Press release: Guma lus om Kings te sponsor

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Following recent media speculation, Robert Gumede and Ivor Ichikowitz confirm that they have been in discussions for a number of months with the Kings Rugby Franchise in the Eastern Cape.

After the withdrawal from the Lions transaction, it was stated that it did not mean an exit from the sport, but rather a drive to find partners who share a joint vision for true transformation. Gumede and Ichikowitz are still of the opinion that rugby has for far too long placed a veneer on the real issues, and that their experience at the Lions, and with the equity partner, was an example of this.

Says Ichikowitz: "We are committed to supporting the Kings Rugby Franchise, provided SARU places them in a position where they are able to compete in Super Rugby and it is not simply a one year token participation. It is our belief that the Kings have waited long enough and are more than deserving to be given the opportunity to participate in Super Rugby. "If we take this forward, we plan to put in place a high performance structure focused on developing inherent local talent from the villages and townships. There are substantial amount of players participating in Super Rugby that come from the Eastern Cape, it is a shame that they have been forced to ply their trade elsewhere. This team needs the opportunity to demonstrate their potential. We intend to provide this for them." says Gumede

The delay in a definitive solution, possible equity partners, clarity on the guaranteed length of participation in Super Rugby for the Kings and a firm long term commitment to the franchise has created a situation of doubt. They want the Kings to be treated in the same way as all the current five Super Rugby Teams who have been given this status despite poor year on year performance. The delay to finalise 2013 and the pending Kings inclusion is creating frustration and putting the Kings in a situation where they may not have enough time to secure quality players and sponsors. "The value of an investment is in the quality of players attracted to the team. One cannot build an elite performance team with contract players entering retirement," says Gumede. "As equity partners, we hope to attract players who are playing on merit for other franchises to come back to their home team and are committed to supplementing them with South African and international Marquee players. To achieve this, we would need to be able to offer long term contracts. “We urge SARU to be decisive on this matter so that we can make a long term commitment. The Kings matter has been postponed from 2005 to date. Let’s stop playing with careers, we all need the clarity. Our condition to invest in the Kings is inter alia that they be guaranteed Super Rugby Status at least until 2015 when the SANZAR contract ends – anything short of this will be to the benefit of no one." says Gumede.

Adds Gumede: “The loyalty and commitment of the players, rugby supporters in SA and on the continent and people of the Eastern Cape should be rewarded with a Franchise from 2013 that has guaranteed long term participation. This will enable us to put in place a High Performance Academy and proper structures, placing the Kings in a position to make their mark on the South African rugby landscape.

The administration of the Kings, the PE municipality, the EC Provincial Government and sponsors should be complimented on their commitment and their drive to get the team acknowledged at a national and international level. They are an example for all the sporting codes in South Africa. “Lessons were learned from the Lions – we signed up marquee players and had lined up the likes of Majati, Steyn, Beast and had a good young talented team plus a great coach.

The fact that the Lions won the Currie Cup during a World Cup Year must have demonstrated the short term impact that we had and how the management without our support destroyed the value that was built by not investing in more experience and top-drawer players. We will not allow this to happen to the Kings -they need shareholders who can inject the much needed cash to lure top players and professional business savvy management. “Both Robert and I have always been committed to driving true transformation in rugby as a sport that belongs to the people of South Africa. Together, we can develop a team based on merit and where performance is the key deciding factor – a team that embraces all the principles of transformation,” concludes Ichikowitz.

Timing around the finalisation of the deal will fall in line with decisions taken at SARU level with regards to the long term structure of Super Rugby.

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griffinPress release: Guma lus om Kings te sponsor


  1. Evert

    Man, hy kan my stink piel kom suig.
    Dis fokkol oor ontwikkeling en daai kak nie, hy het geweet die Kings gaan Super Rugby speel en die Lions is die span wat gaan kak.
    Nou maak hy asof dit hulle geld was wat die Currie Cup gewen het! Eerder John Mitchell se genius, spelers wat bo hulle vermoe speel en die World Cup in die middel van alles. Al "name" wie daar was is has-been Butch en Waylon Murray wat in any case nie meer span kry nie. Die Lions het soveel skuld(gehad) hulle weet nie hoe hulle dit het nie. Se eerder dankie vir MTN wat nog deur al die tyd by hulle staan.
    Nou gaan die paar goeie manne van die Lions net vir die Kings Super Rugby speel. Die Kings kan nie eers die Currie Cup se 2de divisie wen nie. Laasjaar was dit Boland en die jaar voor dit SWD.
    Na dit alles, hoop ek regtig die Kings doen goed.

  2. Prof. Bokdrol

    Niks met politiek te doen nie, ek is polities redelik liberaal en dit het guts gevat om te doen wat hy gedoen het in die 70's maar solank daai asshole van 'n Cheeky Watson deel is van die setup hoop ek hulle verloor elke game in hulle blinkblou fok in. En daai ander twee wat die show wil koop is nog erger – nice versameling konte op 'n hoop wat die Kings vir hulleself daar opbou.

  3. Stovie

    Ek sit hier in die Ooste en kyk 'n Aussie Rules game op Australian Channel – en daar is 81 000 mense by die game.
    Ek wonder hoeveel mense gaan in PE, Zwelitsha en Peddie opdaag om hierdie klomp wetters te sien speel? Talent in die villages and townships, my gat man. Hulle gaan koop en nogmaals moet koop.

  4. Saag66

    O, nou is dit hulle geld wat die Lions laat wen het… Persoonlik dink ek dat hy eintlik reg was toe hy genoem het dit dit World Cup was laasjaar. Die Lions het heel seisoen nie een speler afgestaan aan die Springbokke nie en hulle kon heel jaar lekker saamspeel met 'n cohesive span teen al die ander unies se B spanne. Hoekom anders doen hulle dan so kak in die Super reeks?

  5. Dirk Diggler Diktros

    Evert – jy maak sin.  (eK weet nie van die stink piel suig gedeelte nie)  Maar jou ander kommentaar hou water.  DDD

  6. David

    Dink Gumede en die wapensmokkelaar verdien vir Cheeky en sy kotsende telg. Hulle sal moet koop want daar is nie genoeg talent in die oos kaap om 'n span saam te stel nie.
    Daar is wel genoeg talent om jou sussie/ma/antie/ouma/broer/kleinkind te nai, so as hulle ooit 'n S15 daarvoorvoor aanbied is my geld op julle.  Fokken tossers

  7. JagsJannie

    Bekotsends-waardig! Patetiese gebroedsel (die hele King-naaisel spul) van die adder!

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