Ten lekker Silwerskermfees movies you can kyk this naweek. Also learn some Mengels.

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We’re going to make things very simple and easy for you this weekend in terms of suggestions of what you can stream. You should still be pretty much overloaded with the jam packed HBO marathon I gave you last week, the South African true crime series and the list of six movies the week before that.

So how about we gooi you with some short films from the Silwerskermfees? There’s a whole bunch of them and I’ve selected ten of them for you to enjoy. You can klap all ten of them in one sitting of 2 hours and 40 minutes or you can sprinkle them over your weekend as you please. As the majority of the movies barely reach the 15-minute mark, it is almost pointless to show you the trailers, so how about some very cryptic descriptions in Mengels in stead? It will serve two purposes:

1)  It will not give away the plot
2) It will teach you some basic mengels (a mixture of Afrikaans en Engels) because the more Mengels you praat, the better you will verstaan how Afrikaans works and short films are a great way of verstaaning and leering how Afrikaans gepraat word.

Let’s skop dit af:
Haatklop (thriller – 11min)
(Hate beat)
’n Vrou comes to the gruesome besef that the verhouding with her husband is over and she must somehow kry a manier to beweeg aan with her lewe.

Die Invloed (drama – 21m)
(The Influence)
The invloed of liefde can accomplish enige iets. But it can also vernietig enige iets.

Voor Ek Val (drama 12m)
(Before I Fall)
‘n Vrou makes a laaste desperate poging to wen back her lover, maar he rejects her. Emotionally onstabiel, she dreigs to vernietig his lewe and revenge becomes her new liefde.

Uitstappie (drama – 11min)
Don’t forget your skoene. We’re going for a uitstappie.

Ek en Myselfie (comedy – 12min)
(Me and my selfie)
Anja and Charmoné don’t verstaan why they are trekking aan the wrong men, but if they weet one thing, it is that a selfie could verander everything about their liefdeslewens.

Langsaan (drama – 12min)
(Next Door)
She blys in her own verbeeldingswêreld while her parents werk vir ‘n beter toekoms. A quiet droom lives diep binne her, but this kwesbare wêreld can make drome verdwyn in a oogwink.

Vrekfontein (comedy – 23min)
(Perish Fountain)
For dertig jaar, Valk Volschenk has been the men’s singles tenniskampioen in Vrekfontein. When an ambitious documentary filmmaker daags op in the dorp, a donker storie in wit tennisklere gets exposed.

Cowboy Dan
(Koeiseun Danie)
Cowboy Dan is a karwag who is oortuig that he is a cowboy. After a car gets stolen from the parkeerterrein that he guards, he goes on ‘n mission deur Kaapstad om die kar terug te kry en reg en geregtigheid te laat geskied.

Fluit Fluit (comedy – 22 min)
(Whistle Whistle)
We meet a woman of  inbors and character who leads a goeie lewe but she also has a buitengewone abilty to fluit.

Oom (comedy – 23m)
Ná Oom Johan sy werk verloor, besluit hy om te doen wat meeste mense sou doen – hy vat die pad see toe.

Need more streaming goodness? Check out our top 10 list of movies and TV series picks from The Plumlist. It is my to-go-to website when I’m stuck for streaming ideas from Netflix, Showmax and Amazon Prime:
 #10. Judy offers an insightful look at the life of an iconic star
No one could have predicted that Renée Zellweger would play Judy Garland to an Oscar in the biographical music drama Judy. While Zellweger wouldn’t be the first or maybe even fifth person you’d expect to play Garland, she delivers a spirited career best performance. Just as versatile as her character, Zellweger makes the transition seem effortless, embracing the part with empathy and understanding.
On Showmax
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# 9. Interview: Michael K Williams on playing Montrose in Lovecraft Country
Currently up for a 2021 Emmy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role as Montrose Freeman in HBO’s acclaimed horror series Lovecraft Country, the late actor shared his thoughts on the show when it was released in 2020, and its relevance to racial identity in modern-day USA
On Showmax
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#8. Brand New Cherry Flavor is “an engrossing and pleasantly odd ride”
My late great-aunt Edie was a gentle and sensitive soul. Whenever she’d watch television or movies, she’d keep a cushion on her lap, into which she would bury her face every time something scary or disturbing happened on-screen. Now, decades later, after watching this extremely crazy, extraordinarily weird, oftentimes hugely disturbing limited series, I can finally relate.
On Netflix
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 #7. Sandra Oh aces the lead role in acclaimed comedy-drama The Chair
There’s so much good stuff going in this new drama comedy series, where to even begin? What about Sandra Oh, who has stepped out of pure television dramas like Grey’s Anatomy and Killing Eve and dipped her feet in comedy waters? It’s a most agreeable temperature and she’s showing herself to be an accomplished swimmer.
On Netflix
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#6. Stream the M-Net Sunday Night Movie in September 2021
These movies air at 21:05 every Sunday night on M-Net, channel 101, on DStv, and they will also be available to stream within 24 hours on DStv online to all DStv Premium subscribers, so you can watch them wherever and whenever suits you.
On DStv
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 #5. Meet the entitled guests of The White Lotus
Have you been watching HBO’s The White Lotus on Showmax and wondering where you’ve seen the stars before? There are a number of familiar faces in the cast, and plenty more places to find them on Showmax, Netflix and Prime Video in South Africa.
On Showmax
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# 4. Brace for turbulence – and laughs – with The Flight Attendant
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome aboard flight 407 to Bangkok. Turbulence is expected on this route, so please fasten your seatbelts for HBO’s murder mystery comedy, The Flight Attendant, now on Showmax.
On Showmax
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 #3. our Honor: Bryan Cranston returns to TV for the first time in eight years
How far would you go to protect your child? That’s the question Judge Michael Desiato (Oscar nominee and multiple Emmy winner Bryan Cranston from Breaking Bad) is faced with in the thriller Your Honor, now streaming on Showmax.
On Showmax
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 #2. Seven reasons to watch Huisgenoot: Ware Lewensdramas
South Africans have not stopped talking about Devilsdorp since it was released on Showmax at the end of July. One of the things that make the true-crime drama stand out is how the inconceivable bizarreness of event upon event makes up the canvas of the unbelievably horrific bigger picture of the Krugersdorp Killings between 2012 and 2016.
On Showmax
(read more)

 #1. Gripping South African docuseries for Devilsdorp fans
The unbelievable docuseries Devilsdorp has undoubtedly awakened South Africans’ appetite for true-crime dramas and I find myself searching for more of these stories, more often. It is the perfect filler between Hollywood blockbusters, but believe me – once you’ve watched one just to change up your viewing a bit, you’ll get lost in it, over and over again.
On Showmax
(read more)


Our randomized trailer pick of the week

Each week we take a number from 1 to 10 from our list of suggestions and put it through a randomizer to choose a trailer to show you. This week it landed on our number 1 spot, Gripping South African docuseries for Devilsdorp fansand we selected Keerpunt:
Keerpunt looks at the unbelievable and inconceivable, and they aren’t all fairy tales. Take Estelle’s “keerpunt” for example: she and her husband are ordinary South Africans who were looking forward to celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary with an overseas trip on a cruise ship and meeting up with their son in the UK towards the end of their holiday to celebrate the dad’s 65th birthday. Things go catastrophically wrong when they end up in the middle of the chaos of the Tunisian terror attack of 2015, in which 38 tourists were mowed down indiscriminately.

Miraculously, the South Africans walked away with their lives. No harm came to Estelle’s husband but she got hit by bullets twice in her lower body and their real troubles only started after the terrorists were killed. Their unbelievable story is also only one of 37 in the series!

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griffinTen lekker Silwerskermfees movies you can kyk this naweek. Also learn some Mengels.

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