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Henry Rollins is een van daai complicated take-no-shit tipe van mense. Terug in dae van sy band, Black Flag het hy even PKs uitgedeel onder die HenryRollinsfans wat hom kak gegee het. Hy is 'n heavy intense bra wat stand-up kan mix met movies, boeke, rock 'n roll en sy eie TV en radio shows.

Oor twee weke kom skiet hy 'n draai in Suid Afrika. Donderdag 6 Mei is hy by die Staatsteater in Snor City, Vrydag 7 Mei gooi hy 'n draai by The Bassline in Joburg en Saterdag 8 Mei kan jy hom speck by die Baxter in Kaapstad. Dis Henry Rollins se Frequent Flyer Tour. As jy nie uitmaak nie, check die video aan die einde van die interview om jou 'n idee te gee van wat om te verwag (buiten nou die PK).

Vir die mense in Pretoria het ons goeie nuus. Jy staan 'n kans om twee kaartjies (dis nou een double ticket) te wen vir die Staatsteater performance. Dis like meer as 500 skille werd. Al wat jy hoef te doen is om ons te oortuig hoekom jy die tickets moet wen. Ons sal die fans spot. Klap dit sommer in die comments section hieronder. Ons maak die wenner volgende Vrydag 30 April bekend. Die mees oortuigende antwoord wen. Vriende en familie van Watkykjy is ook welkom om deel te neem. Hulle sal nie noodwendig wen nie – die beste oortuiging wen. Jirre, ons het kak reels. Ons rol nie soos Coca Cola nie. Deal with it.

As jy wil tickets koop vir een van sy shows, check dit hieso uit. Check net jou region. Kom kry ook jou branna, kiekie en PK saam met Henry na die tyd. (Henry drink nie, so jy kry dalk jou PK eerste)

Dit is hoe die streng, dog regverdige interview verloop het:

griff: What car do you drive?
Henry Rollins: A Subaru.

griff: Your public figure seems quite serious. What makes you laugh? Are you a funny guy at bbq's or dinner parties?
Henry Rollins: I can be funny, of course. All kinds of things make me laugh, perhaps too many things. I tend to be quite at gatherings and do more listening than anything.

griff: How badly has George Bush fucked the US and is Obama improving and fixing things? What in your opinion is Obama still lacking and what needs to be done?
Henry Rollins: Bush broke the economy and started two wars that got a lot of people killed and still keep killing. So, America is in for a rough ride. I think president Obama needs to be harder on the opposition and not waste time trying to be so cool. President Obama needs to get out of Iraq, Afghanistan and Gitmo now.

HenryRollins2.1griff: Way back in the Black Flag days, it seems that you were a very angry and fucking intense person? How has that helped you to get where you are today and how much of that person is still a part of you?
Henry Rollins: Anger has inspired my curiosity. I have always been an intense person. I don't know if any of this has helped me get anywhere, it is more something I deal with day to day. It is very much a part of me.

griff: You've been to Africa a couple of times over the last decade and you've also done a trip or two to South Africa. What has Africa (but more specifically South Africa) taught you over the last decade? How has it changed something for you for better or for worse?
Henry Rollins: I have seen examples of great humanity in South Africa, like in the townships. I can't find anything in me that the vist to South Africa has changed though.

griff: You're only here for three days in May. What do you expect to experience differently in South Africa this time around? I suppose you check out a country's news before a tour.
Henry Rollins: I have really no idea what to expect, I will take it as it goes. I definitely try to keep up on events in any country I am going to or in at the time, as best I can.

griff: Favourite country or city you've been to or most memorable?
Henry Rollins: Afghanistan was the most memorable, perhaps there and Kenya. I had never been anywhere like these places before and they had quite an effect on me.

griff: If not America, where would you live?
Henry Rollins: Australia, England maybe, perhaps Canada.

griff: Let's say you are given a god-like super power to fix or fuck something up in the USA by implementing 2 solutions or aspects from Africa. RollinsPromoPic1.1what would it be?
Henry Rollins: I am not aware of anything coming from Africa that would be help America.

griff: How would you use the same god-like super power to fix 2 things in Africa by using 2 things from the USA?
Henry Rollins: Foodstuffs and agricultural technology.

griff: Does it bother you that America is fighting fundamentalist Islam in some countries but not others – e.g. Afghanistan vs. Saudi Arabia?
Henry Rollins: It bothers me that we are fighting it anywhere. It only makes for more extremists, which is the goal anyway, it's just an investment in the next war. It's America's economy.

griff: Does it bug you how other countries generally see Americans?
Henry Rollins: People are friendly to me everywhere I go. So far, I have been doing fine as an American abroad.

griff: Have you explored any South African music? Any favourites?
Henry Rollins: Miriam Makeba is a favorite.

griff: You obviously like talking a shitload more than making music or acting in movies but what would take second place?
Henry Rollins: I like my radio show very much, perhaps that.

griff: I know you work hard everyday and hardly have any time off, but let's assume someone tells you: "Sit the the fuck down and listen! For today and today only you're gonna do something different. Here's enough cash or whatever you need. Go out and go do something you never do". What would that be?
Henry Rollins: I don't know. I do all the things that interest me.

griff: Do you have any cool moments that stood out on any specific film-set?
Henry Rollins: Joking around with Al Pacino will live long in the memory.

griff: Having your own publishing company must rock. You've written and published a lot. How often would you like to bring out a new book?
Henry Rollins: I average a book a year. It depends on what I am trying to do. I put out two last year, none will come out this year. Hopefully one next year. It's not as if anyone will notice if one comes out or not. It's one of the advantages of being small of fame.

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