Zionruts Family! The Boutique Farm Festival Interviews!

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Jirre ek is nou tempted om weer te begin drink nadat ek met Cito gesels het! Damn!

Next up: the lead singer of a band that has been slowly infiltrating the SA live circuits with unbounded passion and determination over the past few years, bringing their take on roots and reggae music to all of us that love old school roots-rock-reggae music. We have a chat with Rutsman from Zionruts Family.

Howzit Rutsman! You’re one of the few South African reggae bands jamming in de name of Jah, mon. What is it about roots-rock-reggae music that makes the Zionruts Family do what they do, everyday? Why do you love it so much?
Lekker Rolbees! The passion of how reggae draws us into music apart from growing up listening to it, motivates us towards it everyday. The message that reggae carries speaks entirely for what we represent as a band and as a family. So with that being said, I can say reggae loves us naturally and we are just complying with nature!
Seen! Reggae music is viewed by many as music of the past and yet there are still so many fans listening to it around the world. How do you keep your music relevant here in South Africa?
We keep it relevant by always upgrading from the past, going into the future as everything under the sun is coming from somewhere and going somewhere including all the other genres of music as well.

The name Zionruts Family gives us a clue of the way the members of the band relate to each other. Is this just a stage gimmick or do you live life in the same manner? How important is family to you?
We live life in the manner of looking out for each other not only in the band but even with our fans as a family is not only linked by blood but how we choose to treat everyone around us determines the word family to us.

I reviewed your latest album, Life Cycle a year ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s not that easy to get the album online. Will you have albums for sale at the Boutique Farm Festival this weekend?
Yes, definitely! Along with that we also want to say our music is currently in the pipeline of getting it online and should be available by February along with hard copies being sold in all Musica shops.

You are most definitely a good vibes irie band, so how much ‘one love’ can we expect from the Family this weekend?
I love surprises as l never got any as l was growing up, so let’s keep it as a surprise so that we won’t spoil it…

The courts made herb legal for personal use last year. What is your message to the authorities when they decide on how to legislate going forward.
Well, the herb is a tree of life, yet can bring destruction if taken by people with wrong intentions. So as much as we fight for it to be now legalised further, we also put into consideration that there are others who abuse it and tarnish it’s rightful use. So l personally think what was done is good and the best way for everyone.
They must make sure it’s done accordingly with what was granted.


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griffinZionruts Family! The Boutique Farm Festival Interviews!