Die Antwoord, the Streisand effect and evidence of Ninja’s lies

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Die Antwoord managed to pull off one of the best examples of the Streisand effect by calling Zheani Sparkes a clout chaser and by serving her a cease and desist letter from their fancy New York lawyers when she released a video track on YouTube called The Question, calling both Ninja and Yo-Landi out on a lot of things. If you’re new to this saga, please go familiarize yourself with everything that has transpired so far as we’re not going to waste time responding to questions with regards to what has already been covered or answered here on Watkykjy. “Your website promoted them!” seems to be a crowd favourite along with “jealous/butt hurt/failed blog” et cetera.  Yes, that too has been answered/covered. Sorry, except for the Trumpian “failed blog” part. You can sleep with peace in your heart every night knowing that the blog is still failing spectacularly 20 years down the line. Right, now that is also covered? Cool.

Among the lesser nasty and vile things Zheani has been called by Die Antwoord, they also called here a “clout chaser”. That seems to be the stuck record which the majority of the fans of the thick like to play. Zheani was a “nobody” back in March and it seems that all this attention Die Antwoord gave her,  effectively gave her the clout that she never asked for to begin with. Just so you understand how the The Streisand effect works:

The Streisand effect is a phenomenon whereby an attempt to hide, remove, or censor a piece of information has the unintended consequence of publicizing the information more widely, usually facilitated by the Internet. It is an example of psychological reactance, wherein, once people are aware that some information is being kept from them, their motivation to access and spread it is increased

And here we are, helping that process along nicely on the website that helped kickstart Die Antwoord’s career way back in 2009. By the way, here is that video that was removed from YouTube when Die Antwoord filed a bogus copyright claim – http://www.watkykjy.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/Freedom-of-Hate-Speech.mp4

In the early stages of this Zheani/Die Antwoord shitstorm, American YouTuber, Edwin Costa, started covering it. It saved me a lot of time because he did a decent job of putting the timeline and events into an order and commenting on it in a way that makes sense. In his latest video (below), Edwin puts stuff into perspective once again. You don’t need to know Ninja, Yo-Landi or Die Antwoord to make sense of Edwin’s latest analysis – you just need some common sense, somewhat of an attention span, comprehension and a fairly average IQ. So far, Ninja & Yo-Landi were lying about most things concerning the Zheani-saga. The recollection of events as well as the timeline which Ninja have so far presented is straight up bullshit. If you look at the receipts (screen shots and videos) which Zheani presents, you can see quite a different story. She is the only person who has so far presented anything to back up her claims.

Apart from Die Antwoord’s incessant childish abuse of Zheani on their vast social platforms, their fans and supporters also keep hammering at the same old shit – “screenshots isn’t evidence and Zheani is a whore”. You need to remember that neither Ninja or Yo-Landi has presented anything of value to back up what they’ve said about Zheani. Not one screenshot. Not one video. So if you want to start off by just going on everyone’s words, Zheani is actually the front-runner if you don’t even consider the receipts she has presented, because she has been more eloquent. Die Antwoord goes with the notion that the best line of defense is to attack, again, resorting to infantile videos and slut shaming. And they keep removing some of that stuff too. Yo-Landi deleted her Instagram account and opened this one which we covered in the previous article.

Present some evidence of your own in stead of just trying to silence her, because it makes you look super guilty. To be honest they are fucking idiots for carrying on the way they do, because they are just proving Zheani’s point and and building a case against themselves. Not a legal case, before you get all excited – it is not against the law to be a cunt…
Now, if you had look at the video above, ask yourself:
What 40-year old grown-ass man (Waddy is now 44) would send messages to a 20-year old woman, telling her his 12-year old son “iz tripping ballz” at 4am? He also makes the kid participate in the conversational videos which he sends to Zheani. By his own admission to her, he also seems to have shown his 12-year old adopted son a naked video of Zheani, you know, after he asked her what colour panties she was  wearing? Just in case there were some of you 40-year old males out there thinking about showing a video of your crush’s vagina to your 12-year old adopted son, here is some solid advice:

To expose a child to pornography or any “sex acts” is an offense, according to the South African Sexual Offenses Act. Here, go read it for yourself. This is not an opinion. It is the actual fucking law. They also define “pornography” and “sex acts” if there are some who are still totally in the dark. 

I will say it again – in my opinion, Die Antwoord adopted these kids (Tokkie and Meisie) as fashion accessories. Tokkie was especially adopted because of the way that he looks and no other reason. He has a disease called hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia. Ninja basically worships the ground on which artist, Rober Ballen walks on. To Die Antwoord, Tokkie is like a live version of a Roger Ballen photo. Go do a Google image search for “Roger Ballen” for yourself to see what I mean. Die Antwoord visited the poor neighborhood of Fietas in Johannesburg numerous times for shoots and videos, because that desperately poor neighborhood appealed to them and inspired their “art”. It is one of the countless things they appropriated. Again, it is not a crime to be a cunt. Yes, you’re right.

To Die Antwoord Tokkie is probably the epitome of what their understanding of zef is. Unfortunately Ninja mistakes desperate people, being miserable and being utterly below-the-breadline poor for what they believe the concept of zef is. And they try their best to portray that to the world. And the USA especially, eats that shit up. Have a look at their latest video, starring their adopted children, Tokkie and his sister Meisie. I wonder if they were paid for this video or if the adoption itself was generous enough?

By the way, Tokkie is now 17 years old, turning 18 in August and his little sister, Meisie is either turning 11 or 12 in October. Here they are in a violent music video of Die Antwoord – a music video in which one kid stabs another. For our overseas readers – unfortunately pupils stabbing each other on school grounds in South Africa is a fairly regular occurrence. Just two days ago , a pupil stabbed three kids at his school, killing one of them.

Die Antwoord’s art versus real life versus their fantasies
Below you will also see an example of how Ninja likes to try and blur the lines between reality and their art. In this e-mail between Ninja and some hotshots from Sony, he is trying very hard to sell them some reality TV-series which he has conjured up. Note his obsession with incest, how he writes his own biological daughter (more or less 10 years old at that time) and “evil-looking” adopted son into the story. He actually pitches the idea that their real-life daughter will be written into the Zef TV-show, born as a result of drunken incestuous intercourse – he pitches Yo-Landi as his sister.

Also written into this TV-series pitched to Sony, is model Bianca Brombin (pictured left) who totally doesn’t resemble their daughter, Sixteen when you do a Google image search. Ninja and Bianca briefly dated back in 2014 (when this e-mail was sent to Sony) – she played the ‘white cat’ in Die Anwtoord’s Pitbull Terrier music video. This is of little importance, unless you go back to Zheani’s screen shots of her communication with Ninja and realize that so much of what Ninja expected Zheani to do while on her visit to South Africa, is actually written into this script as part of Ninja’s fantasies:
NINJA’S hot new blonde 6ft 2 super model girlfriend BIANCA comes to visit…
But BIANCA never says a fucking word in front of anyone except NINJA when the 2 of then are alone together…
Which is just fuckin awkward for everyone…

In the proposed script there is also mention of situations backstage involving him and “psycho fan girls”. How blurry is that line now? Are the psycho fan girls perhaps the back-up dancers who allegedly got strangled? Maybe the one dancer who got fondled on her birthday? Was that going to be part of the story arc? They will hopefully still come forward at some point. We will revisit this when and if it does happen. The same goes for “Kobus Holnaaier’s” videos.

The below e-mail comes from WikiLeaks, by the way:

Fwd: top fkn secret

Email-ID 130937
Date 2014-07-15 19:49:31 UTC
From mailer-daemon
To lucindalynton@gmail.com

Fwd: top fkn secret
Begin forwarded message:

From: “NINJIE” <rotgot23@gmail.com>
To: “Lynton, Michael” <Michael_Lynton@spe.sony.com>, “Pascal, Amy” <Amy_Pascal@spe.sony.com>, “Modi Wiczyk” <mWiczyk@mrcstudios.com>
Subject: top fkn secret

Hey kids❤️
We in LA shooting a music video for our big pop single UGLY BOY… Its gonna be fuckin wild! x
Anyway, we super excited about making our tv show with u guys!!!
Me and ¥o-landi are busy looking for a house in LA 2 move in2 with our 2 kids…
So we can start workin on our tv show with you guys full force!
So we wanna call our tv show: ZEF

ZEF will be presented in the guise of a reality tv show, however…
ZEF will also contain highly addictive supernatural drama, that slowly but surely gets revealed to get people fanatically hooked on ZEF for 5 hot seasons!
ZEF  is also a musical.
Kinda like the Sound of Music


Not so corny…
More street…
Next-level az fuck…
And also, the biggest tv series in da history of television…
ZEF  begins when 2 strange ‘rock-stars’ from Africa move to Los Angeles, USA.

Their names are
NINJA and ¥O-LANDI rap in a group called DIE ANTWOORD which means The Answer!

DIE ANTWOORD are busy blowing the fuck up….

Although NINJA and YO-LANDI’s new rockstar lifestyle seems to be pumping off it’s face from the outside…
Behind the scenes there is mad fucking juicy ass drama popping off 247!!!
For instance, NINJA and YO-LANDI are brother and sister.
But around 10 years ago NINJA and ¥O-LANDI found out from their strict bible-bashing parents that they were both adopted!!!
Then NINJA and YO-LANDI got super pissed off with their parents….
Drank themselves into a stupor…
Had sex by accident!!!
And Yo-landi got pregnant…
And had a daughter that they named SIXTEEN.

A little while after this…
NINJA and YO-LANDI adopted a strange street kid from an African ghetto called TOKKIE who believes he is The Devil.
So the ZEF  tv series begins when…
NINJA and YO-LANDI move into a big house in Los Angeles USA, with SIXTEEN and TOKKIE to begin their new lives, living the American Dream!

But as usual, the drama continues!
NINJA’S hot new blonde 6ft 2 super model girlfriend BIANCA comes to visit…
But BIANCA never says a fucking word in front of anyone except NINJA when the 2 of then are alone together…
Which is just fuckin awkward for everyone…


When NINJA and YO-LANDI tour the world with DIE ANTWOORD…
NINJA gets in situations over and over again backstage with psycho fan girls…
Who keep showing NINJA their boobs, bums and private parts…
In the hope that NINJA will want to get busy with them…

But NINJA ends up fagging out every time…
And wassaping Bianca instead to tell her how much he misses her.
NINJA is fucktup crushed on Bianca and is addicted 2 her like crack

Back in LA…
NINJA and YO-LANDI have hooked with a mysterious rap producer called CHAOS.
CHAOS is rumored to be the hidden force behind every major rap track ever made!

CHAOS isn’t necessarily even involved in the actual production of these classic rap songs…
But word on the street is that CHAOS was always in the room when these rap masterpieces got made, or thought up…
CHAOS doesn’t like getting credited on songs with his name…
Instead he always gets credited on the rap tracks he spawned with his mysterious CHAOS symbol.

NINJA and YO-LANDI hook up with CHAOS and start planning to make DIE ANTWOORD’S next rap album with him…
Which is a big dream come true for them!!!

Little YO-LANDI develops a massive fucking crush on CHAOS!!!
And one night they even kiss by accident!!
YO-LANDI gets a bit tweaked out because after they kiss, CHAOS stumbles out of bed, and goes to the toilet to vomit for 2 hours.
The next day CHAOS is kind’ve distant with YO-LANDI which causes her to get all girly and upset that he didn’t like her.
NINJA gets pissed off with his little sister for acting like a fucking girl, which might very well fuck up the vibe with CHAOS…
All NINJA wants do is make the ultimate fucking rap album of all time with favorite rap producer of all time!!!

Later in the ZEF  tv series it get revealed that CHAOS has a dark little secret!

CHAOS likes lil YO-LANDI a lot…

He thinks she is cute az fuck…


He can’t be with her because…

This thing is…
Every time CHAOS fucks a girl…
He 1st ties them up…
And fuck them to death

The reference to Chaos is most probably DJ Muggs from Cypress Hill whom Yo-Landi allegedly dated for a brief period in 2014. Muggs, who goes under the name the Black Goat in this case, appeared briefly on the Donker Mag album before working with Die Antwoord on their Suck on This mix tape,. He was also instrumental in the production of the Mount Ninji and Da Nice Time Kid album.

My hunch is that Muggs was probably used as another rung in Die Antwoord’s ladder on the way to the top, but time will tell as to what surfaces from that brief history. I wonder if Muggs’ studio in LA still looks like a Roger Ballen creation…

The Shadows ‎– Rockin Guitars (1961 South African only album release)
The Shadows ‎– Rockin’ Guitars (1961 SA only album release). Cover and album in very good condition. This is a very rare collector’s item.


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griffinDie Antwoord, the Streisand effect and evidence of Ninja’s lies


  1. patrees

    Hey, I do not stand with DA they a are lost a long time ago, but Zehani that girl, is also mentally ill. The truth is in the middle. I saw her naked picture with the blood… sorry but this is not cute or innocent behaviour.

  2. Elsbeth

    patrees, did you know that mentally ill people can be abused? That mentally ill people can tell the truth? That creating photos that include nudity and blood has nothing to do with whether she was abused and is telling the truth? Why the actual Fuck would the truth be “in the middle”? I’m not a fan of Zheani. But I see no reason to doubt her story. And “mentally ill” and “naked picture with the blood” are not good reasons to do so.

    Anyway, good article. This situation needs more attention than it’s getting.

  3. Cunningfolkcunt

    @patrees The disturbing and frequently offensive imagery in DA’s “performance art” is not used to discredit their claims (their childish actions speak volumes) so don’t be dismissive of Zheani (girl’s got receipts) just because you’re not a fan of her creative expressions.

  4. Jessica

    From the USA – I’m used to over the top bullshit, their aesthetic was SO over top, I thought it was a schitck. “Baby’s on Fire” appears to be a feminist themed farce/subversion of tropes. “Enter the Ninja” appeared similar… a delusional weebu white dude with a fascination with pedomorphized female characters cheering him on.

    In light of allegations that seem to be at least grounded in some truth, there is this weird Daddy/daugher Dom/sub element to these videos that might be “authentic”… more authentic at least to the white trash thing they were going for… and that’s troubling

    If Zheani was some disgruntled side piece he wouldn’t have been texting her 10x as much as she was replying.

    I think he targeted her for 1) her alternative, but apparent botticellian beauty 2) her craziness made him believe he could gas light her and have plausible deniability

    Based on the way they handled this, and the near universally negative opinions of people who worked them but arent currently under their employ, I am inclined to believe their adoptions are not benevolent either.

    People like these monsters who possess an ounce of impulse control and the right narrative (animal activists, adoptive parents, etc) can coast through life parasitically for decades with only the accounts of the equally eccentric to reveal their true character.

    Anybody, anywhere, with life experience, can see this for what it is.

  5. Author

    I’m using this quote in its entirety for my next article. Thank you.

  6. patrees

    @Cunningfolkcunt and @Elsbeth
    ….I rather do not trust anyone who IS TAKING A BATH IN THE BLOOD… and please don’t call it as an art.
    1. I’m an educated artist
    2. I’m a sexually abused victim also
    3. I grew up in terrible conditions
    4. I refused many proposals for paid sex from older guys because I was poor and pretty too…

    I know life so I will repeat it again:
    Even if Zheani tells the truth, there is something wrong with her mind. This is why Ninja find the connection with her… They all are fucked up.
    This is what I believe.

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