Naming James. Fokken smart-ass.

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Ons verkies dit actually om met smart-asses te werk. Naming James is ‘n fokken smart-ass. Hierdie is moontlik die kortste interview ooit op Watkykjy. Geniet.

You guys have a pretty eclectic sound. How would you classify you’re style in contemporary terms in our Music industry and why?
Our music style far exceeds the style we apply to our appearance and hair.

Given the unique style of music you make, who would you site as your major influences.
G major, C major and sometimes A minor, but it’s all relative.

We’ve seen you guys play full band for massive crowds, or stripped down for more intimate shows. What are, for you, the pros and cons of playing both these sort of gigs?
The pros and cons remain basically similar for both incantations of the Naming James line-up…. Whether we are getting paid or not.

You’ve played far and wide over the Country. Where have some of your most memorable shows taken place, and with which other artists have your enjoyed working with most?
Some of the best memories and gigs have actually happened off the stage, far later than any sane person would be awake, and made by people who can’t play instruments.

What’s it like for an independent band, such as yourselves, in a local music industry which seems main stream driven?
We don’t do as many interviews.

With regards to 2014 in retrospect, was this a good year for Naming James?
It was a great year for Naming James as we released our second full length album which we are incredibly proud of, and a terrible year for our finances as we attempted to pay in full, at length, for said album.

What does 2015 hold for your fans?
More string-breaking, foot tapping, soul shaking shows from your favourite jesters of jolliness.

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griffinNaming James. Fokken smart-ass.