What the fuck is wrong with you Dutchmen?

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By Mister Shaun

Ah, the mighty Dutchman, profoundly expressing his rock-spider mentality to all who will listen and often to those who won't. And luister boet, you will fokken listen to him or he will fokken take this right outside Presley's and fuck you up. Doos.

Seriously? The only thing I want to take outside at Presley's is a pretty plaasmeisie with big brown doe-eyes. And I want to take her outside so I can take her home to my bed, to caress her lovingly with my tender touch, not to drag my soft manicured hands apelike through the dusty gravel parking-lot in a primitive display of physical competition that I will absolutely lose. (Lose, not loose, please!) A lot of you guys need to work on a few things. I thought I'd extrapolate on this a little further in this guest post.
Now I don't think for one minute I'm better than you just 'cos I can spell English words a little faster, no way. Julle ouens is fokken slim en fokken skerp. But for fuck's sake (not fucksakes) you can tolerate some stupid shit.

Don't get me wrong okes, I dig Afrikaans. Most of my mates are Afrikaans speaking – although they tend to speak English a hell of a lot more fluent and with less of an accent than I can speak Afrikaans. I've had my fair share of relationships with Afrikaans meisies, and yes, I will have another one again no doubt. Those women are top of the pile, boet. I've also got this chommie who runs the most popular Afrikaans blog – the one you're on right now. I live in the Moot, pappie, and when it is braai time, Afrikaans people turn to me, the soutie from Benoni, to sizzle those steaks to a perfect medium-rare. Every time, bra. I vloek more in Afrikaans than English, because, because it's poes lekker. I'll go so far as to say I personally think Chris Chameleon's reinterpretation of Ingrid Jonker's poetry is some of the most beautiful music ever made by a South African, with some of the most profound lyrical imagery in existence. I own the Volkleur DVD and watch it regularly, because it is simply excellent.

Take Bitterbessie dagbreek –
" 'n spieël het gebreek
Tussen my en haar
Soek ek na die grootpad
Om daarlangs te draf
Oral draai die paadjies
Van haar woorde af"

Like fucken' wow, dude! That shit is Profound (note the capital P). Love it. I'm not kidding. This is something Dutchmen can be proud of.
Even the Jack Parows and Fokofpolisiekar's have provided hours of auditory enjoyment, and often a lekker big party, party, paaahtie!

But I have a burning question for you often cultured, happy, smart, guturally-enhanced motherfuckers that I just can't reconcile.
Play this YouTube clip now, you only need to listen to 58 seconds, I promise:

Did you see what they do at 00:55?
'Fee fi Fo fum
something something gaan jou vang
Seriously? SRSLY? What the fuck is that and why do you allow that shit to happen? It's not even funny.
Now take a look at this. Watch the whole thing. Die hele fokken ding, asseblief. 
There's a specific moment in this song where my body actually went into convulsions as I retched.

My best literal translation which I think gives way more credit than due, is:
"Listen to the silence raging when you sing."
Yes, of course there's a raging silence when you sing because everyone sprinted out of the fucking room!

You should be chasing these people away with your shotguns and tearing down their posters, boycotting their stages if they so much as threaten a performance. There should be a ban on anyone like that coming near a mixing desk or a microphone or a vocoder. Clearly they're *only* doing music to make money, which is to say, to take money away from you guys, and apparently it really fucking works! Hoor jy? Dit fokken werk. Hulle kry jou geld vir daai shit, bra. Dis fokken mal. Rook julle almal fokken aaptwak?

And now, please allow me to discuss what is happening in this next picture:
What we have here is a classic case of English speaking people trying to take the mickey out of Afrikaans people.
If you don't understand the phrase "taking the mickey" (no biggie) – the best I've got is hulle "vat jou vir 'n ride".
While the website is deviously named "idesignclothing", that is simply the most malevolent use of the word "design" ever. Tricky to spot, I know, but the clothing on offer has no "design" component. Punt.
And worse, it gets sold to you as a "Lounge Shirt Collection". They could have at least called it "clothing to be worn only in the bush when nobody sees you and you've absolutely run out of naked skin".
Daardie treurige blonde-kuif outjie daar bo herinner my aan Sawyer. En Sawyer was moereva fokken Lost.
Get the hint? Picture the, likely English, advertisers: "Let's make the laaitie look poes lost like Sawyer from Lost, cos nobody in their right mind would ever commit that fashion faux-pas. Bazinga!"
sawyer from Lost
Don't buy it. Don't wear it. Don't gift it. Don't laugh at it. Hang your head in shame and cry at the humiliating completion of the fashion stereotypification of the Afrikaner nation.
At least Sawyer was in a happy place and could score a chick.

And cars. Ai, nee, jissie bra.
If "an Englishman's home is his castle" then similarly "a Dutchman's wheels is his Stock Car."
To get us safely through this multi-page topic I'm going to simply pose a question or two about the practice of vehicular enhancement that plagues the Afrikaans speaking nation so desperately.
Hint: If you don't answer YES, you don't qualify for the upgrade.

Is it an after-market spoiler?
Do you drive on a racetrack every day?
Mag wheels and low profile tyres:
Are the mag wheels after market?
Are the tyres Pirelli?
Do you drive on a racetrack every day?
low profile
Did you purchase the car with the subwoofer and the amp?
Did you purchase the car with two batteries?
Will you ever have to put anything larger than a packet of effies and a bottle of brannas in the boot?
Did you purchase the car with the branches and pipe?
Do you own a large number of shares in an petrol-producing company?
Do you drive on a racetrack every day?
Blue or Purple LED Lights external to the vehicle:
Are you a poes?
You see, here's the deal. Auto-manufacturers spend millions of Dollars designing interiors and testing those cars to a certain spec. You're not spending a million Dollars on whatever you are doing to the car, so you don't get to redesign the car. Leave it be. Spend the money on a nice dinner date with the missus and a good quality component hi-fi system with a turntable. Or buy some Unit Trusts. That will get you more status than winning all the races down Voortrekker street every Saturday for a year can get you.

Look, bra, I can't tell you what to do, but I don't want you to be judged by those around you on appearances alone. I can only hope for you to try make more informed decisions. At least meet me half way, boet?

It's tough to love you okes, but I try. Please explain why you do all this shit?

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Watkykertjie bydraeWhat the fuck is wrong with you Dutchmen?


  1. GERT

    Ha ha ha on the spot ''soutie'' altough i am afrikaans speaking myself you have got it right,maybe it is the hottentots holland lingering in us…………………………………………….

  2. Belhamel

    Jissis Soutpiel ek stem 100% saam.
    Dit pla n man ook om alewig hierdie Siener van Rensburg vibes ook te hoor. Die saamstaan brigade. Dit was alles verniet. Die nag van die lang messe. Die rooi en swart gevaar. Daai shit.
    Die ander probleem is hulle gebruik juis daai girls met daai bokkie oe in hulle videos. Fok my maat – hulle lyk fokken lekker terwyl ou binnebrander daar grom oor Sandra Prinsloo.  Miskien moet hulle daai sharrap video meer ernstig opvat en hulle bepaal by hulle tiete. 
    Jy is ook reg oor n paar goeie SA kunstenaars soos Chris Chameleon. Diep shit man. Dink ook aan Jan Blohm. Rock & Roll balades op sy beste. 
    Well spoken Sir. Hoop n paar mense neem notisie. 

  3. Rum Pram

    "Please explain why you do all this shit?"
    Een Drie Vier woorde: Want dis fokken ZEF!

  4. Peester

    Fokken soutpiel moenie my en my volk hier kom tune nie! Laat ek liewers nie julle klomp hans kakies begin sleg se nie.

  5. Jagse Karel

    Jy is reg oor een ding, ons kan hard bliksem so moenie dat ek jou in regte lewe ontmoet nie.

  6. griffin

    Hy is oor baie dinge reg. Hy het ook vergeet om mense soos joune se mentality uit te lig – bliksem ‘n ding reg. Van ‘n kar tot ‘n vrou. Right?

  7. Juan Luv

    Spot on! Wat van n paar tips vir die soutie oaks?

  8. David

    Hehehe nie almal van ons bliksem ons karre nie

  9. gauge12

    Well said soutie. Maar kan ek net las dat as jy vir my BOET se dan dink ek dadelik jy is n POES! As jy vir my se boet, dan dink ek jy is n doos. Weet nie waar julle fokken ingelse daaraan gekom het om te se boet nie, maar fok weet dit is tos. Is dit die enigste afrikaanse woord wat jy actually kan behoorlik uitspreek?

  10. ppip

    Ek kon dit nie eers in Afrikaans beter gestel het nie.
    Fok 90% van my afrikaanse "broers". Julle verdien julleself.

  11. Umfanawani

    Soos hulle tune – where there's a rock, there's a spider.
    Hou die Daspoort tonnel toe dan is daar dalk minder van hierdie kak.
    Dis nie zef nie – dis plain faktap.

  12. rooies

    Ons almal is goed bewus van die kwaliteit van sekere Suid afrikaanse sangers. daars geen rede om ons elke tweede post daaraan te herinner nie. Laai eerder die goeies op as om fun te maak van die slegtes. 

  13. Evert

    Jy rev 'n kar reg, almal weet dit.
    Hoeveel keer moet mens nog onverskoning vra vir die musiek??!! Dis nie asof ek dit ook fokken like nie, any case, as jy by plekke uithang wat sulke kak musiek speel is die kanse goed daar gaan na 02:00 'n fight in die parking area wees.
    Vir meeste boere en plaas voormanne wat hul sout werd is, is daai '2 tone' al klere wat hul dra. Hulle het nie tyd en lus vir rondfok in winkels nie en dis al wat die kooperasie verkoop. Los hulle net, jy gaan hulle nie kan verander nie.
    Die kar storie, almal het hulle tappits : waarde van jou kar gedeel deur die waarde van jou tyres + rims + sound system is fyn gekoppel aan hoe tappit jy is. Hoe laer, hoe meer tappit, maak maar self jou somme.

  14. Rooikop

    Gaan weg rooinek – vat jou en en jou ingelse maatjies saam en gaan speel met julle kwien en haar kinders.

  15. Chopper Charlie

    Lekker Shaunie, mah BOYYYY! The ou's don't schmaak it when you tune them straight hey? At least you're picking up what you're putting down hey? BOYTJIEEEEE!

  16. Renior

    It seems stupendously obvious that all these volk and your parents must haveen related. Before marriage. You get me? Boet?

  17. Nina

    @Umfanawani – jy weet die Daspoorttonnel loop Noord-Suid, en nie Oos-Wes nie, nè? Hulle moet dalk eerder Van der Hoff-weg toemaak…
    En 'n klomp mense Noord van die Magaliesberg is ook maar lékker zef – gaan hang bietjie in Kolonnade rond…

  18. Kane

    Fokit, lyk my ons sal maar nooit oor die weg kom met mekaar nie… Rainbow nation se poes

  19. Pieter B Neveling

    Haha bewys Peester sommer die ou reg! Ek is Afrikaans! Jy kry tappid mense in elke taal maar fok weet n afrikaanse ou kan n regte dam duiker wees na n brannas en coke! Sad and true!

  20. Willem Wikkelspies

    Ek stem saam met meeste van Soutie se stellings. Die hele twotone hemp kak. Dra dit as jy gaan trekker ry of so iets. Dan daai downforce, sit dit op as jy dit actually gaan gebruik. Dit dien wel 'n doel om jou agter wielle op die pad te hou. So lees die handleiding wat saam gekom het om dit reg te gebruik. Maar as jy dit by die vlooimark moet loop koop dan moet jy maar vat wat jou kant toe kom. Ek ook ous as jy nie wil lyk of jy van boksburg kom nie, moennie alles fokken chrome wat metaal is op jou kar, beld buckle en daai ketting aan jou wallet nie.. 

  21. tracy

    well said soutie and I am proudly Irish South African… I dont know when last I had such a good laugh. cant wait to hear (read) more from you. … lekker braai engels is kwaai …..

  22. Ouboet

    Mooi gese soutballas…..
    Ek wens ook daai kak songs kan fokof want dit laat ons mense soos werf etters lyk. 

  23. Annerman

    Jislaaik, kom ons fok daai soutie nou mooi op voor hy praat oor ons liefde vir die "original sin" soos INXS oor daai "plesiertjie" sing. Moot toe pappie, laaste een in sy drie liter is 'n eier!
    Seriously, as jou gestel sterk is luister asb. na Sandra Pinsloo so op 1.27 – dit klink of Elvis se poes seun, die volgende sing ……"maar my piel moet glad nie vries, sal jy my Sandra Prinsloo wees" Of hoe? (Ek is eintlik skaam om te erken ek het so ver geluister!)

  24. EKKE

    Griffin, moenie vir my vertel jy het nooit na skool gou gaan help om 'n paar ingelmanne daar by gereral sluts te gaan moer nie, snaaks genoeg was net 'n handjie vol dutchmen genoeg om daai job te doen. Soos 'n clucth gemaak is om getrap te word, is 'n ingelsman gemaak om gebliksem te word. Dis die arogantste poes goed op die planeet. Die Aussies is direkte afstammelinge van die Britte en hulle kan nie eers die veretterlike poeste verdra nie.

  25. griffin

    Nope. In fact, ek was tjommies met hulle.

  26. Prof. Bokdrol

    Dear Mister Shaun,
    May I first of all commend you on a most excellent contribution to one of my favourite Websites. Nie te sleg vir 'n Soutpiel nie – now you just have to gain the confidence to write a post in Afreakaans (as per my "school bus" tale below) and at the next dice in Voortrekkerstraat we'll let you win as a token of our appreciation. Ek fokken sweer.
    The word "Dutchman" brings back such terrifying, yet fond, memories. You see, I grew up in Durbs in the late 60's, through the 70's and finally the early 80's in what was in those days the Afrikaner ghetto known as the Bluff, within smelling distance of that Engen oil refinery in the South Durban Basin that would make Fukushima jealous. Today, Wentworth and Fynnland, alas, have no connection with the 70's and 80's anymore – in 2014, it's more like the 26's and 28's.
    My childhood in Durbs probably explains why I have been served with restraining orders from organisations as diverse as the Marifont Haven for Unwed Mothers, the Pretoria Boys High U18 rugby team, and the NG Kerk across the street – not to mention the Jehovah's Witnesses and the SPCA. All of them of course for very different, very easily explainable reasons, Your Honour. Just in case any of you were wondering.
    But we digress.
    Life certainly toughens one the fuck up. As a bleeksiel snotkop nerdy Std. 6 kid of 13, wiff thick glasses and pimples, it was always quite daunting getting onto the schoolbus in your Dirkie Uys Hoërskool uniform, all alone, wiff your blazer full of embroidered laurel leafs (yes, the spelling is indeed correct – even the great Greta Garbo once said, just before she bliksemed out of a tree, "Just leaf me alone…") and your leertassie full of Maths and Physics homework, while a whole team of bad-ass Grosvenor Boys High rugger bugger okes were sitting at the back of the schoolbus in a cloud of Lexington smoke shouting "Dutchman" and "rock spider" and "hairyback" at you – in their tight lirrel sweaty rugby practice shorts, all wide-legged at the back of the bus; their man-parts barely hidden and a bulge as big as if they've stuffed a rugby ball down their onnerbroeks, supremely confident in their emerging post-pubescent masculine hotness (mostly because the average Bluff Scruff Matric pupil was roundabout 20 at the time) while suggestively stroking their wedding vegetables and…
    But we digress again.
    My point, e-fucking-ventually, is that: some of those Grosvenor Boys High okes are flipping burgers at McDonalds today. Some of them are watching cars and sleeping on the pavement. And others are driving Rolls Royces and living in Mayfair (as in Mayfair, London – not Mayfair, Joburg.) Some Dutchmen are standing at robots with hand-written cardboard signs and pulling that "Ag meneer, verskoon tog…" bullshit, and some others (the names Douw Steyn and Koos Bekker and Whitey…snork snork…Basson come to mind) are not quite in the same league. So we all are what we is. Unless you sing like a doos. In which case it is a great pity that your ouma dirrent bliksem off the edge all those centuries ago when they came kaalvoet over the Drakensberg.
    With kind regards,
    Prof. Bokdrol.

  27. Johan

    Fokken soutpiel. Help nie jy skeer die hele afrikaanse nasie onder een skêr saam met die tappits nie. As jy so graag gehoor wil word doen dit iewers anders. hier gaan jy net mense meer de moer in maak vir julle souties. Stem saam oor die 'boet' post, jys nie familie van ons nie, so gaan boet jou eie broer. 

  28. Compost_Mentis

    LMGA…. dis net die Rooinekkies in Suid Afrika wat dink hulle is beter as ander. Ek sal jou maar 'n paar rand sponsor dat jy die common goed in die UK ook kan gaan uitcheck. Moenie glo wat jou ma en pa jou vertel van "Home"nie. Die armsalige bleeksiele wat daar uithang …. 5 kids en 'n council house… te lui om te werk. Nee man Griffin. Dis mos 'n ongeskrewe reël dat net een van jou eie soort jou naam kan poes maak. As iemand anders dit doen grens dit aan die groot R woord.  Jy moes dit onder jou naam gedoen het, dan kon jy een gepublish het onder sy naam oor die Souties. Dan was dit snaaks… nou is dit stereotipering… ja soek dit op. Verder nice blog en so aan.

  29. speensalf

    Goeie donnner maar die brannas vloeie so dik soos tandepasta in party van my volksgenote se are….. Nee wat…die fokken Kommin goed is die enigstes wat aanstooot neem. Hulle kan ok lekker saam met hulle benoni boytjies gaan saam rev op Dunswart. Bou nou 'n nasie met so 'n volk soos ons lot Afrikaners…. nee hel ek gee ook op…

  30. Sluimpies

    Soos mens van die comments kan aflui, is dit eintlik net Tswhanaaiers (Pretoriaaners) wat ons Afrikaners na totale ape laat lyk.
    You should rather ask whats wrong with the Dutchman from Tswhane?
    Pretoria is die Jurie Els van Suid Afrikaanse stede. 

  31. PhantomFapper

    Jissaaaaaaas, maar ons is fokken sensitief.
    AS jou egotjie so klein is dat jy nie eers 'n mooi satiriese storie oor jou "kultuur" kan hanteer nie, hoort jy eintlik nie op watkykjy nie. Hierdie site is juis hier oor ons daarvan hou om vir werfetters soos julle te lag. En vir onself ook.  As daai skoentjie pas dra hom pappa. Haal hom eers uit die soutie se hol uit na jy hom daarin geskop het.
    Fok weet, ek het in Brakpan groot geword, en ek vat nie eers die kak kop toe nie. Ek en my een pêl het altyd na skool winkel toe geloop met 'n kas Black Labels Empties sodat ons vir die kinders in die huis kon brood en eiers koop. As iemand sensitief is moet wees, is dit ek.
    EK het in die hoofstad van boodspoilers, sound systems en sussie naai op die maat van kak musiek groot geword, en my uitkyk op die lewe het so verbeter na ek pretoria toe getrek het. 15 jaar later en ek is nou èèrs Zef. Alles te danke aan Snor City.
    Jy verstaan nie hoe bly was ek toe ek by Kolonade vlooimark laasweek daai winkel ontdek het wat "Dutchman Starter packs" verkoop nie. Ja, jy weet watter een ek van praat. Daai ene waar jy Two Tone hemde met vellies, blou wolkouse, en klein rugby broekies kan saam koop in 'n pakkie. Dan kry jy 'n fokken staal kam verniet. Alles vir R250-00.
    So anyhoo… Julle dudes wat alles so wil bliksem kan nie eers suiker oor pap bliksem nie man.
    Kalmeer, haal diep asem , lees weer die storie met 'n losser rugby broekie aan, en dan lag jy lekker saam ons.

  32. Beertjie se Boykie

    ..daars net een ding wat ek meer haat as 'n Vermetele Geopineerde Soutpiel – en dis die Tipe Afrikaners waarvan hy praat…

  33. Cala

    First of all – if you want to use big words to sound more intelligent, try and use them in the right context next time…
    Also – you might be suffering of a little sickness called generalisation as your only exposure to "dutchmen" seems to be limited to the hole that you live in. Get some perspective.

  34. Kapt Sardijn

    Jissis tog nie nog n fokking dom soutie naai met n minderwaardigheids-kompleks wat nou kom trawl vir n ego-boost om sy rou slappiel gevoelens te lawe nie. Kyk, dis geen fokken geheim dat daar heelwat tappets in Snor City en die Kaap se Noordelike Voorstede is wat kak musiek luister en die verstandelike vermoeëns van die amoeba het nie maar die fok alleen weet die Rooinek is net so vertraag wanneer hy die dag lus het.
    Tappet-kultuur is internasionaal, jy kry hulle in elke beskawing in elke nasie, in elke kleur, geur, geloof en taalgroep. Daar's geen verskil tussen n poes wat na Lady Gaga luister en een wat na Bles Bridges luister nie. Albei benodig kastrasie om sodoende n einde aan die meedoënlose kulturele terreur te bring. Allah Akbar jou poes.

  35. Die Soutpiel van Boksburg

    I enjoyed this comment. I am a English speaking “Potgieter” from Boksburg and I remember my childhood very well. As I walked through the streets of Van Dyk Park you could not even look at the Dutchmen because they would shout across the street like ARABS (the Lebs from Benoni) and ask, “Wat kyk jy soutpiel”. If there was not an answer quick enough, these boys (twice your age) would come across and knock your lights out. One could not even live in the same street as these people because as usual they thought they owned and ruled everything. Instead they lost everything. The normal route of a Dutchman was either the railways, the police or the military and very few woke up and became what they were in Europe. They came here and became cult rednecks, thinking that they are “God’s chosen” akin to the Jews. They were a cult all along. When I read my Bible it says that whoever says that he loves God but he hates his brother, they are liars. So here you have about 3,000,000 Afrikaans rednecks keeping a NP Government in power to keep the black man enslaved. Their rituals are simple. They stand around a braai with their dop and they fight to have the best cock on the block. They are still like that. The Dutch women are like political hags in the workplace, they play games, and their young girls are as loose as whores in the malls. They just know how to talk big and honestly, they are hypocrites. They ARE NOT Christians like they want us all to believe. They are loose, and they can not stand together (maybe at a braai but that is about it). They hate whoever is not Afrikaans. They beat on defenceless people, or people smaller than them, and they are just a menace to society. I have no respect for them, but can they earn respect when they had no respect for blacks, for jews or for the English? They run for the door at 17h00 after work. At work they are so unskilled and insecure. They fight politics in the workplace and their scum pulls together in the workplace like arabs pull together in the middle east. I do not like them at all. I am 3/4 Afrikaans but went to an English school. There was a distinct difference between how these Dutchmen were brought up and how the English were brought up. These are worse than the uncivilised blacks because while they were civilised they condescended to everyone else as if they are a “godly nation”. There is nothing godly about them. They are the biggest manipulators, intimidators, drinkers, and their daughters are as loose as broken chains. Their sons have no respect for other people. The Afrikaans are a rotting dying people. They have no manners. They have no etiquette and they JUST CAN NOT BE CORRECTED. THEY ARE LIKE MAGGOTS! THEY FEAST ON CRAP! They are the cause of many problems in this nation. And now Jewish, English and all other white children are being polarized because of what AFRIKAANS SPEAKING people did in this nation (which I saw with my own eyes). I remember those Dutchmen cops. I remember what they did to the blacks! These AFRIKAANS DUTCH PROUD BIG-MOUTHED DRUNK DIRTY ASSED PEOPLE must GO BACK to the Netherlands! ALL OF THEM!

  36. Belhamel

    Jissis maar kyk nou net hoe stort mamma se soutpielletjie sy hart hier uit. Smaak my hy is inderdaad hard gepoes daar langs Boksburg se sypaaitjies…

    Ek fokken haat stereotipering met n passie. So asof ek nou elke engelsman moet behandel asof hy konsentrasiekampe goedgekeur het. En asof elke Afrikaner nou godbefok is. Elke man vir homself boet.

  37. Eben

    Soutie! Moet asb nie jou minderwaardige kennis hier kom uitstal nie. Dink jy vir een oomblik ons glo al die bog wat jy kwytraak? Kom ek help jou bietjie reg. Afrikaners kom NIE net uit Holland uit nie. Was jy in die klein klassie op skool? Hoekom gesels jy nie oor die kolonisasie-beleid van Brittanje nie? Hoekom praat jy nie oor konsentrasiekampe nie? Waar kom jy aan die woord Afrikaans redneck? Is jy net oningelig of bloot onnosel. Weet jy, ek dink nie ek moet my verwerdig om verder met jou te gesels nie.

  38. Soutpiel van Boksburg

    Afrikaaners have no respect for anyone, so why should we have respect for them? Pull down their monument!

  39. FiEliEs

    Mister Shaun, thank you for your comments. I find it very amusing and can laugh with you at the stupidity of SOME of our Afrikaner volk.

    The funding for these sub standard, poorly directed and simply fucked up musicals and video clips you have posted must be coming from the same portion of our nation. I apologise for shit like this seeing the light of day…..never mind the internet or a production house. Unfortunately the standard for most Afrikaans productions has been very poor during the last couple of years. Simply put if you can recite two or three lines and appear briefly on a series like Egoli (because your mother had an affair with someone on set) you are a star! I hang my head in shame to think that WE ( the broader Afrikaner nation) have made someone like Durt Karren and Izak Effel successful as “entertainers”. I however am proud to say that we have actual talent in the form of classical arts but the market for us is very limited. Don’t give up on us yet as someday the tannies from the north in Pretoria will not be the ONLY factor when it comes to commercialising our language. Fok ek hou nie van die tannies met hul fokken pers kapspel nie! Liewe fok!

    @Die soutpiel van boksburg. Please read the following articles. All of them. The English had a part to play. I will not take waste my time debating with someone of your uninformed calibre.


    You can also have a look at : (You are CURRENTLY experiencing some interesting changes in prejudice in your “home” country.)


    And then finally your (British) history of racism explained : (Your nation also made blacks wear colour belts, they were slaves, they were not allowed enter certain areas…..did you forget about the lucrative slave trade of the Brittish?! Only black and indian people were MADE slaves!) YES I AM REFERRING TO HISTORY AS THIS IS THE BASIS ON WHICH YOU MADE YOUR COMMENTS


    Moenie klippe gooi as jy in n glas huis bly nie….poes! (comment has nothing to do with your colour or language, but everything to do with your mentality)

    Soutpiel van boksburg. Please reply to my comment as I would like to see your response.

  40. Fiela se fokken kind

    Ja ag ok tog I is just bort sitting here at home hey. I’ll kontinue with the dishes now now!
    OK so ek het ok in Pik Botha se tagtigs groot geword. Was in 1980 in st. 1, daar in die Wes Transvaal.
    En om die waarheid te se, looking back, nee gots mense daar is baie min goeie of positiewe dinge wat ek onthou van way back then.
    Ja ek is in die mid-nineties Engeland toe, en toe Amerika toe en nog steeds hier.
    Het lank laas gaan kuier, ok nie meer rerig a rede om te nie.
    Die een ding wat ek goed onthou was die lyfstraf. Die rottangs en planke wat die onnies gehad het.
    Kyk jy kan nou maar debateer hoeveel jy wil maar mens slaan nie so aan a kind nie.
    Ek onthou nog in st. 6 het die matrieks in die koshuis besluit om a party te gooi, en besluit om ons sommer te ontgroen dieselle tyd. Om n lang storie kort te maak. Toe word hulle gemoer en al die wat ontgroen is ok. Ses van die bestes. Toe my pa my gat sien wou hy die polisie bel en die onnie gaan bliksem. Gots dit was nag. Anyway fok die details.
    Jy kan probeer argue dat lyfstraf a goeie ding was, dat vandag se kinders minder gehoorsaam is en minder respek het vir ouer mense.
    Dis tos my ou.
    Gehoorsaamheid het fokkol te doen met lyfstraf nie – dis purely fear daai.
    En dit was absoluut wat die tagtigs was, fear. That’s how they ruled my ou.
    En anyway respek is iets wat n kind by sy ouers leer. Kak ouers is kak ouers.
    Jissie maar ek gebruik baie die woord kak. Want ek mag.
    Die tagtigs in SA was kak.
    As jy poes ryk was maybe was dit oraait, as jy nie so gelukkig was nie was dit kak. Nothing else. Kak.
    En die early nineties was net so kak.
    En toe die hele ou Mandela ding gebeur en jy begin wit mense kry wat kak kwytraak soos “haai Sanna jissie ek wens SO ek was deel van die struggle” wil ek iets fokken oorkom. Rerig? Deel van die struggle. Watse fokken struggle? Verduidelik ag asb. Jou ignorant rafelkie kakpapier wat aan my riem gerukte voelkop vas plak.
    Die manne wat so moun oor die kak van SA, especially die tagtigs. I hear you.
    Ek stem nie heeltemal saam nie maar I hear you.
    Ek is nie a soutie nie, ek is a volbloed Afrikaner en ek is so fokken common as wat jy kry.
    Ek het my gat afgewerk en myself verbeter, vandag is ek poes suksesvol en redelik happy.
    SA is a shithole. Maar dis sekerlik een van die mooiste shitholes in die wereld.
    Mis ek dit? Nie rerig nie. Dis maar net nog a plek.
    Wens ek dit was iets anders? Nie rerig nie, what’s the point?
    Dink ek terug aan lank terug? Poes baie.
    Praat ek nog Afrikaans. Ek skiem ek gooi hom nog sterk en gots water sal mos maar oor gots akker loop.
    Het ek rerig a punt gehad? Nee.
    Maar net gedog ek sal tipes Afrieks wees, full of it, baie blaf and no real cuntent worth speaking of.
    It is what it is my ou.

  41. Soutpiel Van Boksburg

    FiEliEs, first of all, I am 3/4 Afrikaans. I don’t have to answer for what the British did and I am not responsible for what the British did. They brought their Freemasons here, and the Afrikaans Broedbond trained under Aryan philosophy (through Hendrik Verwoerd who studied in Germany) just simply bowed to the Freemasons. That is why the Parliament building is on FREEMSAON PROPERTY!

    I do however speak about the AFRIKAANS PEOPLE here today! They still don’t have respect for anything other than Afrikaans speaking people, and yes, I will generalise, because in 20 years they have done NOTHING for reconciliation! NOTHING!

    So, don’t come with your finger pointing agenda, when the Afrikaans NP supporting people just carried out the British mandate that started with the Apartheid laws when the British brought the Indians here to work their sugar fields.

    Oh sure, go and blame the ‘English man’ for what the British did here during the 1900’s. Sure. Good of you! It would be like me blaming the Afrikaans man for how he rejected all the Christian missionaries within the Dutch Colony!




  42. FiEliEs

    3/4 afrikaans? how the fuck do you get to that firstly. NP, broederbond, dutch and freemasons in dieselfde kraal. fok boet watter boeke lees jy?! next you’ll tell me that the ANC was started by fuckin fairies. you keep referring to the dutch….my family came from france! maar ek is dankbaar ek is afrikaans. and no, i am not a racist. i simply know the difference between a cultured human being and someone who isn’t.

  43. Belhamel

    My got Soutpielletjie! Alle Suid-Afrikaners is nie diefokkenselfde nie.

    Fok godsdiens
    Fok die groep/skaap mentaliteit
    Fok rasisme
    Fok die Broederbond
    Fok mense wat niks vir ons land doen nie

    Hoe is daai vir Afrikaner?

    Snaaks hoe ek met die skrywer van die brief saamstem, maar nie met jou nie?

    O ja en fok jou ook.

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