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The fairer gender normally digest romantic movies way better than guys, especially those movies with  all the fucking drama and intrigue and backstabbing and crying and fights and make-up sex. It is like it is carefully programmed into their DNA. Us guys on the other hand are happy with some slapstick, farts and poesklappe when we indulge in comedy and action and when we do watch romantic comedies or dramas, we only pay attention to the sex scenes. Jirre ouens, let’s try and be a bit better? Just for one weekend? Make your pick from this list and get romantic, ek sê! We tried to keep it on the light lighter side to ease you into it. We’ll build it up from the lowest to the highest rated.

Little Italy
The title sommer sounds romantic. Like broeknaai and pizza or something. Broeknaai, by the way, is very romantic in case someone ever asks you… Back to the movie: an aspiring chef returns home to Toronto’s Little Italy, where she’s drawn into her crazy family’s antics and feud with a rival pizza restaurant. Things hot up when she falls for her dad’s sworn enemy’s son. Starring Emma Roberts.
Rated 5.7

Status Update
Hello millennials! A teenager struggling to fit into his new hometown discovers a magical app that makes his social media status updates become reality, no matter how outlandish. Piele! At least it has some fantasy sci-fi elements to it! Sign me up!
Rated 5.7

Time Freak
After being dumped by his gorgeous goose, physics genius, Stillman develops a timeline of their relationship and a time machine so that he can go back in time to fix all the mistakes he made in the past. OK, hang on, ware we still with sci-fi?  This dude should team up with the oke from the Status Update movie and do a mash-up movie. Imagine all the romantic shenanigans they can get up to?
Rated a solid 5.8

Second Act
A big box store worker reinvents her life and her life-story and shows Madison Avenue what street smarts can do.
Don’t be fooled by the rocks that I got
I’m still, I’m still Jenny from the block
Used to have a little, now I have a lot
I’m still, I’m still Jenny from the block
Yes, it stars Jennifer Lopez. Her movies are kak but lekker, if that makes any sense?
Rated 5.8

The Sun Is Also A Star
This title alone sounds moerse complicated and like it stretched its hand out to beg for an Oscar. I have no idea who any of these actors are and that is kind of refreshing. It is also not a comedy. It is drama, dance & musical: Fate brings together hopeless romantic Daniel and Jamaica-born pragmatist Natasha on possibly her last day in the US before her family is deported. Sparks immediately fly between the two of them.
Jissis, ouens. Cover me, I’m going in. This is somewhat uncharted territories for me…
Rated 5.8

Aaah! Finally we have a guy everyone can relate to. We all love Will Smith. If you don’t, you’re a doos. Hitch is a fliek about a dude (Will) who helps hopeless (useless?) single men win the hearts of the women they’re in love with. However, he  is exposed by a reporter as a scam artist and he sets out to prove her wrong. The reporter is natuurlik Eva Mendez wat baie fokken oulik is. I smaak her iconic beauty spot stukkend and she has the best hair.
Can you do the math? Ja, of course the bra is gonna fall for her. It is all about the journey though, not the race.
Rated at 6.6 this is well worth the watch.

Crazy Rich Asians
I don’t know if I should say this out loud, but I’ve watched this probably more than three times already. Because my wife forced me, OK?
CRA is a Golden Globe-nominated romcom about a New Yorker who goes to Singapore to meet her boyfriend’s fam. She soon discovers that he’s fokken kak wealthy, and that every other young woman in the country wants her out of the picture. Totes hillares, ouens!
Rated 6.9 and I am deffo’s scoping it out again this weekend

Me Before You
Another deep title, right? That name sommer tells you straight it is a drama. A girl in a small town forms an unlikely bond with a recently-paralyzed man she’s taking care of. O jirre, there we go. All the fokken tears! I’m going to explore my own insecure inner crybaby with this movie.
Rated 7.4. We are moving way up here!

Mrs Right Guy
I’m pulling the handbrake of disbelief up here, because I haven’t watched this movie yet, but it ranks at 7.6 on IMDB and it is a local movie! So the plot is as basic as with with most Hollywood romcoms:  Gugu has cut herself off from love, shooting down any potential suitor before they can even come close. Yet sometimes love comes to find you, even if you try to run away.
I am very intrigued. Not about the plot line, but about the high rating. I truly hope it is not kak. I’m gonna give it a kyk!

A Star Is Born
I think the people who make jokes about Kurt Darren’s music career are the same people who make jokes about Lady Gaga. But here is the catch -Kurt didn’t star in this multiple Oscar award-winning remake, so let’s cut Lady Gaga some slack at least? This is already the third remake of the original. Bradley Cooper stars as alcoholic musician Jack, who discovers and falls in love with a young singer named Ally (played by Gaga). As her fame rises, his career slowly fucks out spectacularly. It is a brilliant movie.
It is rated 7.7 and this is the highest one on the list for this weekend because we fokken tricked you with the last one:

Fifty Shades of Grey
This film was only included for one reason – of all the movies on this list, you probably only knew of this one’s existence. It was adapted from the bestselling novel of the same name. Anastasia Steele is a naive student who crosses paths with handsome billionaire Christian Grey. They enter into a steamy but incredibly complicated relationship. I can honestly say I have never watched this movie but that status might change this weekend.
Basically the characters pomp and that might be enough for you to ignore the low rating of 4.1. Why? Because I’ve seen you say “but at least she is hot!” of almost every shitty Afrikaans music video out there with some eye candy.
Jy is mos ‘n man. Lekker fokken uitgevang!

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Our randomized trailer pick of the week

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A dramatization of the life of LGBTQ+ trailblazer, voracious learner and cryptic diarist Anne Lister, who returns to Halifax, West Yorkshire in 1832, determined to transform the fate of her faded ancestral home Shibden Hall.

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