10 Things you probably didn’t know about The Aviator

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Although this movie is over 16 years old (it was released in 2004) The Aviator is probably still ranking around somewhere in my top 10 or top 15 movies of all time. It is just unbelievable weird how someone’s life turned out to be so unbelievable weird. The first time I wrote about Howard Hughes was roughly a decade ago because I found his life story moerse fascinating.

Here is some fascinating facts surrounding The Aviator, which you might not have been aware of. I say 10, but it it more in the region of fifteen:

The money things
Director, Martin Scorsese tunes that he paid half a mil American dollars out of his own pocket to cover for going over budget which was estimated at $110m – a first for him. It totally paid off, as the film raked in just under $860m with its opening week, which was just before Christmas in 2004. The budget for the costumes alone come in at 2 two million dollaroos. Now compare that with Shaun of The Dead which came out the same year with an entire budget of $6m?

The techy things
Filming was completed in ninety-one days. looking at the budget at the top here, it means that it cost more ore less $1.2m per day for just over a 3 month period. You know how much a dollar cost back in 2004? R6.66!
Scorsese applied his magic and designed each year in the movie to look just the way a color movie from that time period would look. Fokken crazy extra moeite!

The Gwen Stefani things
Uncle Scorsese was looking for an actress to portray Jean Harlow, when heard Gwen Stefani kakking out someone in a bank in Los Angeles. I’m talking kak. That was Charlize Theron’s vibe. He saw the Gwenster in a venster, appearing on a Vogue cover poster in New York City.
The Aviator was Gwen Stefani ‘s movie debut. What a befokte way to debut your film career?
Gwen was 34 at the time she played Jean Harlow, who was only nineteen-years-old at the time when the Howard Hughes film Hell’s Angels premiered in 19-black-and-white. Gwen still looks 34 to me – I can’t believe she is 50!

The Cate Blanchett things
Cate (why the the fuck is her name spelled with a ‘C’? played the role of Katharine (know what I mean? Use a fokken ‘K’) Hepburn. Kate had Freckles and Cate didn’t.  Freckles had to be painted onto Cate who couldn’t spell her name’s face, arms and chest to make her resemble Kate who could spell her name.  Also Cate Blanchett had to learn how to play tennis and golf. She also and took cold showers, for which Hepburn was known. Why the cold showers, Hepburn? Why?
Director, Scorsese also made Cate Blanchett watch the first fifteen movies Katharine Hepburn made, in order to learn her mannerisms.
Cate Blanchett was the first actress ever to win an Oscar for playing a real-life Oscar winner. Hepburn won a whopping fokken record four Oscars! Maybe the cold showers was her moerse secret to success.

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