Elf vragies vir Retro Dizzy, die marabse van Hermanus

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Reto Dizzy is ‘n band wat oorspronklik in Hermanus onstaan het en toe Kaap toe getrek het. Amper soos ‘n Amerikaanse tiener van Utah wat die stad se groot liggies in Hollywood gaan soek. Hulle maak ‘n tipe mengsel garage, surf rock en psychedelic musiek. Ons het al oor hulle nuwe album, Creatures of the Black Desert gepraat en vandag gesels ons so bietjie met die brasse.

Introduce us to the okes in your band. Also put down your matric woodworking score.
Richard Liefeldt-Singer, guitarist, maverick – woodwork score 69%
Stuart Dods – Bassist, hype machine, lighting technician – woodwork score- 369%
Nicolaas Rossouw – frums, fokol else. Camel light and Windhoeks are his two best friends – woodwork score – not available

Lekker clever, huh? Tell us a bit about Uncle Dizzy after which your band was named. Do you still see him around? What is the story with this oom?
He is a mountain man. He gives us better life lessons than Dr. Phil:
Number one rule – never get caught.
Number two rule: if caught, deny everything.

OK then… You okes haven’t been around that long. Do you think you had it easy to get onto the music scene? Most bands sweat it out for years before getting gigs and bringing out an album.
The music scene is like a bowl of fruit – you gotta take the apple out if you wanna get the peach.

Apparently you met while surfing and skating. How do you surf and skate at the same time? Isn’t it dangerous to skate in the sea? You know, especially with the sea water fucking up the bearings. Also, wheels won’t turn on the seabed.
Nicolaas is life saver, right? He perfected the art whilst in Vietnam. It took many tequilas and ball rubs. We hit up the Wave Parks, cruising for waves and babes and Nic was handing out brochures teaching people how to surfskate. Ever since that moment our friendship has rocketed through the clouds.
retrodissy rocking the daisiesBack in the day skateboarders and BMX’ers were enemies (in Vereeniging anyway). We don’t have an ocean in Vereeniging but if we did, we (the skateboarders) would probably fight with the surfers too. Do you okes get along or do you fight?
Na na na na na na. Surf and skating is an art form. And we are the painters. Sometimes painters collab, we like to collab.

Why did you name your album Creatures of the Black Desert? You don’t even have a desert in Cape Town.
It was supposed to be ‘Black Dessert’ but Stuart spelled it wrong. Hmm chocolate…

How is the album doing? Lekker sales?
Multi-platinum mate, but we weren’t invited to the SAMA’s because we don’t have nice suits.

You moved from Hermanus to Cape Town. We’ll get to the Cape Town thing later. How many times have any of you okes removed the “M” from the Hermanus sign?
Sixty-nine times.

Which one is more kak than Pretoria? Cape Town or Hermanus?
Pretoria is stink kak except for Finn’s pad.

You had some gigs up here at the Boerewors curtain. Van Coke Kartel is known to sort of enjoy the fans up here a bit more. Like they’re a bit more mental and into it. How did you experience the Gauteng crowd versus the crowd back home?
The boerewors what? Gauteng crowds are sick, they throw meat and brandy at us. We love you, San Francisco!

What are your plans for the next four months? Any tours, gigs or a new album?
Possible all three or none of the above. We are bringing out a new album sometime this year and trying to organise a tour to the Middle East. Like our moms, the Black Lip’s, before us. We want to play all the festivals and get nice suits to collect our awards at the SAMA’s this year.

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griffinElf vragies vir Retro Dizzy, die marabse van Hermanus