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Jy gaan hierdie oor en oor en oor wil kyk, want daar is nog nooit so ‘n kwaliteit music video in Suid Afrika gemaak nie.

Daai ander zef ou wat soos ‘n traffice lyk se naam is Diplo. Hy het die tune saam met Die Antwoord gemaak. Die laitie wat so uitfreak se naam is Wanga.

Lyrics is onder die video.

Evil Boy

By Die Antwoord Featuring Wanga

Beat By Diplo

Vuilgeboosted Gang$Ta
Yooo Evil Boy! Why Is Your Incanca So Big?
All The Better To Love You With!
No Glove No Love! If You Don’t Belive Me
Take Your Dirty Hands Off My Umthondo Wisizwe!

Everybody Go Ho! Like A Thundercat
I’m All Up In The Club In My Underpants
No Shirt On Cos It’s Fuckin Hot!
Let’s Go Diplo Pump It Up!
Girls Wanna Say Hello To Me
From The Zefside To The Fuckin Overseas
I’m Looking At Who’s Looking At Me
Looking At You Looking Back Who Can That Be?
When I’m All Up This
Bitch You Know Who The Motherfuck It Is
Roll Through The Club Like A Tokalosh
Ninjas Hung Like A Fokken Horse
Yeah Girl! I’m A Freak Of Nature
Sign My Name On Your Boob Fuck A Piece Of Paper
If You Feeling Me:Cool…Not Feeling Me:Fuck Off!
Wies Jy? Fokkol! Umnqunduwakho!


Mamelapa Umnqunduwakho!
Andifuni Ukuyaehlatini!
Sukubammba Incanca Yam!
Andi So Stabani!I
Ncanca Yam Yeyamantobi!
Incanca Yam Iclean!
Incanca Yam Inamandla!
Ndiyinkwekwe Enkulu!
Angi Funi Ukuba Yeendota!
Evil Boy 4 Life! Yebo!
Evil Boy 4 Life!


Yolandi Vi$$Er So Fancy Like This Dope Ass Beat
Rock The Motherfuckin Microphone With No Panties
I’m A Bad Ass Chick Yo My Black Magic
Spelletjies Make All The Boys Go: Damn That’s Sick
Lie Down On The Bed Boy Lemme Light The Candles
Uh Uh! Don’t Touch! Yolandi Just Too Hot To Handle!
Blindfold You Tie Your Hands Up With The Handcuffs
Even Though You Lying Down, I Can Make You Stand Up
Spirits In The Room Tickle You Like A Sneaky Prawn
Fuck A Pen And Pad I Write My Raps With A Ouija Board
Draw A Pentagram On Your Chest Wif My Lipstick
Visions In The Mirror Heavy Zef Futuristic
Lemme Take Your Pants Off Let’s See What You Made Of
Go Through Your Pockets No We Not Going To Make Love
Go Through Your Wallet, Woo! What A Lot Of Paper!
What A Fuckin Sucker! See You Later Masturbator!


I Went From Fokol To So Fokken Hot Right Now I’ll Put You In Your Place
Motherfucker Skrik Wakker We Coming Through Pumping You Full Of Bass
Fok Rustig Eks Apokaliptikal Fucking You In The Face
Zef Cherries Tjoon My : Spieg My Fokken Hol Nat
Fuck Everyone Eyes On The Prize When I Go For The Jugular
Surprise Me Or Fokof And Die If I Remind You Of How Much You Suck
Everyone’s So Fokken Soso, Yo We Been Sent To Fuck You Up
Zef Techno Moshpit Gang$Ta Nommer Een Kind
Everything You Rap About Come True If You Got Some Freakin Balls
But Mind Your Tongue When You Rhyme On The Drum Gaan Vra Vir Biggie Smalls
I Gotta Rock If You Motherfuckin Like It Or Not, Yo Is You Ready For
This Ho$Tyle Take Over? Bow To The Fokken Master
My Slang Is Banging I’m Freaking The Fuck Out Of Myself, Yo I’m My Biggest Fan
Cos Buddy When You Man Down No Fokken Hands Out When You Really Need A Hand
Machine Gun Rapper, Lekker Buddabudda Motherfucker, Yo I’m Bigger Than
Koos Kombuis Se Ma Se Fokken Poes

Na Na Na Na Na! You Can’t Fuck Wif This Oua
Blah Blah Blah! Whatever! Watch A Million Fuckin Kids Go
Na Na Na Na Na! Super Fokken Fris Flow
Ninja, Wanga And Yolandi Vi$$Er Vs Diplo

Evil Boy
Evil Boy
Evil Boy Loves You

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griffinEvil Boy video – Die Antwoord


  1. anon

    Vok my stukkend, het dit nou al 6 keer gekyk, vokken vokken vok.
    Dankie Here vir die mense. Baie dankie. Amen.

  2. Vaaltril

    Hierdie mense kook soos koshuis pap!
    My arme oogies trek so skeef soos chinese bra sin as hy 'n special op tastic rys sien by die Pick & Pay, as ek Yolandi Vi$$er se tieties speck … Hectic! .. ek kap sommer 'n draatie!

  3. My Antwoord

    Whoooo, hierdie een gaan viral wees. Ek laaik!

  4. Roy Blumenthal

    Yissavis, ouens! This cooks! Wild vid. Killer lyrics. I *LOVE* the social criticism of idiotic practices. You guys are the shizzle deluxe. Thanks for existing.

  5. geskok

    reguit van SATAN. hierdie mense gaan brand in die hel

  6. Doosdief de Lange

    Ek het in my dag des lewens nog nooit so klomp kak gesien nie!!!
    Al die faktap mense wat so uitfreak oor Die Antwoord moet beslis hulle koppe laat lees!!!!
    Dit wys net weereens hoe absoluut siek en verrot ons samelewing is!!

  7. TheFreemanPhD

    Very interesting vid. Personally, I like shock art, just hope this is well controlled, as the content is – obviously – for mature observers only.

  8. Jannie Jammergat

    Ek laaik die GG Allin snor, maar ek's jammer ouens dis kak hierdie. One-dimensional kak…

  9. Poesbek

    Doosdief, hou op moan jou poesgesig.  Met 'n naam soos "Doosdief" is jy ook nou nie regtig 'n moerse voorbeeldige ou nie jou hypocritical kont.  Befokte video!

  10. Vuilhond

    Doen DIe Antwoord nou kwaito? Ek dink dit is n klomp poeskak die! En fok die pentegram shit! Nie geweet Ninja en Jo-Landi is sataniste nie? Dis net faktap! Maar n big up vir die comment oor Koos Kombuis se ma se vagina.   

  11. Poesbek

    On second thought, julle is reg. Die is kak op sy beste.  Die antwoord se einde is hier. Was 'n lekker ride vir +- 6 maande. Laughing stock van musiek!

  12. Jissus

    i think i've just been fucked in the face. and i like it.

  13. Freethinkingman

    Liking this does not make you cool, it makes you sad and pathetic. You are all the type of people that would probably think Francois Van Coke's shit in a shoebox qualifies as art. What exactly makes it so amazing? I don't get it, they are not even saying anything intellectual and insight full, a 12 year old could have written something more mature. What the fuck is wrong with you people. If I made a youtube video selling suicide as a really cool pastime I could prob rid the world of at least a 100 000 human sheep.

  14. Author

    Send me the video when you’re done with it. I will gladly post it.

  15. Author

    Jy het obviously voor hierdie video reeds nie van Die Antwoord gehou nie. Hoekom het jy die video gekyk?

  16. Doosdief de Lange

    Excellent answer Freethinkingman!!! Anybody calling this crap music has a major problem between the ears!! But I suppose there are more dysfunctional people in the world than sane ones!!
    Poesbek, na jou aanvanklike kommentaar, begin ek van jou hou!!

  17. Mac

    Dit was fokkin fantasties. ek is lief vir Die Antwoord want dit is die antwoord op musiek. Dankie

  18. BokBal

    GRIFFIN hoe kan dom arm ouens na die video kyk (hoe kry ek die ding ge-cache)?

  19. Bic_whiteBoardMarker


    Die production quality van die video is awesome en like ook die vibe van die video, maar, die song self is nie vir my so tight soos hulle ander shit nie. Het DJ Hi-tek die beat gemix ? Die beat klink nie so solid soos van hulle vorige songs nie en Wanga se chrorus voel ek nie. 
    @ al die mense wat hier kom rant oor hoe sleg en verkeerd Die Antwoord is, julle is die verkeerde fokken site hoor. 
    @Freethinkingman You are surely not getting what Die Antwoord is all about. They are not here to give you insight or stimulate you intellectually. 
    Anyway, like I said, I don't really like this song-  I much rather prefer some scopie or beat boy- but the video is awesome… 

  20. stofstreep

    Piele Pale!!
    Fair enough, dis seker nie vir besemstok-in-die-hol puriste nie maar dis visueel een van die befokste videos wat ek nog gesien het. Daar is so paar exstra gevreetjies wat ek nie so lekker kan place nie maar die chicks met vi$$ie-wigs het 'n lekker vibe en kan gerus vir die volgende video begin queue – hulle add a nice sarfrican flavour.
    Ek kan nie wag om die nodige translation vir my buddies hier in die European overseas te doen nie. Ongelukkig ken min van hulle vir ou Koos en nog minder sy ma so daai punt sal seker verlore gaan.
    Overall, befok! Hou so aan!!

  21. Get the message u po

    Nou mooi luister you fuckin poes breaths!!! Go log onto eminem and poes plastic rap sites and complain there, because these guys are one in a million who have managed to retain what is ART. it is not supposed to be understood like one understands 1+1. it is an art it has a emotive feeling. ur maase se dumb poes conditioned iq wants to read the lyrics which rhyme so lekka like flip chip kip FOK jou. Do you know what talent it takes to put together the cinematography, the sets, the vision,  the ARTistic impression… go borrow jou sissie se pink camera and take some pictures of your fuckin dog if that all you can handle. There is a thick style here that u are not tapping into… all u fuckin billabong wearing haters need to unplug, and all u clownz who like this coz they say poes or show dicks need to also fuckin educate and go see some art. most of u dumb fax didnt even realise the pink floyd boxers etc…  lame. no wonder guys like these leave the country. the fans and the critics are all fuckin lame. 

  22. Get the message u po

    @ Freemanphd…"Personally, I like shock art, just hope this is well controlled" ….  i hope u say smarter things when you try to impress your 14 yr olds girl friends parents… if it was well controlled you ignorant TWAT,it wouldnt be shock factor you blerry dom fokken trill gesig??? jessis people should shut their mouths if they dont understand jack. ur idea of shockfactor is stealing ur dads loslyf magazines. lazer u puffdas.

  23. Get the message u po

    @ Freethinkingman –  Francois's coke kak IS kak! This is not the same shit. we should be happy we have some originality in this country.. amongst this fukin aking, ashtray elek.. we have so many bad bands with so much copied crap… fukin pathetic.

  24. Pistol aka Paal Piel

    Essis! Ek kannie ophou kyk nie. Ek het nog nooit in my lewe sulke befokte goed gesien nie. Ek is al down with Mr Ninja van lankal, maar hy het dit reg gekry om al weer my mind te blow! Dankie!
    Die Antwoord is FULL Flex.
    En vir die naaiers wat dit nie vang nie, gaan luister nog radio music wat maklik is om te verstaan vir jou tiepe.

  25. Koos Kokkedoor

    Eerste keer toe ek die video kyk het ek getune: Wat de fok is hierdie?! Tweede keer like ek dit nogal. Ek stem saam die hele song is nie so kwaai polished soos van die ander nie. Wanga se chorus is te lank. n' Goeie song en video nonetheless.

  26. DrBergie

    Hoorier, daai pitchfork website is sommer kak.  Ek kan dit nie kyk met my aremsalige 384 ADSL lyn nie.  Die shockwaveflash player op daai website like nie van videos cache nie.  Selfs nie eens LOW quality help nie. 🙁
    Kan iemand dit forfucksakes net op youtube sit asb. Dankie

  27. kaligula785


  28. doodsengel

    may you all go to hel and may God have mercy on your souls
    started of good, no just disturbing, as disturbing as their money followers
    die antwoord FTMFL !!!
    jack parrow might just be better after all

  29. Verbaas

    Die Antwoord is die antwoord op die vraag – is daar enige briljante Suid-Afrikaanse musikante – be-fokken-slis ja!

  30. Mmm?

    Ek blameer Corne en Twakkie… Hulle het n joke gemaak en "pretend" hulle is zef en mense entertain… zef mense het toe gedink hulle is cool, en nou sit ons met die kak. Ons is nie veronderstel om zef mense bloot te stel aan die res van die wereld nie want dis aansteeklik.
    Nou gaan die hele wereld van gebraaide poloni hou, klippies en coke drink en kaalvoet in die winkelsentrums rond loop met kak haarstyle en 'gaps' in hulle tande… wie gaan dit reg maak???

    Mense… hierdie is nie die antwoord nie.

  31. Die shit is die SHIT

    vok ja! this is a vast improvement on this countries current afrikaans music scene! Afrikaans word nou wakker!!!! ek se my bra ek chune jou nou! ek se…..bra. anyone know when these guys are coming back to PE?

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