Wanna feel old? Stream these 8 nostalgic Afrikaans TV shows!

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The easiest way to feel old is to come across an old, nostalgic TV show or two by accident. I was tidying up some cupboards and plastic crates which I haven’t touched in at least a decade and came across over 50 VHS tape which I completely forgot about. It was weird seeing what I had taped off Mnet and DStv back in the day before streaming and, DVRs and PVRs back in the day. When I say “tape” I actually mean what I marked the tapes as, because as you know, younger siblings used to easily tape some random shit over your favourite programs. I know for a fact that the VHS tape that marks our band’s one live performance and subsequent drunk holiday in Dikololo from 1995, has an episode of Egoli taped over the last 15 minutes of our gig and the first 20 minutes of our holiday. It might be a good thing, because jirre, most of that stuff is mega embarrassing…
Anyway, coming across those VHS tapes made me feel a little nostalgic, so I scratched around to see what kak old local TV programs are currently available to stream.
Plek van die Vleisvreters
Ja, I know it sounds like a hectic South African kitchen. Quite a lekker storyline: Granietfontein is a luxury game lodge which belongs to Bertus du Toit. His two brothers will do anything to get their hands on this hereditary farm. Then the shit hits the fan as an accident creates a whirlpool of kak en drama, murder and intrigue. Starring big local guns like Richard Van Der Westhuizen, Hykie Berg, Anrich Herbst and Kim Cloete.
A damaged ex-cop describes himself as trash and acts self-destructively. He reluctantly agrees to take on a job for an attorney, investigating a murder. This series stars Yvonne Van der Berg. Did you know that her main job these days is whipping people in her basement? Look that shit up. It is cray-cray. Piets mense vir pitte.
Amalia Vos (Illse Roos from Egoli) is a poet who goes to a small town and commits suicide by overdosing on pain medication. Her husband doesn’t believe that she took her own life. He goes to Meerhof in the hopes of sovling her murder, where each and every resident is a suspect. Later, a mysterious woman appears in town and is thought to be Amalia. Our tjommie, Hannes Brummer is the cop. There is also Marius Weyers, Dawid Minnaar, Anna-Mart Van der Merwe, Grethe Fox and Tobie Cronje just to name some of the biggest South African actors.
OK, this one is sort of in the middle for me in terms of nostalgia because I only recently started watching it for the first time but it makes me feel kind of old watching a young Valiant Swart stumbling into acting as a guest star in an episode or two. What is the series about? There is this guest house in Bloemfontein with its own dose of  daily drama, comedy and what seems to be a resident geriatric ghost? This show is quirky as fuck!
Casper de Vries was way ahead of his time by stitching together some of the best comedic South African history sketches and that is just one tiny part of this smorgasbord of tongue in cheek comedy. He also had the best guests every week back then.

One of the most iconic series that Jan Scholtz ever directed. That oom really knew how to make TV. Also, it starts Afrikaans rocker, Valiant Swart as a medical doctor with a band and a bike who meets a poor waitress who hates all men. The same evening they meet each other, she also loses her job. It sounds very basic but the storyline is actually pretty fucking good. Give it a few episodes. I promise you will be hooked, if only to see what Pretoria and Afrikaans fashion looked like 17 years ago. Here is a hint – Pretoria has since changed. The Afrikaans people’s fashion? Not so much, hey…
Missed an episode of Egoli almost 30 years ago? Don’t worry, you can watch all 4000+ of them. Remember Binky? Remember Ge Korsten? Nick? Jo-Ane Logan? Louwna? Bertie? Remember that Tim Herhold was actually a PT teacher before becoming one of the big shots at Walco Internastionaal? Remember that Walco produced their own car called Die Sonette? HAHA! Prepare for an avalanche of good and bad memories, both in the series and around that particular time of your life.
Tao Tao
By far the oldest show on the list, dating back from 1983! It is the story of a little panda bear named Tao Tao. The stories that his mommy tells him and his friends make the animal kingdom and all its fables come alive for our little furry friend. Even more interesting is the theme song and especially all the countries who tried to match the original female vocalist’s voice and tone. But the Dutch were like – fuck the other countries, we’ll fokken get a dude to sing the theme song. The Chinese, Japanese and Italians sommer went completely leftfield and wrote their own entire new songs:

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