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As always, if you have just arrived to this saga and have no fucking clue as to what is going on, go familiarize yourself with what has transpired so far, so you can at least comment with the necessary insight if you feel you need to contribute to the conversation. This article continues below.

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So around the 15th of May 2019, there was a phone call between Ben (or Kobus Holnaaier, as Die Antwoord used to ‘credit’ him in the work he did for them) and Yo-Landi. Ben is Die Antwoord’s ex-videographer and an ex-friend who sits on a ton of damning behind-the-scenes footage and diary-type videos featuring Die Antwoord over a period of more or less 10 years.

In this phone call, Ben asks Yo-Landi to apologize to their fans for their behavior and especially for the way they they victimized and bullied Zheani. You should know this history by now. From the phone call you can hear that Yo-Landi is not putting on her usual chipmunk-like voice and she is in total denial of what has transpired so far. She flat out lies to Ben, claiming that Zheani attacked Sixteen. Nothing could be further from the truth, because nowhere is there any record of Zheani attacking Yo-Landi and Ninja’s biological daughter. Like I said before – Ninja & Yo-Landi lie and spin shit stories to their fan base via their vast social media channels, and at the same time produce absolutely nothing to back up their claims. In fact, Yo-Landi and Ninja kept removing posts from their Instagram and Facebook accounts where they constantly lied to fans and followers. Yo-Landi finally closed her Instagram account, most likely because some fans started seeing through all the shitposting. Fortunately, those deleted posts were saved and found their way into a series of YouTube videos put together by Edwin Costa who is covering this ever unfolding story from many angles. And people are slowly waking up.

Ninja really gets a kick out of this. He really likes the fact that he can stick poor people from Fietas in their house in the rich neighborhood of Parkhurst. He sees this as him fucking with the neighborhood’s dynamics while he is not even there. Again, his total misunderstanding of it means to be “zef”. Ironically, Ninja comes from a well-off family, grew up in a rich neighborhood and went to the private school of Park Town Boys High.

You can listen to a portion of the phone conversation between Ben and Yo-Landi in a video below, which Edwin Costa, once again put together to try make sense of the events so far. He also covers the Sony emails which we featured a few articles back and he touches on the Panama Papers which we also briefly referred to. From the call it also seems like Yo-Landi was cooky-thumping Dev Patel while they were filming Chappie. Interesting, as her and Ninja were broken up during that period and Ninja dated “thousands” of girls by his own admission – a lot of them resembling their daughter, Sixteen, it seems. I would have called his dating habits a co-incidence if it weren’t for Ninja’s incestuous fantasies, you know? I will leave it open for your own interpretation. The die-hard fans who have been gaslighted beyond repair can once again be dismissive of what’s right in front of them as per usual…
During the call Ben attempts to confront Yo-Landi with the hard questions and Yo-Landi keeps playing dumb. But dumb will eventually only carry you a certain distance before the legs give in and you fall flat on your face. Towards the end of the phone conversation, Ben gives Yo-Landi the options to:
1) be in his film/documentary to answer questions on camera
2) to apologize to “the guy in Australia”
to which she answers: “I’m not apologizing. I didn’t do anything wrong”. Now to be fair, I would not like to opt for option one either if I had done all the things they were accused of doing. If I was innocent, however, I would jump at the opportunity to set things straight and clear up this unfortunate misunderstanding. Quite easily.
Option 2 (apologize to “the guy in Australia”) is even worse, because Yo-Landi will then have to apologize and at the same time have to admit to horrible things that they have done to “the guy in Australia”. Horrible things which Ben filmed after a gig backstage and which I am not at liberty to disclose because it is up to Ben to decide how and when this gets released. As always we will keep you informed.

Edwin’s latest installment (article continues below the video):

A commentator on one of the previous articles sums up everything so far very eloquently, in case you missed it:

Jessica From the USA
I’m used to over the top bullshit, their aesthetic was SO over top, I thought it was a schtick. “Baby’s on Fire” appears to be a feminist themed farce/subversion of tropes. “Enter the Ninja” appeared similar… a delusional Weebu white dude with a fascination with pedomorphized female characters cheering him on.

In light of allegations that seem to be at least grounded in some truth, there is this weird Daddy/daugher Dom/sub element to these videos that might be “authentic”… more authentic at least to the white trash thing they were going for… and that’s troubling

If Zheani was some disgruntled side piece he wouldn’t have been texting her 10x as much as she was replying.

I think he targeted her for 1) her alternative, but apparent Botticellian beauty 2) her craziness made him believe he could gaslight her and have plausible deniability.

Based on the way they handled this, and the near universally negative opinions of people who worked with them but aren’t currently under their employ, I am inclined to believe their adoptions are not benevolent either.

People like these monsters who possess an ounce of impulse control and the right narrative (animal activists, adoptive parents, etc) can coast through life parasitically for decades with only the accounts of the equally eccentric to reveal their true character.

Anybody, anywhere, with life experience, can see this for what it is.

Jessica has absolutely, 100% nailed it. And just to re-iterate a point from my previous article: I don’t believe the adoptions are benevolent either. Meisie and Tokkie (real names: Susan Du Preez and Gabriel Du Preez) are in the picture when they need to feature in music videos or Instagram posts for Die Antwoord’s image. They aren’t part of the real family. They get left behind with au pairs and there have been countless au pairs and nannies who have suffered from Ninja’s abuse. They basically uproot their lives and give up their dreams to look after these kids, because Yo-Landi would rather be a “friend” than a parent. Then you “cross” Ninja and you’re out on your ass with nothing.

More recently another broken family from Fietas moved into the Johannesburg house to look after the kids, even when Ninja and Y0-Landi are in Cape Town. We’ll get back to this at some point. If you’re such good foster parents, tell me what your 10-year old adopted daughter was doing on the bonnet of a speeding car in the streets of Parkhurst while you are touring overseas with your “real” daughter? What do those adoption papers specify in the conditions? This also happened around the same time when Tokkie stabbed his brother, Drie, and was subsequently dumped in Fietas withouth money or a means to attend school as a punishment. Tokkie was left there for months. We also still don’t know what happened to his brother. Where is he?

It now seems that Die Antwoord has decided to follow a new tactic because their attacks on Zheani via Instagram and Facebook eventually died down – the old tactic of the ostrich with it’s head buried in the sand. Perhaps this should have been their very first move in damage control when all these stories started surfacing. They are now waiting the storm out and playing dumb and ignorant. Yo-Landi also stopped posting to her new Instagram account where she attempted to come across to the fans as Meisie’s loving foster mom – see, she needed their fans to believe that they’re a tight family and trick them into thinking that Meisie and Tokkie as just as much part of the family as Sixteen. The video of Meisie above suggests otherwise.

Ninja and Yo-Landi’s next few moves will probably involve a lot Instagram posts with them on holiday in and around secluded beaches and nature reserves the Western Cape. Of course it now has to feature Tokkie and Meisie as well to dupe the fans, because they need people to believe their bullshit so they can sell that new album that is on the way. Oh, and they have that USA tour coming up in September. Guess who is joining them and guess who will be staying at home?

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