Calling Kingston! The Boutique Farm Festival interviews!

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Jirre, ek dink Kuif & Baard moet solank op stock op pienk haarkleursel! Laastens maar vir seker nie die minste nie, het ek met Mat van Calling Kingston ge-chat.

Calling Kingston was formed in 2007 and you played the SA circuit for two years but then the band disappeared. What happened, man? Where have you guys been all these years?
Good morning my bruv! Yes, it was an amazing two years! Friendships formed for life! Towards the end of the two years, in a weird kind of way, circumstances in each of the members’ lives caused everyone to need to go in a different direction, personal or professional. So for all intents and purposes, the band never split. We just took a break, a long break. Currently, the other three members have moved far and wide – Garth in Australia, Stav in Europe and Billa in Dullstroom. So when Friso and I bumped into each other at STRAB last year, it was crazy. In fact, it was Friso that said to me: “what the fuck happened man, we should put Calling Kingston back together again!” This made me super happy as it has always been my favourite project. Of course, we needed to fill the line up again and Jonno just happened to be standing next to us. So we looked at him and said “you wanna play bass?”
Boom, basic line up filled.
Awesome! You’ve got two new members in the current line-up ja. Sulke baie Georgiadisse. Looks like you and Friso are enjoying the hell out of jamming with them. Do you two get danger pay to work with Johno and David?
Ha ha, define danger pay?!! Nah, it’s been awesome having them come on board. They truly are filled with the spirit of Calling Kingston. It comes so natural to them. It’s amazing having two members of such a talented family as part of the outfit!

Haha! Your initial sound was a blend of reggae, hip-hop, rock and electronic music. What can we expect from the 2019 line-up in terms of genre and sound?
No change from the genre. After playing our first show in 10 years, we wanted to explore exchanging the electronic sound for a more conventional format and get live drums into the mix. I for one feel that it has improved the product. We are moving more into the realm of Reggae meets hip hop, but I guess there will always be a touch of rock, blues, jazz and in fact anything that lends itself to a song. This is the beauty of having the freedom to write the way we do. But knowing myself and the cats, there will be a dominance of the reggae!

Yes, mon! For now, will you perform more of the old songs or do you have some new material already?
Ah, the pressure question. Yup, sets for the immediate future will be dominated by newer versions of the old songs, but the pen has been busy over the last few months and there are a bunch of new tracks waiting in the wings. We have released our first new track on the world, Mumbo Jumbo which we will be playing.

How the hell do you (Mat) remember all those sick rhymes? I can’t even remember Hansie Slim.
Fuck bro, I don’t even know Hansie Slim!! Um, not sure how to answer the question. I guess when a person has something to say, they have to get it out? I just have a lot of shit to say and little time to say it. The real question isn’t how do I remember the words, it’s how do I remember to breath between all of them?!!!

Haha! Give me one good reason why fans should not miss your show at the Boutique Farm Festival this weekend?
Questions like this make me blush. How do you answer it without sounding like a conceited prick? Let me say it like this: we appreciate it when people stand in front of the stage when we play. There is an energy that is developed when you connect people with music. I suppose it’s like an old school tribal thing? We write our songs with a rhythm and groove that lends itself to dancing, so even if one doesn’t pay attention to the rattling off of lyrics, but embraces the total energy and free themselves, then as a collective we create an environment to be enjoyed. Let’s just have a good time!!

I hope you guys are back for good now. Have you booked other shows already this year?
So do I!! This band is so much fun to be a part of, like I said. We are great friends, no airs and graces! We have a bunch of things lined up. Our manager/booking agent, Jaco Ferreira, is doing such an amazing job that I recon he’s gonna be keeping us busy! We have been booked for STRAB which we’re all super stoked about. Lekke Moz vibes! Keep an eye on our Facebook page and Instagram for other shows coming up.

Love and Respect!

Thanks Mat, same to you and the cats! We’ll boogie on down this weekend!

Ok, dis about dit vir interviews vir hierdie maand! As jy nog nie daaraan gedink het wat om te doen hierdie naweek nie, dan weet jy nou! Die Boutique Farm Festival gaan ‘n moerse jol wees! Gaan check bietjie al die ander name op die bill. Sien julle almal daar!



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