OppiKoppi Unknown Brother – Game Plan

In Oppikoppi, Pot Kak Podcasts deur griffin

Net om julle bietjie meer info te gee oor die naweek. Ons het nie tyd om alles in Afrikaas te vertaal nie. Jy kan wel eers gou na nog ‘n stukkie Riaan luister:

Ons loop Riaan raak by Oppikoppi

Riaan by Koppi

Vanaf Oppikoppi se Facebook page:koppi

Raait. So you are on board, have a ticket and we assume you are ready-ish to go.

Here are useful bits of information to make the festival more successful for yourself and others, in self-help English.

  1. Safety
  • Please drive safely, here and back. Lots of AA people and traffic police on the road to assist where possible. This is the single most dangerous part of Oppikoppi. Have a look at the map on the Facebook page for our recommend not-very-potholed route. Take your time.
  • This is a contact number for the AA team: 083 780 7190. If you are a member you can phone for any flat tyres, batteries etc. If you are not, you can join and they will assist.
  • Fire/fireworks etc: always an issue. Our fire marshals have cart blanche to keep the event safe. Patrons not complying will be taken off premises. Any person with fireworks/flares will be thrown out. Just leave it at home. The bush is dry and we don’t have a sense of humour when it comes to fire.
  •  Personal / friends: OppiKoppi  =3 x 24 hour, very rough, exhausting and fun filled days. It’s a bit like waging war, so look out for your brother/sister.  Take it easy. Tag and release. It is a marathon, not a sprint.

2.  Security/First aid contact number at the event (Save it now): 082 074 5845.

3.  Camping: we cleared lots of underbrush in the off season. So there are sticks and stones.  Drive carefully and slowly when arriving/camping. Especially at night.

4.  Municipality: you are among friends, but remember that they are just humans and there are mice amongst men. So don’t leave valuables lying around.

5.  Wildlife: tread carefully. Don’t annoy. Watch out for snakes.

6.  Banking

  • Each person will get an OppiKoppi bank card and be required to load currency (At the various loading stations) onto it before he/she can buy food/beers/Cuervo.
  • The card is like a wallet. If you lose it, you lose your money.
  • Any currency left on the card can be removed as mimoney vouchers, by sms.
  • Full info on the card on our site or at the event flyers/program.

7.  Programs / info:

  • Programs will be on sale at the event, but you can buy a Heat magazine in Gauteng and get it early to save time at the event.
  • Twitter: @oppikoppifest – will carry all the latest program changes, must see moments, interesting bits. In real time. Follow it now to receive up to the minute information. (Also let us know if something nice/interesting/crazy is happening. From the moment you are packing your first pair of socks (or from the moment you remove you first/only pair of socks, to make space for a Windhoekie). On the road, At the show. And back home.)
  • Facebook: send us your photos and stories: before and after the event

8. Phone charging station: if you bring your charger you can book in your phone to charge at this station for a nominal fee. We highly recommend extra batteries and/or car chargers to keep your phone alive, so you can stay in contact with all the feeds.

9.  Wrestling: don’t point or make direct eye contact. World title bout Sunday 11am, but many other bouts throughout the weekend. Including Twakkies and Corne. Follow our twitter account for details.

10. Stage names: we tweaked and changed some of them to make them more user-friendly. See how you go.

11. Huisgenoot Tempo presents David Kramer tribute concert. Sunday evening. Don’t miss this.

12. Gimmicks/tricks prizes

  • Oppi Couch: win the right to sit on the the main stage with your friends (And get Ray-Bans thrown in)
  • Cuervo:
  • Photo booths / facebook: take your pics and load it at some of these stations.
  • Golden throne:

13. Civilization: Oppilkoppi+Moyo, 10 and 5+printslam+ bushveld+coffee bar+nice food+Huisgenoot Tempo = a semblance of calm in the middle of the madness.

14. Camping cleanup: please assist us by dropping rubbish in communal bins. These are the only places the cleaning teams will pick up rubbish.

Nice, now relax. Be friendly. Open your little rock ‘n roll heart, and throw the dice. See you in the bush.

The OppiKoppi Brothers (and sisters)

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