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Did you come across this little Afrikaans Capetonian monologue last Friday by any chance:
“O donner, die dak het afgewaai! O fok, daar gaan die venster! O fok daar gaan die banke! Hier’s ‘n vet fokop!”
If not, let me catch you up to speed:

Fokkit, Cape Town can have nasty ass weather during their winter period. Unfortunately when it doesn’t piss down like that, the Western Cape is in groot kak. And us Valies have to make jokes about water conservation and how the Capies need to shower with buckets in the shower and gooi that mix of water and their dead skin cells into the kakhuis cisterns to flush away their craft drolle forged by Jarryds burgers, Unframed Ice Cream and Moro Gelato. You can eat fancy, but your kak is always just kak, hey?
All jokes aside – there will always be someone who has it way worse than you – the homeless ,for instance. This is of course a countrywide problem but the weird Cape Town weather made me wonder what these poor people do and I came across an article of a sweet lady who dedicates her time to make warm, weather proof sleeping bags for a cost of next to fokol with the added bonus of being fully recycled and easy to carry around. Jo Maxwell looked at what resources she had at hand and started experimenting with plastic bags, newspaper and buff tape. She made several prototypes before finalising her design using recycled, heavy-duty plastic bags and lots of layers of newspaper. She calls it the  “Good Night and God Bless” sleeping bags. and she has been demonstrating her sleeping bag technique for volunteer groups, schools, corporates and prison inmates. These guys have have made and distributed more than 20,000 sleeping bags for those who desperately need it. Their good deeds even resulted into Wales, Scotland and England taking up the initiative. If you want to find out how to make it, get in contact with Jo over here:

I suggest you start collecting those free community newspapers and put them aside. Just make one sleeping bag and hand it to a person at a traffic light. See how it makes you feel, but more importantly, see how it makes the other person feel. Because it is also a person.

This is not a guilt trip, it is really just a thought that popped up when I saw that insane video of the storm in Cape Town.

Once you’ve handed out a sleeping bag, you can treat yourself to
our Plumlist’s top 10 pick for the weekend:

# 10 Gangland Undercover S1-2
Convicted of dealing drugs, Charles Falco was given a choice: serve 20 years in jail, or go undercover with one of America’s most notorious biker gangs.
On Showmax
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 #9 Watch and drool – the trailer for Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan S2 is here
This just in: In the second season of Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, after tracking a potentially suspicious shipment of illegal arms in the Venezuelan jungle, CIA Officer Jack Ryan, portrayed by John Krasinski (A Quiet Place), heads down to South America to investigate.
 On Amazon Prime
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#8 If you loved True Detective, American Crime should be your next binge-watch pick
With the resurgence of the anthology genre – different stories, different characters, same actors – over the past few years, we’d be forgiven for thinking it was newly invented; it is not.
 On  Showmax
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 #7 Finally – the trailer for Netflix’s Witcher series
We finally have our hands on the trailer for the highly anticipated Polish-American fantasy drama series, based on the series of novels of the same name, which also spawned a hugely popular series of games.
On Netflix
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 #6 How Wayde van Niekerk revolutionised what can be done as an athlete
When Wayde van Niekerk crosses the finish line at the 2016 Rio Olympics he looks over to his left expecting to see a rival ahead of him. But there is no one in sight.
 On Showmax
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 #5 The best of EFC hits the Showmax catalogue
If you think that mixed martial artists and cage fighters are mindless brawling machines whose sole objective is to kill, kill, kill… you’re wrong… kind of. Professional fighting is an artform. You can’t just strap into the gloves, climb into the octagon ring and think that you’re going to compete.
 On Showmax 
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 #4 The Boys: Superheroes for the social media age
Between the interminable Marvel movies and the various – mostly failed – attempts by streaming companies to capitalise on caped-crusader mania, you’d be forgiven for being tired of superhero fare.
 On Amazon Prime
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 #3 Twenty-five hilarious lines from 5 of TV’s funniest shows
I was a kid of the 80s and fondly remember growing up in front of and along with South African TV. Back then we weren’t glued to the idiot box like kids these days with their inseparable tablets or smartphones. Not for the lack of trying, though.
On Showmax
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 #2 Get ready to check into Hotel S4, coming in January 2020
Ferdie Kruger and the staff of Die Fransen hotel return to kykNET with a 4th season of the mocumentary, Hotel, in January 2020. In the previous season, there was a struggle and bustle over who the next mayor would be, Danny’s first play was performed by Die Fransen staff, there was fun with Batcoin and Jaap’s pet sheep caused havoc, but this fresh new season will be even bigger, better and funnier.
 On Showmax
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 #1 Kanarie, now streaming, soars to exceptional heights
This coming-of-age musical drama set in the height of apartheid – South Africa, 1985 – was easily one of the best movies of 2018 (and now that it’s left the big screen, it’s only available on Showmax).
 On Showmax
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Our randomized trailer pick of the week

Each week we take a number from 1 to 10 from our list of suggestions and put it through a randomizer to choose a trailer to show you. This week it landed on our number 1 spot, Kanarie – a coming-of-age musical war drama, about a young boy who discovers how through hardship, camaraderie, first love, and the liberating freedom of music, the true self can be discovered. One of the best South African movies ever to date.

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