Thirteen things lockdown in South Africa probably taught us

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We’re almost a week into level 3 of the the South African regulations of lockdown, but to be honest, it starting feeling that everything already became a bit lax more than a moth ago. People stopped giving a fuck a long time ago, as if the government was responsible for the pandemic. Yesterday the high court ruled that the measurements put in place to combat the pandemic was unlawful. Fuck knows what lies ahead, but I am going to treat the rest of the year as level 3. I will be a big mouth with hindsight as a weapon at the end of 2020. Some people just won’t get it, but a lot of us have learnt a thing or twelve about this pandemic:

  1. We saw a massive increase in baking and cooking at home. And you know what? All those people who likes saying “I can’t even boil water” is still alive. Wow, you little drama queen. Turns out you can follow 2 minute noodles instructions after all, hey?
  2. Your home should be a lot cleaner and at least a quarter  of  the stuff that needed fixing around the house, should be fixed. Don’t come with this me-time kak. You had time to fix that kak.
  3. Some of you either turned into those teachers you hated at school or became a super parent with an understanding of what your kid actually is capable of or struggling with.
  4. I don’t for one second buy the story that everyone has been secret fitness freaks all along. Kak man! You just want to exercise because you got told that you can’t. Such fokken babies.
  5. You bought less kak and you finally figured out you don’t need all that kak. I’m not saying you bought less stuff – just less kak! Like, before the lockdown you were Jim Carey in that scene in Dumb ‘n Dumber where he walk out of the gas station with a paddle board and a Big Gulp.
  6.  Do this little experiment – once we get past level 1, see if you pay more attention ti people’s faces? Do you remember what people’s faced look like? Can you describe your friend’s face to a police sketch artist?
  7.  All the douche bags revealed themselves. Firstly in real life, not adhering the the rules, walking around without masks not giving a fuck about the people around them. And secondly on Facebook. Jesus, every second person rates himself as a public figure. I know every person is entitled to an opinion, but very few opinions are of actual value. Sit the fuck down.
  8. Luckily all the nice guys also revealed themselves. There are plenty of Samaritans out there but you’ll never really hear from them, because that is part of the Samaritan job description.
  9. Everybody knows what Zoom is and every meeting could have been a Zoom call long ago. Do we really need offices? Do we really need all that traffic going to a destination that could have been home? The answer is a resounding no.  No, we didn’t and no, we don’t.
  10. People finally realized on which side of privilege they’re on. I know most don’t give a fuck, but simply begin aware is a starting point at least.
  11. People started supporting local everything a bit more. With local I mean the smaller, independent shops. However, they still need to be aware that only the a-gamers will stick around. If your product or service is kak, you’re out.
  12. You know those friends who always say “I can stop drinking whenever I want or have to” was talking horse kak. It is easy to argue the “whenever I want”-part, because they just say “I don’t want to right now”. But now they forced to stop drinking. And some of them threw monthly lower-income family levels at cheap bottles of spirits.  Sies.
  13. Still on the subject of booze – we all lied to ourselves about our home made beer. It doesn’t fucking taste fantastic. If you were waxing lyrical about your fantastic pineapple beer, why did I see you queuing at Tops like its the first democratic election from 1994?
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