Tennis has a new hero after Monday’s Wimbledon – Cori Gauff

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The Williams sisters are quite something, hey? Between them,  over a period of sixteen years, they have managed to put eleven Wimbledon trophies on the mantelpiece next to the other kaggelkakkies (which turns out to be more trophies from other grand slams). They probably have enough trophies to melt down and turn into a statue bigger than the one of oom Nelson Mandela in Sandton Square. These two sisters played formidable tennis over the years, had the most imposing serves and changed women’s tennis forever…

This past Monday, women’s tennis was probably changed again. It might be a little bit early to wildly speculate, but I reckon we’re dealing with a definite tipping point. Cori Gauff, also known as Coco Gauff, who is ranked 313th in the world, beat Venus Williams in her first round match with straight sets of 6–4, 6–4.  The big significance here is that Coco is only 15 years old!
Here is her brief CV:
In 2017, aged 13, she became the youngest ever finalist in the girls’ singles event at the US Open.
She won the Junior French Open in 2018 – the second-youngest to do so.
She is also the youngest female to qualify for a Grand Slam tournament main draw and the youngest player overall to qualify for the main draw at Wimbledon in which she totally fucking kicked ass!
Of her victory she said: “I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for her – I told her she was so inspiring, and I’ve always wanted to tell her that but I’ve never had the guts to before.” Guts, hey? So she chose a different route to approach her: She kicked Venus’ ass first and then told her “you rock!”. Then Gauff sat in her chair and had a little cry into her towel – a reminder that, for all the maturity and skill she had displayed on the court, she is still just a child.

Her maturity extends to off-court as well, especially to social media. She doesn’t brag about any of her achievements on Instagram like you would expect. Instead, her bio is  #prayforsudan with a link to a Unicef press release, detailing children killed, injured, detained and abused amid escalating violence and unrest in Sudan. Her social pages has in the past also carried references to Pride-related issues and crises around the world. This kid’s head is screwed on the right way.

I can’t for the life of me think that I would have displayed maturity close to any of these levels at the age of fifteen. I mean, coincidentally  at the age of fifteen, I was in fact the number one player in the school’s first tennis team and the matrics hated the fact that that a standard seven latie fucked them up on the tennis court. With my inflated of levels of confidence and Cori Gauff’s surname, I would have probably printed myself a t-shirt that read “Gauffuck Yourself” like the one I designed below.

Now I actually want one of these shirts…

Hopefully you watch round 3 of Wimbledon this weekend! For the rest,
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