The Ocean – Devonian: Nascent (Live in Bremen)

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The German 6-piece have long been known for their extensive, awe-inspiring album packaging, and their 10th album is no let-down: the Phanerozoic wooden box set included an engraved slate rock plate next to vinyl records and/or CDs of both albums, and even authentic pre-historic fossils: a trilobite from the Palaeozoic, an ammonite from the Mesozoic and a petrified fish skeleton from the Cenozoic era. The band sourced these fossils over the period of several months with the help of a geological institute in Munich, and getting the quantities needed to fulfil 1,000 box set preorders was a great challenge: hundreds of Moroccan trilobites, 450 million (!) years of age, had to be sourced from global trade fairs.

The Ocean have always been professional escape artists from the modern world, playing in a many far- flung locations as possible, and Staps insists that The Ocean will roll on for the foreseeable future, as mighty and inexorable as time itself:

We’re always striving to get out as much as we can,” Staps concludes. “And as far away as we can, to take our music out to the last frontiers which remain in a world where nearly every square inch of every remaining free space has been google-mapped out to a frightening high resolution and level of detail.

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griffinThe Ocean – Devonian: Nascent (Live in Bremen)

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