Is smoking cigarettes really still a thing?

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In February of 2017, I very bravely wrote an article on how I stopped smoking. I use the word ‘bravely’ because at the time I claimed to have been 3 months off the old coffin nails when in fact my math sucked and it was only 2 months and one week. I was sharing my words of wisdom and all the methods that I could think of for supposedly beating or planning to beat the dirty habit. I was already in the process so it was brave (perhaps stupid is a better word?) to make the assumption that I had already triumphed over cigarettes in a measly two months. Two months prior to this I had been smoking more than 20 (very strong) cigarettes per day for over 25 years. And I can’t even count the times that I tried to quit and subsequently failed.

By the way, this time around I did check the math and I have been 100% off cigarettes for  three months and one week short of three years! I will do a follow-up article on it, but the short version is that vaping got me off the smokes. By the way, I only sucked robot dick for 6 months before I kicked that habit square in the balls as well.
A hectic story in the news earlier this week made me think about that article and my smoking days  again. Jissis, smoking is actually such a fokken (literal) drag. Imagine the industry? On Wednesday, the millionaire tobacco boss, Simon Rudland was critically injured in a shooting in Orchards, Johannesburg. This dude is the co-owner of Gold Leaf Tobacco Corporation and member of Fair Trade Independent Tobacco Association (FITA). As Rudland and his lawyer arrived for a FITA meeting, a white Golf pulled up behind his Porsche at the security entrance to his offices and  a man from the Golf’s passenger seat fired nine (!!!) shots with a handgun to Rudland’s head area. He got struck in the neck by one of the bullets and has since been in intensive care. Chcek the video. It was clearly a hit in broad fokken daylight! You can see Rudland speeding off after the hit. This could be from shock and hopefully he realised that he got shot and sped off to the hospital in stead of chasing after the hit men/gangsters.


According to some IPSOS research last year, it was claimed that about 26.8% of all cigarettes sold in South Africa were “illicit” and that this trade was dominated by one local company: that of Rudman’s – Gold Leaf Tobacco. By “illicit” it means cigarettes sold for less than R17.85 per pack of 20 – the total of sin tax and VAT payable on a pack of smokes. So if cigarettes are sold for less than the tax they pay, then the tax was most probably not paid. This still doesn’t explain why the dude got shot, but the manner in which whoever attempted to gun him down, suggests that it is industry related, perhaps.

All this heavy kak going on behind the scenes of the product people voluntarily fill their lungs up with. Smoking is more dangerous than we initially thought, it seems. Since I stopped, a lot of my friends or acquaintances also gave up the old stinky habit. I am pretty sure that I see less and less people smoking, but that could be because I stopped smoking and that my mind is just plying tricks on me. So maybe I can ask you guys: Is smoking really still a thing?

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