Unpacking Die Antwoord’s response on FB, a month after Tokkie’s allegations of abuse and grooming

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UPDATE: Benjay Crossman responds to Die Antwoord’s defamation.
Also, if you’re not familiar with Die Antwoord’s history of abuse, familiarise yourself with it over HERE.

Only a month an a half after Tokkie decided to speak out about the abuse he suffered at the hands of Die Antwoord (Waddy Jones and Anri du Toit) as their “adopted” kid, the duo finally decided to issue a media statement on their Facebook page with more than 2.5m users. It looks like their lawyer from Sandton drew up the skeleton of the response after which Waddy added some of his own flair to it, gaslighting their fans (mostly from overseas) into believing that Die Antwoord only has love in their hearts and that there is some sort of smear campaign against them by “stalkers” and “haters”. Why wait for almost a month and a half? If Tokkie was talking shit, they could have rubbished it straight away, or even better, drag him to court for defamation?

Before publishing this post, they first cleaned out the rest of their Facebook page’s posts. In fact, there are only a total of 36 posts left on their Facebook page which is over 12 years old. Twelve years of any refences to Tokkie which they purged, including this cringe video which Die Antwoord filmed themselves. In the video, in an insane display of narcissism, Waddy literally spends 10 minutes painting his narrative and then makes Tokkie feel guilty and hands him a few bucks. Waddy is basically publicly buying him and Anri’s way out of a relationship as failed parents, for a few bucks.
Let’s unpack Die Antwoord’s Facebook/media statement. It’s embedded at the bottom of this article as well, but I will paste it here bit by bit, seeing that Die Antwoord has a tendency to remove stuff once they realized they’ve actually shot themselves in the dick.

Due to Ninja & Yolandi’s wild stage personas and psychologically penetrative music videos, Die Antwoord have been accused by their haters for just about every crime known to mankind.

Bad word choices such as “penetrative” aside, given the accusations, Die Antwoord is wrong in that they were accused of just about every crime know to mankind. The only accusations I am aware of at the moment are the following:

When the ‘woke mind virus’ arrived, Die Antwoord’s controversial status hit another level.

In case you didn’t pick up on the nuances here, Waddy is bragging. Typically, he appropriates a concept from someone else, in this case, Elon Musk.  Woke nowadays refers to being aware or well informed in a political or cultural sense, especially regarding issues surrounding marginalized communities – it describes someone who has “woken up” to issues of social injustice. So if you’re not buying into Die Antwoord’s persona or if you are not able to separate the music from the abuser and predator, you’re regarded as woke and that is a terrible thing according to them. It is a polarizing term with which Waddy tries to rally his troops – mostly Americans. It goes hand-in-hand with victim blaming, slut shaming and gaslighting.

With fame comes stalkers, Die Antwoord’s number 1 stalker being a man called Ben Crossman, an ex-South African currently living in France.
Ben used to work for Die Antwoord as a tour cameraman until he got fired for being permanently stoned on the job.

Interesting choice of the word ‘stalker’. It works nicely in combination with ‘hater’, ‘enemy’ and ‘loser’ to name a few, to get the fans riled up. Ben wasn’t just Die Antwoord’s cameraman –  he did a lot of work for them as an art director,  he did casting, location scouting and set building, he did a lot of set design and the majority of their artwork on walls, backdrops and a lot more. Ben never got credited for the work he has done. Well, he sort of did: Waddy decided to credit him as Kobus Holnaaier (Cobus Assfucker). Ben didn’t get fired for being stoned, because if that was the case, Anri won’t have a job in Die Antwoord. Ben left them numerous times and they begged him to come back every time. Ben got “fired” because Die Antwoord ran out of money on tour.

Ever since then, Ben has dedicated his life to creating slander campaigns about Die Antwoord. Ben spends his days doctoring video footage of Ninja and Yolandi to make them seem like bad people. He then posts these doctored videos online, accompanied by an ongoing campaign of fake news and hate speech directed at Die Antwoord and their family.

Benjay Crossman severed ties with Die Antwoord and moved on with his life and was actually minding his own business. That was until Zheani Sparkes decided to come forward, telling her story of how Waddy Jones abused her. Ben decided to have her back, seeing that he had video evidence of Die Antwoord’s relentless toxic and abuse behavior on tour and he got fed up about the cyber bullying she had to suffer when Die Antwoord released a series of videos ridiculing her. There are no slander campaigns. There are only victims coming forward telling their truth. Countless victims reached out to Ben. Also, shouting “fake news” when there are clear patterns and a well documented history of abuse is such a Trumpish thing to do. And as far as Ben “doctoring” the videos? Have a look at these video and tell me which parts were doctored?
Anri calling Whitney Houston a crackwhore bitch?
Dropping the N-word?
Attacking Andy Butler and then falsely accuse him of sexual assault?
Shouting at another artist, Bat For Lashes, for no reason?

Ben Crossman, who has had no direct contact with Die Antwoord or their daughter for years, recently went to the police in France and swore an affidavit stating that Ninja & Yolandi’s teenage daughter was in danger and needed to be removed immediately from their care. Ben then contacted the South African Social Services and sent them his sworn affidavid.

After Tokkie reached out to Ben, I would assume that Ben was naturally concerned for Anri and Waddy’s biological daughter, Sixteen’s safety. Why? Because for one, people who worked on the film set of Die Antwoord’s yet to be released movie from 2018, Die Blom Van Sokwana, told Ben that Die Antwoord employed actual gangsters from the 27’s/Ugly Americans gangs for their movie and that things went wrong on set as well as after wrapping up filming. The 27s and the Ugly Americans with which Anri and Waddy affiliate themselves with (they plaster the 27 number over everything), are the most dangerous gangs in South Africa, both inside and outside of prison. Of course there should be, and still is concern for Sixteen’s safety. If there is no concern, why did Waddy and Anri move out of their R26m house in Higgovale and are now allegedly staying at Dorp Hotel in Cape Town? To hide from the 4 haters out there? The papparazi? (South Africa doesn’t have a papparzi culture, in case you wondered)

We believe Ben carefully orchestrated this move with Adriaan Basson, the editor-in-chief of News24, who also contacted the South African Social Services (at the exact same time as Ben) and fed them the same fake story. Adriaan Basson then directed Social Service’s attention to a defamatory article about Die Antwoord that he had recently written and published through News24. When Social Services visited Ninja, Yolandi, and their daughter, Sixteen Jones, they found that Sixteen was perfectly safe, that everything was cool, and that there was no need for concern.

Adriaan Basson must be the busiest news editor-in-chief on earth, carefully orchestrating everything for every single news story with some co-conspiritor. #LameClaim. Given Tokkie’s revelations, there should be concern for the safety of all children where Die Antwoord is involved – Tokkie, Meisie, Jemile and yes, even their biological daughter. If social welfare did not act, they would be accused of not doing their job, especially when another couple who came into contact with Die Antwoord, spoke up about Sixteen being neglected and “dumped” with them. The fact that their biological daughter was “perfectly safe, that everything was cool” to a lot of people, only means that she wasn’t exposed to drugs, gangsters and violence to the degree as what the “orphan kids” were, as Waddy and Anri called them.

Tokkie is a young man (20 years old) that Ninja and Yolandi helped foster since he was a kid.
Anri Du Toit and Waddy Jones adopted Tokkie when he was 9 years old. You can google “how does adoption work in South Africa” and you will find that it is not like going to a pet store and paying for, and walking out with a cheap gold fish in a plastic bag filled with water. If Waddy and Anri did indeed legally adopt Tokkie and his sister, and everything was above board according to South African adoption laws, it means that they (according to Tokkie) groomed, used and abused their legally adopted son in stead of nurturing him as per the conditions set out in the adoption agreement. If the adoption turns out to be bogus or dodgy, a lot more questions will need to be asked and added to the hater documentation pile. For instance – how did Waddy and Anri travel to the USA (and possibly other countries) with an underaged kid of which they were not the legal guardians. I’m sure there is a definition for that, somewhere.

However when Tokkie got older and started taking drugs, Ninja and Yolandi put their foot down and stopped supporting him financially.

“Older” is very vague. At what age did Tokkie start taking drugs? He was in Anri and Waddy’s care since the age of 9. How did Tokkie start taking drugs under their care and Sixteen didn’t? Was it perhaps because he was seen as a “lesser” child of theirs, which Anri encouraged to smoke weed? According to one of the au pairs, Anri actually gave him weed. He also alleged that he’s been in her presence when she was drunk and naked. Imagine how that would fuck up a kid? Tokkie was always surrounded by gangsters, drugs, alcohol and weapons. Did Anri and Waddy ever take Sixteen to those “zef” parties in Fietas to witness all these things. Or was she left with a babysitter, relative or  close ‘friends’ where it was “perfectly safe and everything is cool”? Is she just the “better” kid because she wasn’t adopted?

Shortly after this Ben Crossman contacted Tokkie and started working with him to create a fake news campaign about Tokkie’s ‘terrible life’ with Die Antwoord that they then posted on YouTube. Ben Crossman was living his life in France, creating art and going about his life. It was in fact Tokkie who decided to come forward and reached out to Ben, asking him for advice and help, because he trusted Ben. The only thing Die Antwoord got 100% spot on in this paragraph is that Tokkie had a terrible life with Die Antwoord.

The video Ben and Tokkie made has a paypal account attached, so that people can donate money to Tokkie to ‘fix up his house’. However Ben and Tokkie split the paypal donations they receive. Tokkie continues to use the donation money to buy drugs, and Ben, who is unemployed, uses the money to live off. Tokkie didn’t know the first thing about PayPal. Ben helped him get a bank account (something Waddy and Anri failed to do in all their time they had a hold over him) and helped him set up a PayPal account so Tokkie could receive donations to buy food, eek out a living and try and fix up the house that his biological mother left to his sister in her will. Ben clearly and very publicly encouraged people to please directly donate to Tokkie’s PayPal account, more than 14 weeks ago already. Ben doesn’t get a cent of Tokkies money. Die Antwoord seem to be deeply confused with a separate issue: Ben and Tokkie started an art/t-shirt collaboration together as partners. Ben was again very open about this and said that on this specific project, that they will be splitting the profits of the sale 50/50. Ben has so far, done more for Tokkie than Waddy and Anri has ever done for him – they’ve done the total opposite and made huge profits off Tokkie’s image, misery and life story by using him in Die Antwoord’s music videos.

We thought the above information would be helpful to anyone wanting to know what is going on from Die Antwoord’s side, as opposed to the one-sided version of the story being fed to the ,public by Ben Crossman, Tokkie and Adriaan Basson of News24. This is not a one-sided story, but a multi-faceted pattern of abuse and predatory behavior of Die Antwoord, but especially where Waddy Jones is concerned, which, with more and more victims slowly coming forward, actually predates anything from his musical career from more than 20 years ago from when he was in his early 20s and hanging out all over the property of the art school in Johannesburg, even though he wasn’t a student there, trying to pick up high school girls.

Back in the real world, Die Antwoord have been in the studio recording hot new tracks soon to be shared with their hyper-intelligent international fan base who can tell the difference between fake news and real life.
These kind of things happen from time to time in the world of fame, but as they say ‘haters gonna hate’.
Aah, here we get to the true reason for the update. They need to sell music to a fan base which they can gaslight and that fan base does not exist within the borders of South Africa. Note how they zone in on especially the international fan base. If you are a fan from outside South Africa and feel that Die Antwoord has given you a massive compliment by calling you “hyper intelligent” for believing all their PR spin – congrats: that is more or less the definition of how gaslighting works. Oh, and the haters? Don’t be surprised if more haters start to speak up, because people hate being sexually used and abused.

A note to the world from
Ninja and Yolandi:
Tokkie came from a very broken home. We tried our best to help him, but unfortunately you can’t help someone who doesn’t want to be helped. We urge Tokkie to turn himself in and seek professional help.

Correct, Tokkie came from a very broken home and in stead of loving him and nurturing him, Anri and Waddy systematically broke his spirit over the period of a decade, with intent withheld him from any real life opportunities in order to maintain power over him and used him as a ragdoll for their “psychologically penetrative art” as they call it. They had all the money and power in the world to give this kid an awesome life, but stepped all over him and then blamed him for every obstacle that they themselves, threw into his path deliberately and with precise calous calculation.

Moving forward, even though some people say the craziest things about us, we have no hate in our hearts towards them, just love and understanding. We wish peace on everyone in the world (our little hate club included) and we send our blessings out to everyone and hope they all find their way in time.
God Bless you all💫
Onward and upward.
❤️Ninja + Yolandi

Waddy doesn’t love anything or anyone but himself. They’re priming the fans for the next phase of Die Antwoord – inventing new personas and pursuing their solo careers. Ninja probably as some cult like figure with biblical hair resembling Charles Manson (but you know, a loving peaceful  Buddhist one) and Yo-Landi embarking on some mission to channel PJ Harvey, Bjork with her new dark look. They want to make it seem as if they’ve been hard at work behind the scenes working on their art and this new look and image is some cryptic shout out to the die hard fans who’ve been waiting to hear anything from them. Because literally anything will do.

Die Antwoord even give their little ‘hate club’ a shout-out: those that came forward and spoke their truth. This Facebook post or statement actually does lot of harm. It might make victims who came forward, feel powerless for doing so and it will dissuade any future victims who were planning to come forward, from doing doing so, because what is the point? They will just shit all over them, tell people that the victims are clout chasers, whores, crazy, stalkers, spaced out druggies and whatever you want to throw into the mix. Victims we don’t know about yet, like high school girls from two decades ago who are now grown women,  au pairs, people who worked with them during their touring career and especially dancers who got sexually abused on tour.

But please, do speak up.

So yes, a lot crazy things will still be said about them and I bet a lot of it will sound unbelievable too, because when it comes to Die Antwoord’s world, there are two kinds of people: those who got fucked over by Die Antwoord and those who are about to discover that they got fucked over Die Antwoord.

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griffinUnpacking Die Antwoord’s response on FB, a month after Tokkie’s allegations of abuse and grooming


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