. Ek sal like om te sien dat Namibië ietsie wen, maar dit behoort nie dié match te wees nie. Italië met so 13 punte.

Ireland v Scotland (09:45)
Volgens die IRB is Ierland die beste span in die heelal op die oomblik. Die Skotte behoort dit ook so te ervaar. Ek gaan nog baie zak op my tweede gunsteling groen span sit. Ireland vir ‘n wen met 12 punte!

England v Tonga (12:15)
Dié een is so voorspelbaar soos ‘n AfriForum press release. Die Britte met 25.

Maandag, 23 September
Wales v Georgia (12:15)
Dié een is so voorspelbaar soos ‘n 7de Laan episode. Wallis met 36.

Dinsdag, 24 September
Russia v Samoa (12:15)
Samoa behoort hierdie game gemaklik af te vat. Ek gaan hulle met so 16 punte back!

Woensdag, 25 September
Fiji v Uruguay (07:15)
Nog ‘n “miss” match. Stream hom sommer uit jou bed uit. Fiji met so 22.

Donderdag, 26 September
Italy v Canada (09:45)
Waar is James Dalton deesdae? Sal ons ooit vergeet hoe hy vir Rod Snow in 1995 gemoer het? Kanada gaan dalk gemoer word hierso. Ek skiem met so 15 punte.

Saterdag, 28 September
Japan v Ireland (09:15)
Nog ‘n obvious wenner hier. Dit is nou nie asof Ierland se coach ‘n Meyer is nie… ek gee die beste span in die heelal so 18 punte hier.

South Africa v Namibia (11:45)
Ons bure het ten minste nie besluit om Peter de Villiers hulle coach te maak nie. Dit kan ‘n lekker game wees, maar die Bokke gaan hom vat met so 26.

Sondag, 29 September
Georgia v Uruguay (07:15)
Mag dalk ‘n close een wees. My gut skiem Uruguay met so 7.

Australia v Wales (09:45)
Baie ouens reken Wallis het genoeg woema om die World Cup te wen. Vir my word daar dalk te min oor die Wallabies gepraat op die stadium. Hierdie behoort ‘n moerse close game te wees. Ek gaan ‘n kans vat en Wallis met so 4 punte back?

Maandag, 30 September
Scotland v Samoa (12:15)
Die Scotte mag dalk ‘n paar einas kry in die enetjie. Somoa is nie van marshmallows gemaak nie…

Wat skiem jy, ou perd? Drop jou predictions in die comments, laat ons kyk hoe draai dinge uit? Weereens soos hierbo genoem: indien jy geld wil sit op so paar Rugby World Cup games kan jy dit by doen. As jy egter nie die pitte het of dit nie kan bekostig om te dobbel nie, moet jy nie dobbel nie. As jy ‘n probleem met sport’s betting het, kontak asseblief Responsible Gambling .


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Kaptein KortbroekSit maar jou bucks op die Bokke vir die Rugby World Cup in Japan, my bra!
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Ninja and Yolandi respond to faking accusation against Andy Butler.

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To catch up on what a hot mess Die Antwoord has become, follow the article trail on Watkykjy over here. In the meantime the Syndey Morning Herald (one of Australia’s biggest newspapers) sent a journalist to interview Zheani, one of a string of women who has been the most vocal in coming forward with sexual assault allegations against Ninja from Die Antwoord. The first knee-jerk reaction from (especially) people in South Africa was “oh, its the same old story from six moths ago” without reading it. It is not the “same” story. It is a developing story which finally got coverage from reputable and respectable mainstream media.

The Sydney Morning Herald properly out the sequence of events, gets some answers from Zheani but also introduces new players: In the news report, Jay Savage, the former head of Sony ATV publishing in South Africa, speaks out about Die Antwoord’s behavior and specifically Ninja’s dishonesty. Jay has for instance known Waddy Jones since 1995. Ben Crossman, their ex videographer and artist who started leaking behind-the scenes footage also speaks up again and relates how Ninja choked the female lead singer of a support act at one of their shows in South Africa. According to him there was also an incident in June 2012 in New York where Ninja assaulted Yolandi backstage during rehearsals for a performance on the The David Letterman show. In 2014 there is another incident – another person who has been sexually abused by Ninja came out publicly in the Sydney Morning Herald article over the weekend – Italian-American singer, Jade Carroll. Long story short, she had this to say: “He’s grabbing my tits while I am trying to push him off. I said ‘Get off of me, get off of me’, and he’s grabbing my breasts. He puts his hand under my shirt dress, into my stockings and literally tries to put his hand inside my vagina.” 

Ninja’s response? “I shouldn’t even have to take the time to say this, but these claims by Zheani Sparkes, Jade Carroll and Benjay Crossman are false. I can’t believe that the media is spending its time pursuing these wild and unsubstantiated stories from people who have an obvious agenda and animus against me.”

Yeah, those aren’t the only three people Ninja has to Waddy about. For starters, he conveniently forgot to add Jay Savage from Sony. The most recent person to have a fall-out with Ninja is Dune – the kid who made the first two ZefTV videos. He also publicly distanced himself from Ninja. It is below in Edwin’s latest video. Then there are more women who were abused by Ninja who indicated that they are almost ready to speak up. The list goes on and I don’t have to search far to find more people – I just need to find the time to talk about them and what they have shared.
So do you get that this isn’t the “same old shit from five months ago”? Do you get that there is a pattern of abusive behavior? Let’s go back just over more than a year. Ninja and Yolandi have been very vocal about how cool it is to make fellow South African artist, Moonchild Sanelly, part of their tours. On the 23rd of August, 2018, they were walking the streets of Paris, presumably after a show: Ninja, Yolandi, their daughter Sixteen, Moonchild and Flash (the person they pay in Gucci swag to delete bad comments and ban fans from their Facebook page). The stroll past a homeless couple people with their two children sleeping on their laps sitting under a blanket against the wall. Ninja is filming on his phone while Sixteen and Flash raps or something.

Moonchild hangs back by the homeless couple and you hear her say: Can I take a photo?
Yolandi also hanging back (laughing): Ninja, go there.
Ninja: Are you guys just chilling?
Moonchild: Lemme just give you some money, its okay. I’m a tourist and I just wanna make pictures of stuff. People just loving each other.   

Then Ninja films around the corner where Yolandi is covering her face and laughing, almost in the same manner when she was putting on an act and laughing behind her hands in 2012 when she falsely accused Andy Butler of touching her vagina and molesting her:

That is what Ninja and Yolandi do. They rope in people do shitty things to people who don’t deserve it and have a laugh at their expense. Remember that they had their twelve year daughter with them as well, setting examples of how white privilege protects you from even caring about what is most probably destitute Syrian refugees.

And when they get caught out, they make up lies. Edwin addresses it in his latest video:

Die Antwoord’s responses to the incident in Adelaide via a facebook post and a “ZEF TV PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT” – both laced with provable lies. Also in this video is a surprise message from Dune – the camera man credited for some of the Zef TV videos.
0:00 Intro/Warning that I’m a bit more critical of Ninja and Yolandi in this video
1:28 Ninja’s Facebook Statement in Response to Adelaide Video posted by Ben
4:33 Ben Responding to Ninja saying Ben was “malicious” towards his family
9:05 Ben’s response to Ninja saying Ben was actually the one to hit Ninja
11:43 Die Antwoord Create a “Zef TV” video playlist in which the first episodes address controversies in a faux casual form starting with being asked if they are racist
13:14 Ninja is asked about what led up to the fight in Adelaide while folding a blanket
20:15 Clip in which Ninja contradicts Yolandi
24:44 Clip in which Yolandi contradicts herself
26:42 Die Antwoord’s New (now former) Camera Man Reaches Out To Me

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griffinNinja and Yolandi respond to faking accusation against Andy Butler.