The SANDF will be giving gangs in Cape Town PK’s at 14:00 this afternoon

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Last night, Beki Cele, dressed in his trademark black suit and old white man’s hat, gave his budget speech for 2019’s South African Police service. In his speech, the minister of the Police announced he has plans to establish a detectives’ academy to “sharpen skills for the Hawks and other detectives.” He also announced the establishment of yet another firearms amnesty period and tuned everyone: “After this period, and you don’t bring your illegal firearm or any other firearm that may be dangerous, there won’t be peace”. He is known for his tough talk, so there was no surprise there. Then towards the end of his speech, he dropped the big hand grenade – The South African National Defense Force will join an operation to clamp down on Cape Town’s gang infested areas on Friday. As in TODAY!

“No, I am not hiding a gun under there. I grabbed my son’s hat by mistake this morning on my way to the budget speech. Now I can’t get it off…”

There was a press briefing after the budget speech and nobody was interested in the gun thingie or the police academy thingie. They wanted to know about this big gangster-army-deployment thing. During the press briefing Cele said that 13 people were killed in less than 24 hours in Phillipi alone, last weekend. So apparently after listening to the communities (and not the DA, he stressed) he had a sit down coffee and cookies with Minister of Defense, Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula and they decided to deploy dozens of officers early this morning, ahead of their main deployment into Philippi East and surrounding areas. He gave a moerse lot of po-po and metro-po-po the order to seal off all areas where gang violence has fucked up the hoods badly. And now, at 14:00 this afternoon, the po-po teams will be joined by the SANDF! Wow!

Now, before the entire Cape Town lets out a collective sigh of relief, maybe just start out with a nervous fart, because if you deploy the army in order to police your citizens in a democracy set-up such as ours, it doesn’t look good. It is kind of a last resort thing. It is something you want to postpone for as long as you can, because who knows what our army is really trained for? I can’t really speak for Cape Town, but the army mannetjies from Pretoria that I frequently bump into over lunchtime, can like to be not in shape, guys. Komaan. Are we really ready for “war”? Furthermore, these okes may act on “police orders” and sort of in the capacity of a police officer when needed, because they’ve been given exactly just that mandate – but these chaarnas didn’t go to Police Academy. Let alone Police Academy II, III, IV, V or VI. Will they follow proper protocol during arrests of suspects? Are guns going to go off by accident?

It is exciting news to say the least, but will it go the citizen’s way? Will the people affected in Phillipi and the Cape Flats be better off? I guess we will know withing the next 90 days, because apparently the deployment is for three months and can be renewed. That is how long Ninja from Die Antwoord has to hide from them now, because he has every fokken gang in the Western Cape’s number tattooed on his body. Tip for the police – he is at that vegan joint in Woodstock, rhyming “fish” with “fish”, hoor?

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griffinThe SANDF will be giving gangs in Cape Town PK’s at 14:00 this afternoon

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