Die Antwoord’s abuse – One night in Adelaide (video of attack)

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As always, go read up on the series of events that concerns Die Antwoord’s behavior that have been exposed thus far. At this point it is almost not necessary to explain to you that Die Antwoord abuse people, make up lies and are full of shit. Yo-Landi and Ninja think falsely accusing someone of sexual assault is funny. Many woman have come forward in private about Ninja’s abusive behavior but nothing has penetrated the main stream media yet. Die Antwoord continue to manipulate their fans and suppress their victims by publicly shaming and teasing them. Those affected, it is time to step forward, please..

Here is another example of how the self-proclaimed Buddhists conduct themselves – a video of their actions (a physical attack) and lies which left a fellow artist on the festival line-up’s  career and family life damaged, if not destroyed. This poor guy is still so angry about how his life has been fucked with, that he doesn’t even want to speak to anyone about it. He just tried to move on with his life.

I would really like to see the fans who still support Die Antwoord, mansplain this video for the rest of us…

So this is a video wherein Yo-Landi Visser from Die Anwtoord lies about getting sexually assaulted by another artist on tour in Australia at the Future Music festival in 2012 – Andy Butler from Hercules and Love Affair. Die Antwoord’s ex-videographer, Ben, took the video. Ninja and YoLandi, later that evening confessed to Ben, DJ Hitek, Diak (their sound guy), Matt (their American tour manager) that she lied about the whole story. According to Ben, the next morning at the airport. Yo-Landi even told their Australian tour manager, Tyson about making it up. He was extremely disgusted by the situation. We will also attempt to contact Tyson at some point get his take on what went down. That is if he wants to talk about this incident. Because even though this video shows what went down, people will keep shouting “give us proof!” To these people: you might want to start looking at TMZ as well in the next few weeks, a little birdie told us…

In the video below, you will see Ninja trying to explain to a security person just how cool he handled the whole one-sided fight, comically re-acting it with sound effects and stupid gestures. Because every little thing about Ninja is about Ninja and it has to be a little cool story, get it? And all the security guy actually wants is a straight recollection of events of what went down to decide which line of action needs to be followed. He really doesn’t care who Die Anwtoord are, because he has a job to do. He is not interested in Ninja’s little anecdotes. He even gives Ninja the option of getting the police involved, because sexual assault is a serious allegation. But Ninja quickly deflects with his own demands: the guy who “assaulted” Yo-Landi should just not be around them ever again or look them straight in the eye. A typical “we want a bowl the size of a man full of M&M’s but remove all the yellow ones” kind of requests.

Also in this video, right after the “incident”, Ninja states that “the guy came into the toilet and felt Yo-Landi’s tits and ass” but in the recorded phone call with Ben a few weeks ago, Yo-Landi says to Ben that the guy grabbed her “by the vagina” (also a blatant lie) to which Ben immediately replied that she is lying. During that call a few weeks ago,  Ben gave her the option to come out with the truth about what happened back then. He also gave her the opportunity to apologise to their fans for their behavior.

So which one is it? ‘Tits and ass’ right after it happened, or ‘vagina’ a few years later ater Zheani spilled the beans over Ninja’s behavior?

Also note how Yo-Landi hides her face in her hands all the time, supposedly traumatized by the “sexual assault” which just took place, but once they are alone in a room backstage (only herself, Ninja and Ben with his camera) she uncovers her face and laughs. Ninja also laughs. Why do they laugh? Because there was no fucking sexual harassment a few minutes ago and they made it up. It is all just one big fat fucking joke to them. Someone’s entire professional career got destroyed by one lie…

There is a massive chance that this video might be removed from YouTube, because Die Antwoord would like to cover up their disgusting behavior, so when it does happen, please send us the new link to where some of you might decide to upload it so we can keep it in the public’s eye.

Here is a link to the video on google drive:

Oh, and Andy Butler  – If you are reading this and want to talk about that evening, get in contact.

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griffinDie Antwoord’s abuse – One night in Adelaide (video of attack)


  1. Awwex

    lol isn’t Andy Butler gay? Not that gay men can’t assault women, but certainly a point in favor of Yolandi making shit up for attention.

  2. MJ

    Omg Andrew Butler is gay! Plus he totally doesn’t sound like a person able to sexually assault anyone… Maybe if Hi-Tek said he was assaulted by him… But still hard to believe

  3. ExDAfan

    I mean I have believe the stories since they came out…but this just puts it over the top. The saddest thing is their responses to Zheani directly contradict this video…what hypocrites. They can’t even face their actions, as they blocked all comments on IG, and totally removed Yolandi’s account. Wow DA sad sad day. You should honestly have just apologized, knowing this video was out there…had to know it would bite you in the butt. However sort of bummed about rolling with the devil just giving up after this, doesn’t he have a TON of footage, and I am sure more damning evidence about DA’s character. Don’t get why you’d give up now, expose them.

  4. Author

    We will release Ben’s footage. He has handed it over to a small circle he trusts. This is not over.

  5. Sanfranpsycho

    It took almost 4 months & few people emailing everyone at TMZ every other day. Wow,hope it really got their attention.

  6. xdoomx

    This doesn’t make sense though, what provoked this whole thing? Did Ninja just wake up and pick on the guy for no reason? The reporting here is shocking and smacks of hype for clicks.

    Just improve it a bit please? If Y wasn’t sexually assaulted what provoked Ninja. Simple.. You’ve made so many presumptions on everything else you should at least be able to come up with something ?

  7. Author

    “The Jews must have done something to piss off the Nazis. They wouldn’t just gas them for nothing? Historians made so many presumptions on everything else, they should at least be able to come up with something?”

    Or maybe read with comprehension. In the article there is a link to Ninja’s bullshit version of what lead up to this. You are pretty much free to believe his version.

  8. the girl in the rain

    i just love when i make a shit load of typos cos my screen is cracked.
    here is the edited version. idk how to delete the previous comment, because I’m a bit of a simpleton.

    what makes me laugh is the people trying to rationalise it “but they must have done something wrong?!”
    as griffin said, did the fucking nazis need an excuse?!
    i, too, once like d.a, and max normal, but their music, even before the 360-diarrhoea spray hitting the fan, started to go to shit.
    imo, it’s aaall the tik/meth they’re caning back and you only have to look at yo-liars face to see, she’s been whacking the oxys (oxycontin 80mgs) out of it.
    if this is what she looks like at 40, by 50, she’ll be a skull – if she makes it that far – and hasn’t withered away in a prison cell, cos i have no doubt there is some seriously sick shit on those hard drives.
    she has that hard, lantern jawed slack look of a heavy class-a drug user.
    so, their music, gone to shit. their lifestyle consists of drugs, ego feeding, and not really much else.
    then this stuff about zheani comes out. I believe her. she does, honestly, come across as a bit nefarious herself, a vibe thing, but as far as what she’s saying, yeah, that happened.
    and now, this. and a plethora more.
    like the clip that was on youtube for about a week, d.a in a hotel room, and rat face anri on the bed, saying;
    “if you want to say nigger [with a hard” r”, not “nigga”, ne.], them you should say nigger, tee hee hee heeee!”
    and watkin douchekin saying,
    “will we block him?! ”, because he lacks the testicular fortitude to have confrontational comments on his page.
    like any delusion “alpha” (bitch, plz.), he can’t handle criticism.
    both have all the hallmarks of narcissistic personality disorder.
    when this all really goes wild, anri will blame him, but they are both as complicit.
    apartheid era whites saying “nigger”, probably had servants in the house.
    well, they got what they wanted in the end, they portrayed cheap white trash so much, that that is what they are now.

    okay, I’ll stfu now, because i could rant on and on about all of this.

    nice one, and respect, to you, at watkykjy, especially griffin, and ben, for covering this.
    good to see real journalism is still free.

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