Score ‘n ticket na Up The Creek festival. Swellendam, 2-5 Feb.

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Ons gee alweer iets weg. Donnerse ons wat altyd so blerrie gaaf is. Jy staan die kans om ‘n ticket te wen na hierdie jaar se Up The Creek Festival toe. ‘n Single ticket. Daar is geen ander kaartjies daarbuite in die interwebs om last minute te wen nie, so ons is jou enigste hoop.

Hierdie gaan ‘n vinnige enetjie wees, want ons moet die wenner se naam en ID nommer teen more 12:00 by die event organisers uitkry. Jy het dus tyd tot more oggend 10 uur om met die beste rympie op te kom oor hoekom jy die kaartjie moet wen vir die festival. Moet nou nie simpel wees nie – Up The Creek vind plaas in Swellendam, so ons gaan nie vir jou ‘n vliegkaartjie koop en jou in ‘n hotel opsit nie.

Die ticket se waarde is 600 skille en is meer gerig op die mense in Slaapstad, of mense wat reeds hulle trips beplan het om te gaan kyk en ‘n ticket wil probeer score sodat daar zak oorbly vir brannas.

Stuur jou rympie na – ons sal alles aanpass na die events organisers en hulle sal die wenner kies. Sluit sommer jou naam en ID nommer in, dan hoef ons nie back en forth rond te fok met correspondence nie.

Volgende week gee ons weer iets cool weg.



Up the Creek Together with Bacardi Festival 2 – 5 February 2012.

Kongos,aKing, Akkedis, Black Cat Bones, Blues Broers, Cameron Bruce, City Bowl Mizers, Fox Comet, The Great Apes, Holiday Murray, Hot Water, Karen Zoid, Louwtjie Rothman, Machineri, No One’s Arc, Piet Botha, Taxi Violence, Wrestlerish, Jeremy Loops, Luna Paige,  Shadowclub, Sterling EQ, Andra, Peachy Keen, AC/DC Tribute, Southern Gypsey Queen.

Bacardi Founders Day at Up The Creek:

The 4th February is Bacardi Founders Day, and Bacardi will be celebrating their 150th birthday at this year`s Up The Creek festival – so expect some surprises. Bacardi will be in full swing with the birthday spirit, helping you and your friends keep cool by the river and refreshed throughout the evening. 

Last years river madness saw a bride being paddled down the river where she met her groom, a rather unorthodox pastor and two unruly ‘bridesmaids’. Vows were exchanged, rice was thrown and a hell of a lot of laughs filled the air where the couple came together. This year Piet Botha will be replacing the pastor on the riverbank, will he be holding a wedding ceremony, reinstating vows or presenting something similar to his popular graveyard series? This, dear creekers, you will only be clear of when you are floating amongst friends on the waters at Up the Creek 2012. One thing we know for sure is, you won’t be short of entertainment, so best you be making your way down to the Breede on the first weekend of next month.

BOS Anything that floats:

We thought we’d encourage you to turn those thoughts and dreams of magnificent floating extravaganzas into actions by dangling a carrot in the form of the awesome prizes you could win right in front of your noses.

Winning the ‘Best Float’ will have you walking away with a BOS hamper consisting of a BOS beach umbrella, 2 x beach chairs, a BOS cocktail book and BOS product as well as 2 x tickets to Up the Creek 2013 and 2 x tickets to a Kirstenbosch Summer Sunset Concert of your choice.

The most romantic float prize is a BOS hamper consisting of a BOS cooler bag, product, a cocktail book, a cap, a Frisbee and 2 x tickets to Up the Creek 2013.  Spot prizes of cash giveaways, BOS hampers with a cooler bag, product, a cap and a Frisbee will be awarded to other contenders who exhibit great effort.

Introducing the world of Glamping:

For those of you who are just too glam for the average run of the mill tent, those of you who cringe at the idea of drab camping, its time for you to search within and release your inner interior decorator. This year the Up the Creek organizers are introducing glamping to the festival scene. As its name suggests, we are inviting you to bring the glamour into camping. No need to leave those cotton sheets at home or discard your Moroccan day bed or African masks for the weekend. Bring it all along and create a home away from home on the river banks, your creativity will not go unnoticed, we are offering the most glam camper R500 in prize money, 2 x tickets to Up the Creek 2013 and a 1 year subscription to Rolling Stone magazine.

How does one enter? Simple. Set up camp, style it to the max, take a picture of your tent at the festival (make sure that we can see that it is at UTC) and submit your entry on our Facebook page after the festival, by no later than 10th February 2012.  Winner’s announced by 13th February.


And its confirmed The Right to Make Noise, voting for what you guys would like at Up The Creek Music Festival has come back as:The Right to Trade Up Your Cons! Bring your old Cons and you could possibly walk away with a brand new pair of Cons.
Remember we only have a limited amount that can be given away, so first come first serve!
Converse is also providing you with the right to braai by setting up a designated braai station at the festival. Bring your boerie en tjop with you to the Converse zone on Saturday afternoon and get your braai on.


The Greenpop Treevolution aims to plant thousands of trees in under-greened schools and creches or reforestation projects in Southern Africa.

For every 100 tickets sold we will be donating a tree to GreenPop.

Red Hot Events and BlueMoon would like to thank Up the Creek 2012 sponsors: Bacardi, Converse, MK , Bos Iced Tea and Rolling Stone SA Magazine.

For the full line up and more details go to

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griffinScore ‘n ticket na Up The Creek festival. Swellendam, 2-5 Feb.