Die Antwoord announces that their entire House of Zef tour to the USA is “postponed” until 2020

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Go catch up over here in detail if you’re late to the party. The saga still continues…

We need a quick recap and a timeline of the last month, though:

On July 18, we posted an article and video concerning Die Antwoord’s physical attack on Andy Butler and subsequent false claim that he sexually molested Yo-Landi. For the next 3 weeks following the upload of the “One Night in Adelaide” video, Die Antwoord had various uploads and re-uploads removed from YouTube. The latest upload managed to stick in the Watkykjy article linked above.

On August 5, we posted the Whitney Houston video on Watkykjy in which Yo-Landi called her a crack-whore bitch (on the day she passed away). Apart from that, there were also footage in the same video of her abusing a black fan in the front row of a Die Antwoord concert: “Vat hierie man hier weg! Hysie welkom hier nie! Vat hom weg! Fokof jou swart naai! Gaan vrek, jou doos!” (“Take this man way! He is not welcome here! Take him away! Fuck off, you black fuck! Go and die, you vagina!”).

On August 7, Edwin’s Generation covered the video in detail, elaborating on how Die Antwoord justifies using the N-Word as well. Mainstream media both in South Africa and abroad seemed to have picked up on the story in the week and a half that followed, because…

On the 17th of August it was reported that Die Antwoord was pulled from at least two festivals. Only THEN did Ninja speak up for the first time on their Facebook page with 2.5m followers, bending the truth in all sorts of shapes and directions. We covered his lame response and lies to their brain-dead fan base over here in the 19th of August. A third festival, Riot Festival, dropped Die Antwoord from the bill as well, after Ninja’s lame explanation. They were replaced by Wu-Tang Clan. We will circle back to this timeline again but we need to have a look at Edwin Costa taking a few steps back and doing a proper unpacking of the Adelaide video first. This was published on Saturday the 31st of August and he does a very good job at spoon feeding the info and explaining it to the fans who seem unable to use their own brains. We will get back to them as well:
Seeing this whole episode in context, it is understandable that Die Antwoord tried their best to get rid of this damning video under the pretense of “copyright”. Remember that their post on Facebook trying to explain and normalize everything, only came out after the first two festivals dropped them from their line-ups, literally a day after it came out in mainstream news. The festivals must have contacted Die Antwoord as early as the end of July to inform them of their decisions to drop them – Ninja and Yo-Landi wouldn’t have just found out via the news, you know? So Ninja and Yo-Landi sat on this devastating news for quite some time while they tried to figure out how to turn this turd ship around. The first thing they attempted wasn’t the public post Ninja made on Facebook. Yes, that was the first thing fans saw and swallowed, but not the first PR stunt Ninja attempted.

The first thing Ninja and Yo-Landi did, was make this video. It was already published on the 9th of August:

So why did almost no-one see it?
Die Antwoord made this video “unlisted” on their YouTube channel, because they don’t really want their fans to see it. It is like a pinky swear. It is a way of circling back to angry fans afterwards, who are (even now) out of the loop, saying: “Yeah, but we did make a video about why the US tour was cancelled. We explained everything. Oh shit, we didn’t make it public? Fuck, our people who run our YouTube account must have fucked up. It is not our fault.”

A total of 1851 people have seen it so far, so they’ve hidden it very well. Keep in mind that Die Antwoord has a subscription base of 2.8m people on their YouTube channel. If they really wanted the news out there, they didn’t need much effort apart from making the video’s status ‘public’. It is as simple as that.

In the very low energy video, you can see an uninspired Ninja sitting on the floor, trying to connect with their fans and trying to steer his entry excuses home with hand gestures like a shitty teacher, Yo-Landi barely makes a noise:
We’re so fucking busy with the album /our music videos/We’re making a movie/We’re making a documentary with Roger Ballen/We’re finishing our feature film.

“But now our people booked this tour for us in America. We wanted to do all our new stuff w’ere working on live for you guys…”
Hahaha! Are you fucking kidding me? Imagine Guns ‘n Roses or Metallica or who the fuck ever cancels an entire tour because “we wanted to play you our new stuff but now we didn’t do our homework and we can’t go to school because people will laugh at us”.
Best case scenario example – If a band like Gun’s ‘n Roses even announced that they will be playing 90% new stuff and not even cancelling, I’d ask for my fucking money back. Because fuck your ‘new stuff’. And especially with Die Antwoord – it is not as if their music got any better over the years. But that is also not the point – the point is that they are lying to their fans in a video. Look at it a few times – it is the most low energy video ever put out by them. They are trying their best to hide the fact that they are beginning to feel irrelevant because they fucked up, are too proud to admit it or apologize for it. They are just shit people who got caught out and have no remorse. They’re even trying to sell some VIP experience for the tour that will probably not even happen at all.

There is a good chance that Die Antwoord will remove this video pretty soon as well. We will stick it back up if that happens, don’t worry.

If the two videos above are not enough of a revelation to the fans, listen to this leaked phone conversation below between Benjay Crossman and Tyson Royle. Tyson was the stage manager at the time of the attack on Andy Butler in Adelaide in 2012. You can see him in the first video as well, trying to sort things out like an adult.

Two weeks ago, I reached out to Tyson with a few questions.

  • Are you planning on stepping forward and explaining what went down that evening as well as the next morning, as you were their tour manager as well as present at the time?
  • Sexual assault is a serious crime and Ninja didn’t want to report the incident to the police. What did you think about that on the evening? Did it not seem strange to you at the time?
  • What do you think about it now?
  • Did you speak to Andy Butler after the attack to get his version of what went down?
  • Who else should be asked questions apart from yourself and Diak (their sound engineer) who was also in the video?
  • Are you aware of similar behavior on Die Antwoord’s part at other festivals and events?
  • Are you still involved with Die Antwoord?

Tyson did not respond to my questions, but it seems that his recorded phone conversation with Benjay covers everything, including that he would do the right thing if and when it suits him. At least he admits that he knows what the right thing is and he admits and confirms that Die Antwoord were lying and putting on a show. Cape Town blog, My City By Night also covered this in quite some detail, just before the weekend:

And yet, after all this, you still have the deranged fans over at a Die Antwoord Reddit page, truly thinking that this whole saga is one massive elaborate marketing ploy by Die Antwoord for some massive big move or reveal. According to some of them, everyone is in on this huge prank – Zheani, Ben, Edwin, myself, Ninja and  Yo-landi. The whole “there is not such thing as bad publicity” vibe.

Who can blame them? They remind me of Trump supporters. Yo-Landi’s (only) friend, Kim Posibill makes me think of Donald Trump. She comes from the absolute top left of the idiot shelf:

So let’s roll with that idiotic statement then and do some publicity, because we can still talk about a lot of things:
How Die Antwoord shot their music video for Banana Brain (the party scene) at the house of their adopted kids, Meisie & Tokkie’s mom – on the day of her funeral in stead of going to the funeral and “being there” for their new kids. Normalize that for me?
South American model, Ana Livieres was flown out for this video. Wonder if Ninja was inappropriate with her as well? Maybe someone should ask her. Someone who is not in on this elaborate publicity stunt. Maybe she is also part of the stunt.
What’s up with all the gangsters that would have toured overseas with Die Antwoord? Are they happy about being part of this elaborate stunt, because they are also in on it. Why are they not in Die Antwoord’s little home videos anymore? Are they still hanging out?
I hope we get to see some real tears in the video filmed in New York by Benjay where Ninja hits Yo-Landi through the face backstage. Her cry-acting game in the Adaide video was fokken weak. This acting better be damn good.
The latest member to this big publicity stunt is Dune Tilley, some 19 year old artsy student who met Die Antwoord when he was six years old, if you can believe his starry-eyed story. His mom, Robynne, seems to be heavy into the Cape Town fashion world, and his dad, Huey, works in the film industry in Cape Town. It is more than likely that this would be the next family Die Antwoord would mooch off and cast aside, because that is their style and this family fits the profile for the type of victims they go for. Or they are all in on it. The entire family and the dog.

Fuck, the fans must be so confused…

But let Die Antwoord clear up some things for you with Dune’s Zef TV – you know, the show that Ninja initially pitched to Sony as a fantasy incest fuck-fest wher they get to star in it with their daughter and all the models and actors. The new Zef Tv is unfortunately not the show Ninja had in mind, because what they are doing now is trying to preempt whatever else might surface in the coming weeks and months and explain and normalize their behavior ahead for the fans – they are grooming their fans for what is to come.

It is an absolute fucking cringe fest:

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