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I never really got into this whole Movember vibe apart from maybe growing a fokken ugly moustache a few years back and like most men who grew a lip-lapa for the month of November, ending up looking like a guy who drives an ice cream combi really, really slow past primary schools. It has its place, I guess, (Movember, not the van driving creep) but it is not for me . You walk past a few okes in Pick ‘n Pay with a snor and you remember “Oh ja, it is Movember”. But you don’t immediately feel your self up in the bread isle while singing “My lumps, my lumps, my lumps, my lumps! My lovely manly lumps! I hope I have no lumps!” into an innocent cucumber. Nor do the guys who grow those tashes give it a second thought. Chances are slim that they actually donated a cent to the cause, which I guess was the initial intention. The just did it for the snor and for the ladies. The main message got lost somehow…

Then South Africa won the world cup and a few moments later the nation went: “Jirre, faf!” when the cameras cut to the locker room. And there he was: Faf de Klerk greeting Prince Harry  in his Satafrikan unnerpant. I mean look at this photo? It looks like a laitie in his cozzie is asking his ginger uncle for fifty cents to go buy an ice cream from the uncle in the green cap – after his mom (pictured right) – explicitly told him that he must finish his fish fingers first before he can have any desert whatsover. There is also a confused Asian guy:
And then there was this shot…
Shoulders back, ballas uit.

I’m really in two minds about what worries me more: the proximity of his sweaty foot to the team’s food or the proximity of his sweaty ballsas to the team’s food.

I hope you’re not having lunch right now.
“Jirre, Faf!”
You know what, as fokken zef as it seems, it is actually endearing and with all the attention, Faf decided to put this whole onderbroek circus to good use by starting the Faf Challenge. He is a fun guy who does fun things the Faf way. Or Faf things the fun way. The response was massive! We can’t even post Siya Kolisi’s response to the Faf challenge, because your screen isn’t wide enough.

The Faf challenge makes more sense than growing some hair on your lip: You’re already in your underpants, so there is easy access and you might as well check your balls because of the easy access.  Your ballas are right there for a check up. And we’re got a fokken summer to boot. It really is genius in its simplicity:

It only took a world cup victory,  a prince and a blonde guy in his onderbroek to kick this off. To get back to the simplicity of the whole thing – men are easily entertained, so head over to Faf’s website to see some creepy as fuck talking ballas do their testi-monials. The only problem with these videos is that there aren’t enough of them:

Head over to
the Plumlist if you want a piele weekend of entertainment. Here is our weekly top 10 to make your search for online streaming entertainment a little bit easier:
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The truth, they say, is stranger than fiction – closely followed by “you can’t make this stuff up”. On the one hand we have a magical fantasy universe of series and movies, and on the other, true crime, which provides an endless source of rich material to feed an insatiable appetite and primal human need to slow down to gawk at the accident/disaster/tragedy.
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 #7 Trackers’ Jozua Malherbe on shooting action scenes and getting into a woman’s head
With the Springboks’ triumphant victory over the English in the final battle for the Rugby World Cup and the accompanying euphoria still lingering in the air, a writer friend of Jozua Malherbe wrote to him on Facebook: “If you’re willing to direct the the Siya Kolisi-movie, I will write it!” This is an example of how much faith people in the local movie industry have in him…
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 #6 Castlevania: the game that made it to TV
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 #5 His Dark Materials: a bear necessity
Philip Pullman’s trilogy of young adult fantasy books collectively called His Dark Materials might arguably have achieved greater fame had they not been overshadowed by a certain boy wizard with a lightning-bolt scar on his forehead.
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 4#The devil is in the details in Netflix’s latest docuseries
Cleveland is a nondescript US city and John Demjanjuk a nondescript retired factory worker. Ohio is a long way from the death camps of Nazi-occupied Poland, while a grandfather who is a former Ford employee seems to be far removed from a genocidal maniac responsible for thousands of deaths during the Holocaust.
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 #3 HBO just dropped their 2020 teaser video and it is [insert fire emoji] This brand-new teaser video of the upcoming HBO slate shows new seasons of Barry, Westworld, Succession, Insecure and Watchmen plus new series His Dark Materials, The Righteous Gemstones, The Outsider, The Undoing, Perry Mason, The New Day, I Know This Much Is True and The New Pope. On Showmax 
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 #2 Four reasons to feast on the “underappreciated gem” Sweetbitter
Set in the high-pressure world of a celebrated New York restaurant, Sweetbitter, centres on small-town girl Tess who throws herself headlong into life in the Big Apple and her training as a backwaiter, along with all its accoutrements – long hours, new flavours, a steep learning curve, sophisticated big-city colleagues, drinking, drugs and very late nights.
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 #1 Keep the spirit of the Boks’ victory alive by streaming these shows
There’s not much that we can write about the Springboks’ 2019 Rugby World Cup victory that hasn’t already been penned.
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Our randomized trailer pick of the week

Each week we take a number from 1 to 10 from our list of suggestions and put it through a randomizer to choose a trailer to show you. This week it landed on our number 5 spot, His Dark Materials!

Based on the books by Philip Pullman, this highly anticipated HBO series takes place in a rich fantasy world where humans all have animal familiars, and where an orphan uncovers a dangerous secret. Starring James McAvoy the series brings to life the Golden Compass books and the mysterious substance known as Dust.

What basically happened here, was that J.K. Rowling just got her book to the big screen first. If it we’rent for that, His Dark Materials would have been where Harry Potter is today, because both authors are equally fantastic:

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