Julius Malema is ‘n poes (volgens Google autocomplete)

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But first, a book to help out Julius Malema:

As Watkykertjies bored raak by die werk., verander Malema in ‘n poes en ons kry mail…

Dude, Ek sweer ek het dit randomly ingetik in Google en die nie ge-edit nie. Boredom. Screenshot gevat en ge-crop. Haha! Checkit. Lizette.


Soek jy Julius Malema 3-ply kakpapier? Koop dit hierso. Click net op die prentjie:


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griffinJulius Malema is ‘n poes (volgens Google autocomplete)


  1. Ballsy

    Haha thats hilarious.
    idiot 640,000 results
    doos 428,000 results
    poes 2,030 results

  2. Author

    Granted, he is more of an idiot and more of a doos than a poes. But that gonna change. Pretty fucking soon.

  3. GERT

    Jy kan nog iets met 'n poes doen…maar jy kan niks met Julius MAL ENEMA doen nie

  4. TONJA

    Ja en hy hang lekker uit hie bo langsie Mielie.Plaas hy eerder aan die regterkant vannie blad was met die TAMPAX IN SY BEK!!!!

  5. JACE DA ACE aka GUY

    MEnSE , Ek ding daai stupiD puppie, MOET MA……….." GAT-LE-MAAAAAAAAAAAAA……………."

  6. JACE DA ACE aka GUY

    cos why hy kry subliminal caLL ME MESSAGES VAN SY ALUMMINATI GRAND MA

  7. BrassBalls

    Julius Malama is 'n knieg!!!!!  Sowat 'n voet laer as 'n doos, baie geneig tot beserings en heelwat minder bruikbaar.

  8. Danny Roux

    Julius Malema is not a poes he is half a poes worth F…..All 

  9. Ntabiyehlayanyuka

    Everyone thats posting all these nasty comment are just as much idiots as he is, You are all bringing this country down. This is our South Africa as much as its yours and i dont think that we (normal people) would allow that as South Africans.
    Comeon people, im black and im not a racist and im not condning what Malema said.
    The more you talk "kak" about Malema there or he becomes well known and other countries wont say "That black person from South Africa", they will say "that South African" of which you are all part of South Africa.

  10. phili

    Ntabiyehlayanyuka i just couldnt have much more better then you just did, all this rasism is just not good for our country and we have such a beautiful event coming up and what are ppl from outside going to say if they so happen to read such statements from our so called rainbow nation ppl, for all the things that he has said is so not worth the hype that is being created by everyone that gets an opportunity to blog. who are we to judge???

  11. Justin

    hahahaha, the funny thing is its FUCKING TRUE!!!!!!!!!!! THAT BRA IS A POES

  12. balsack

    it's easy for blacks to say leave it, do they sing songs about killing you!!!!!!!! this country will be worse than zim if that retard gets his way! I think the older generation should shut up and F off, let us youngsters look after our country!

  13. Nyobayisi

    May fellow South African brothers and sisters… I am from this country, and I love it. Born and raised outside the struggle, but inside the next. I don’t think we as a black race understand what we are doing here and supporting parties whom promise the world and deliver nothing. Words won’t heal, solve and or change the situations we find ourselves in, not in this country. This man “Julius Malema” (JM), if left alone, is going to cause the biggest racial divide that any racially inflicted country have ever seen. The current leadership/s are relishing in the money and wealth that have been created by the white man and nothing is passed onto the poor and /or uneducated. Education is key, strong intelligent leadership is key… this man (JM) is not a leader. He is indeed and idiot…

  14. georgeofthejungle

    @ Nyobayisi: uitfokkeneindelik iemand wat donners sense praat. Wil jy nie maar run vir president nie asseblief!!!! Die fok weet so kan dit nie aangaan nie.

  15. Betaalnet

    Yes Nyobayisi, You are so right, but paint yourself white for a day or so and you will understand. The whities are angry and frustrated. There are only white racists, no black ones.
    This JM can cause so much k-k, yes he is a Knee, nothing else. Remember there was a Hitler. He managed to get 6000000 killed!
    This man is dangerous for SA, he says nice things to the populist crowd. Those who write here won't be conned by him, but the masses out there. You understand?
    I am 58 years old, have been in the war, mad about SA, don't want to get into another war. Our youth must inherit this moerse country, not a Zim!
    We have so many beautiful people in SA. Shit man, this JM must disappear. Is that so difficult?

  16. Pielle

    I would like 2 say that I know 4 a fact that there r 1000's of blacks who hate this thing 2(JM) !!! I did not grow up in that era, & 1000's of blacks did not aswell. The other night on the news I saw a couple of very young black okies toy-toying over some apartheid thing & they were like 7 years old, part of the new generation of our nation or country, & that didn't make sense 2 me!!! malema can't b a poes, a poes is a very beautifull thing, something most men enjoy, & he can definitly not be beautifull, & I don't enjoy him / it! Hy is plein-weg n peopol met n IK van n klont grond, sy IQ begin met n komma, het jul al die etter se fokken matriek sertifikaat gesien, en hy lyk so fokken stupid met die"grin" wat hy altyd op sy gesig het, hy lyk DIG!!! Maar wat kan ons maak ne!!

  17. MrSky

    A true leader puts his peoples needs before his own. Like Nelson was. Malema is the mirror image of what Nelson is. Nelson let us by example and most citizens follows the example set by their leader. And if the people follow Malema…may God have mercy on our souls…donker dae, donker dae. In the end Malema has become what alot have people have fought against, apartheid. Ons is almal met die selfde regte gebore en daar moet geen onderskeid tussen mense wees nie, want met onderskeid sal daar altyd konflik wees. We must learn from history as to not repeat them in the present. Anders is ons almal soos dom donkies wat ons kop teen dieselfde muur bly stamp…

  18. CB

    Daar is nie een van die bogenoemde kommentaar wat nie wemel van spel- en grammatiese foute nie. Beide in Afrikaans en Engels. M.a.w. dit verg 'n klomp idiote om 'n ander een raak te sien. As julle en die media JM ignoreer , sal hy verdwyn. Hy is soos 'n stoute kind wat aandag soek. Los hom uit. Julle is net so eenvoudig ssos hy!

  19. koepiegevrietie

    Like dit of nie, JM het die masses agter hom. Hy weet hoe om die minority in die land so die moer-in te maak dat hulle almal wil fokkof. Die ANC en Zuma weet dat as JM die youth league se steun saam met hom neem is die ANC in sy moer. Dis hoekom almal so trapsoetjies met die mannetjie te werk gaan.

  20. wizard

    JM proves that the only racist left in South Africa are black, they work for the ANC, they pass and promote laws like BBBEE (legalized thievery) and they keep all the waelth for themselves and their communist CAdres, the ones driving the R2 million rand cars paid for by our tax money, and pushing us off our roads that we paid for so they can get their early morning dounut and coffee. It is actually a pity that people believed in the ANC, not because it helped end apartheid, that was a good thing, but because it helped create a new apartheid. If black people want to be respected, they should respect themselves, if black people want to live in a country free from racism, they should stop being racists. If it is against the law to use the "K" word, then is should be against the law to use all the derogatory words the whites hear every day and pretend to not understand. If you call me a "balungu" or anything else, then expect to be name called in turn. I do not care about colour or creed, I care about having a safe country to live in where human lives are not so worthless that R5.00 is reason enough to kill. I have seen this happen and I do not see how anyone's life is worth that. You want change? ignore JM,  vote for anyone other than the ANC and exterminate every single violent criminal in the country. They forfieted their human rights when they killed/rapped etc, show them no mercy, let them suffer for their crimes repeatedly until they truly understand what they have done, then let them suffer some more to make sure that they get it, then get rid of them.

  21. Pebbles

    I must agree with everyone who is against what is happening in this country!  Why must the new generations suffer for the stupid things our forefathers had to start?  I am a white South African 23 year old girl and i am absolutely GATVOL of having to hear about apartheid! WHAT THE FUCK HAVE WE GOT TO DO WITH 19voetseks kak!
    The older generations who are raising their children to be stuck in the apartheid times need to be smacked against the heads.  They are poisoning the children and the future of this country.
    I listen to all this crap with Malema and i want to through up!  How can one person be so dam ignorant?  Not everyone in this country is racist and not everyone wants to hear that apartheid caused everything!  I personally do not want to hear anything about apartheid because it has ABSOLUTELY FUCK ALL to do with me, my future or my children’s future!  As a woman i am petrified to raise children in this toxic environment where people are taught to hate, rape, murder, kill and discriminate.  An environment where our politicians see it fit to sings songs about killing and racism!  HELL NO!!

  22. Muhammed

    Im not making threats but this Malema guy is actually … very quick to jump at people and say they are racist , but then goes and does it (racisim) when it suites him. he is a loud Mouth Attention seeking Monkey and goes against all that is sane/educated & Mature…. every educated / slightly educated / minimal educated black person i know thinks he is a fool. ( he is the Office Joke )
    one day he will be afraid of his life. Mind you he has made no threat to my community almost like he wants us to back him. i for one believe that south africa isnt black and white anymore, we should all just get along, forget the past we are the Future .. all this KAK about to "know were you going you need to were you come from" belong in those beer adverts and thats were they should stay.
    i am 25 years OLD the people whom physically went threw Apartheid are becoming a dying breed( no disrespect ). !!! why should we keep it alive ! 

  23. Lance THe BOIL

    He is an arsewipe.  He makes Mugabe look inteligent.  He is a wank stain.  He is brain-dead.   He has this thing for dogs………..

  24. CC Moroka

    to Wizard
    Dude, not all black pepole are ANC supporters and not all black people are part of BEE .stop generalising, not cool.
    Yes Julius Malema is a joke but that is not what worries me ,the main issue  people should be concern about is that  he is a representative of some organisation,he was elected by the people(i dont who like i said i am not an ANC supportrt) to represent them.Now that says alot about them (electers).and that is what scares me. 

  25. Pissed

    I am so completely fed up with all this debate about who's who and what's what. JM is an attention seeker and wants a place in the history books. Not only does he want to be well known and so-called "respected"in SA but the world. I can only imagine what he's mother should think. I as a mother would be completely embarrassed. And to think that I am only 25 and I have ten times the IQ that JM could ever dream of having. He is embarrassing our country . The world cup is going to be a shambles. Why are we letting this guy get away with it. If everyone wants to complain and nobody is happy why is he getting away with this nonsense. It's easy for us to put our point across on blogs like this.(Of which I'm sure there are millions)but is all our complaining really going to change one man's blind sided opinion? NO!!!!!We are country of bad history but beautiful recovery!Mr Nelson Mandela is a great man. The VIER KLEUR and apartheid and racism, Mr Nelson Mandela took that away!!!!!He is a legend, why should we follow and listen to an idiot. Why go from great to pathetic. Yes the whites fucked up.I'm white, I've been held at gun point by an african , but fuck I'm not a racist. I never have been. Dammit, what the hell? Wake up South Africa. We have a beautiful country lets not destroy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. gert

    hy is so fuktup sy sy brein is agtersefoor die kont

  27. Antie Suzie

    I would like to see Julius without his shirt on please…I would like to see where he stores all my tax money.

  28. Black n Proud

    It pains me to see so much hatred in this country. I’ve come to realize that JM is not the problem here. Your comments, esp from white people, are full of hatred. Its unfortunate that JM had done what he’s done to become the object of this profound hatred. To the white folks, hating blacks will not make you a better breed. Malema, et al, are sick n tired of the apologetic stance towards whites. Brothers, if you truly are for non-racism, stand up and be counted…or else you will cry reverse racism whereas it is because of your unrepentant acts.

  29. CC

    Nyobayis… do not worry!  Racism will always be there, it is up to people like me and you to make sure we do not fall back into the past.  We have come a long way and I love white & black people….. Let us make the sircle beega………together!

  30. Shame

    Hate speech makes you part of a minority,   The vast majority of South Africans I believe are intelligent and commited to a future where every person will have a place in the sun.  Black and proud thanks for your comment you are setting a standard.  To me being white is not as important as being a South African. 

  31. Confuuzd

    Ek stem 100% saam met al die opinies wat op die blog gemaak is. Ek sien myself nie as 'n rasis nie, maar ek kan die frustrasie verstaan van die "white" suid afrikaners. Ek raak bang as ek dink dat ek ook eendag my kind moet grootmaak in hierdie omstandighede. Dit maak my die hel in en ek raak ook vurig in gesprek wanneer die nar opgebring word, maar wat staan ons op die stadium te doen t.o.v. die idioot? Ek veralgemeen glad nie en glo mens kry net soveel slegte "whites" as "blacks" , maar ons wag op die stadium op  'n regering wat te bang is om die hofnar in die bek te ruk. Ek het baie vriende wat in die buiteland woon en wat so anti-sa is, dat dit my eintlik hartseer maak, want ons bly in 1 van die mooiste lande in die wêreld! Watter verskil kan ons maak? Liedjies sing en hoop vir 'n better tomorrow? Maar soos 'n paar bloggers al reeds gesê het, is JM soos 'n 5-jarige wat vloermoere gooi en almal weet as jy hom los en ignoreer, hy later (hopelik) sal ophou met sy k*k! Think happy thoughts!!

  32. Neville Prinsloo

    En hy is die wereld se grootste kont en baba!

  33. Eskiballas

    Almal wat hier praat dink as hulle se JM is n doos of n poes of iets dit beteken iets ,dit doen nie,want almal wil net in hulle hisies bly en hulle elektrisiteit he en nie worry oor enige kak nie,ons wit mense kak in ons broeke as daar nie vir n maand krag of water is nie,ons is te gemaklik om op te staan teen iets. Te slapgat. Sal enige een van julle,julle huise los om te gaan baklei vir n ET of Helen Zille?? Ek sal nie,nie terwyl hulle nie saam baklei nie. Ons is besig om onself te verloor,en al wat ons doen is om JM en JZ te kritiseer,instede daarvan om ons eie stem dik te maak.

  34. Author

    ET is ‘n poes.
    Julius Malema is ‘n poes.

    Wat is daar te bespreek? Kyk na die prentjie.

  35. Gatvol

    You can say what you want, but Nelson Mandela & Thabo Mbeki was great for South Africa-they held the Liberal Elements back, but only for so long. Nelson Mandela was the product of a perfectly orchestrated PR/Image campaign-depicted as a saviour and bridge builder/re-concilliator-why did he go to prison then?…he wasn't exactly and angel back then..Winnie his ex-wife reviles him as a sell-out, the product of a perfectly orchestrated PR campaign-iconical. 3 office terms later-who knows when the Liberals will have their French Revolution ? ( Nothing to do with the so-called African Renaissance, which is nothing but re-working, re-channelling the system for self-enrichment). JM is nothing else but the mouth piece of what the ANC won't say directly, but by inference we can now deduce their policy and opinion-wake up, get out of your slumber, who will come to our aid? I think nobody-the world is economically embroiled and entangled in its own problems-better to turn a blind eye….Otrich, head in the sand..

  36. sa4all

    im a blck and proud south african,my parents mghty hv been oppresed.bt thats as far as it goes,we cant let Idiots such as malama to stop us frm building our nation.da is no plc 4 racist ppl in dis country.


    i personaly think that jm is out of controll.he has to be dicsiplined.he is acting like a teenager  nd he is a racist.he is full of sh***t.i really hope the ANC school will help him to become a human being and live like one.he is a bull dog.i wonder mamage o re eng ka ngwana wo wa gage.o a swabisha

  38. Blue

    Kill the boer song wont help anyone, we dont need hatred,but we have to face th truth the black majority has less ownership of land and mineral resources compared to a white minority in 15 years of democracy, check th statistics if ur not informed,the injustices of the past have to be corrected, all races have to share land and resources fairly, all we need is truth,justice,fairness,tolerence,love,peace and prosperity for all south africans. Thank u.

  39. dnera

    Watched the infamous JM video insulting the journalist. What I cant understand is, why the guy is still leading the ancyl and why he still has so many supporters!! He is ill mannered, hot tempered and these are not qualities of a leader. He has transgressed the boundaries so many times but the guys who are supposed to repramand him are just turning a blind eye! South Africa came so far and I am proud to be a South African but are these the leaders to shape our future South Africa????

  40. Thabiso Duba


  41. Author

    Thabiso, you shouln’t own a computer, let alone one that is probably paid for by government. You can’t spell, you can’t string half a sentence together, yet you attempt a stab at the “uneducated and naive people”

    God, I hope you are not charge of any financial documents.


    “The sheriff of the court is expected to attach some of ANC Youth League leader Julius Malema’s property on Friday.”

  42. kakhuis

    @ tonja: ek dog Julius hang langs die ANDER mielie indie prenkie uit(langs die tottie) tonja

  43. rina

    Let us face the facts: Julius is not intelligent, he has no contact with the youth, he has no people skills, he hates any other skin colour different from his own.  GIVE HIM THE FACTS:
    1. Our youth do not want to see skin colour anymore because it just brought hate to the previous generation.
    2. Our youth really want to improve themselves
    3. We no longer want to put the blame but want to take the blame and move on.
    Get rid of him so that we as a mixed nation can move on.

  44. Gene

    Ag shame.
    Let poor Julius "the imbecille clown" say what he wants.Everytime he opens his mouth, more SHIT pours out! At least it gives us something to talk about and also a good laugh.
    His supporters are idiots like him who learn nothing at school, and who don't want to work, but want everything handed to them on a plate. They just don't realize that Julius is cashing in on their gross stupidity. He is one of the "Have's" and the supporters are the "Have nots"! They all deserve him. 
    No amount of cash can buy him a bit of brains!!!! Eventually he will just drown in his own stupidity and shame.

  45. just me

    He is so stupid and a waste of air just like his supporters I hope that the people who don’t support him we can stand together and fight back he is scum!!!!

  46. saartjie v.d. merwe

    Julius Malema doesn't worry me. What worries me is that there are people out there stupid enough to actually believe that he will make a capable leader. WTF? Thabiso Duba being a case in point.

  47. JM 'lover'

    Honestly now people! JM is a p*!! What morals is he giving our youth of the future? He is a cancer to our future…Any person with half a brain cell can see that…His tactics are aggressive and without check! He never has anything pro-active to say…or do/done. All you get from him is negativity! Yet we sit and do nothing, we watch an laugh about it?? WTF… something has to be done! but at what cost? and who will have the balls to do anything…….Watch out cause this man will destroy this country.. and we will let him…mark my words…. 

  48. willies

    Malema can not be a poes. A poes is usefull. He is a mulescunt – useless to man or beast!

  49. Engelsman

    I saw Julius Malema drowning early this morning.

    I immediately notified the police, the A.N.C, ANCYL, the hospital and Zuma.

    At 20h30 he was still drowning but no one had come to his aid.

    I guess I really wasted all of those stamps!!

  50. Stroker187

    Reporter: Mr Malema, would you have commited suicide if you had failed standard 2?
    Malema: I would rather kill myself than do such a horrible thing!
    ek dink dit spel alles uit Malema bly maar die gat van die jaar.

  51. off the record

    well I never thought that people could be so blind. seeing what's happend in the past, figures, they say people learn from the mistakes made in the past but i personaly do not believe that he is capible of learning anything. it's so sad. he attacks everyone and everything but he never for one second stop to think at the joke he really is. @dabu, you should really open your eyes and see that he's making fools of you all.

  52. Barts

    Julius Malema is a waste of his mothers egg and fathers sperm!

  53. JanBAL

    Dude,ekt nounet op die web afgekom en dit is by verre die foken snaakste website ooit!!!sies moenie lelik wees met malema nie hy kan mosnie help hy is n poes nie!lol

  54. dragonheart

    This is hysterical…….Thabiso Duba…what can I say…I can only laugh and shake my head…Malema is a poes…..and that's that…!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. Danie

    To say that Malema is stupid is a HUGE underestimation of an extremely dangerous man. It takes intelligence and cunning to rise to the top of ANCYL. The problem is that the cunning and intelligence required for this feat, and the intelligence required to lead the yout of our country (and possibly our country), is vastly different.
    If Malema gets more power, then we will see what a Mugabe-styled revolutionary can do.
    Don't make the mistake to equate intelligenece with school results – such a serious miscalculation of his cunning can land us in ZIM 2.

  56. jg meyer

    Malema is an insult to humanity, to dumb to think, to stupid to speak and definitely no intelligence. I am a 40 year old ex old regime soldier, feeling very 'kak' today of the treatment what we got from the previous goverment after what we had to go through those years. Today we are all battling of stupid and uneducated, supposedly, leaders. I wish people can wake-up and and hear the music; by the way it is not nice music. Just think about the music of the past festive season, not to good for a couple of the supposedly goverment representitives. WHATAM I ACTUALLY TRYING TO SAY? Thinking about Zimbabwe, taking in concederation the 'kak' we have in the goverment, plus the inline, "very clever JULIUS 'WANA HAVE A BRAIN' MALEMA", what is the vuture for proper South Africans? My only hope or dream is to have a One-on-One with Malema, to just prove to him how stupid he is without all the, who tries to help him think. Ek hoop as Malema, eendag, opdaag by Steve se braai, kan ek ook daar wees. Pls. reply

  57. Ellie

    I can understand where he is coming from when he used / uses the now infamous phrase: "You're racist!…", because, let's face it, it still exists. However, I for one has learnt to just look away from it all…it makes no sense to dwell on the hate…I found that the hate just grew…it's tiring stuff!
    Furthermore, the fact of the matter is that Julius Malema IS an idiot and a dumb ass to boot! He possesses no tact.  He is not trying to further our growth as a nation, but merely to line his pockets. You, dear sir (THABISO DUBA), with your threats only spells T.E.R.R.O.R.I.S.T! What else would you call it? 

  58. errol

    malema is not a poes,(a poes is  a good thing) he is an arsehole,and full of shit,he is a good  indication of the level of the anc.they are only numbers and no other reason to be in power.eg,zuma,aunty winnie must I go on ?

  59. Fred de Beer

    My only hope is that black South Africans realize that Malema se kak is detrimental to the country as a whole.  It is black South Africans that can put this moron in his place and thus ensure he NEVER sees power.  It actually makes me laugh to compare Mandela to Malema.  Malema was a laaitie even in 1994!  He knows nothing of the 'struggle' of which he was such an integral part. 
    Ek sê nou vir julle wat Afrikaans kan praat: daai ou gaan hierdie land vernietig en niemand gaan hom stop nie (Mugabe, anyone?).  Ons moet die ‘black middle class’ op ons kant hê! Ons soek almal dieselfde ding: om veilig in ons huise te slaap en die veiligheid van ons kinders te verseker.
    Just think, Malema fancies himself a relic or South Africa's past.  Imagine if all South Africa's relics (SAW manne) decided together that enough was enough.  Then I think he would worry a bit.  
    Ek het niks meer om hierdie drol te sê  nie. Cheers

  60. Fred de Beer

    Ek sê nou vir julle: daai ou gaan hierdie land vernietig en niemand gaan hom stop nie (Mugabe?).  Ons moet die ‘black middle class’ op ons kant hê want hulle is eintlik op ons kant! Ons soek almal dieselfde ding: om veilig in ons huise te slaap en sonder te worry om die veiligheid van ons kinders nie.  Not sure what happened to my previous post but I think you get the message.  Zuma says: Deur saam te werk kan ons meer doen. That’s right, prove it!

  61. nev

    malema is die grootste dom donner op s.a se bodem,hy is so mal soos n' haas en blerrie onnosel.dis net n' klomp idiote  wat na hom kan luister en saam stem,hy's n' mal moer

  62. Dirk Diggler Diktros

    die realiteit is die mag waarmee die poes sit en opbou – nie net hy nie, en ook die netto finansieele waardes van sy verskeie finansieele onderneminge, me onder andere, madiba se kelinseun, zuma se familie ens.  Letterlik Biljoene rand.  Dis nou nie meer snaaks nie.

  63. doesnt matter

    I was lucky enough to be at the DJ Fresh and Euphonik concert in Miami last week. Guess who turns up in the VIP section? Julius Malema + entourage! Spending our hard earned money. Isnt he supposed to be guiding and teaching the next leaders of our country?
    Fuck J*lius! He is an arrogant fuck that needs to be exiled from our purely for the fact that he is an idiot! 
    The party was awesome, though. 

  64. lucas

    I am black i have many white friends but i see wat u saying and i will become SA's presidand but only if the youth votes for me ,we can do this people just stand together…….why because of the colour of your skin does it mean weather u will get a job,its bull shizz i have white friends parents who work their ass off to put their kids through school..what for if they not going to get a job 1 day……He is takeing the white peoples dreams LETS GET THESE BAD EGGS OUT OF HERE…..
    lucas khohlakala..

  65. tosseltjie

    Dubah, gah thrug skhool toe boet. jou spelling vrot. Jys kan net 17jr oud wees, geen rural skool het enige sukses gewys ini nuwe era nie , behalwe om te verneuk met die punte en meer matrikulante ini samelewing in te stuur met malema syndrome

  66. douglas

    Fellow south africans we must be realistic and face the truth honestly,if we want a change in our country,we must all of us unite and be one as a nation,.It is not going to change anything to verbally fight but for us those that see where these country is going must do something,holding meeting,sharing ideas through internet,or even form a party that will look at south africa with a different vision. Real people knows the truth. South africa my land. South africa your land and South africa our land

  67. Dirk Diggler Diktros

    Mr Duba, what is a COMMER? What is BOKROL?  What IS A FACT is that Malema's sperm entered the gene pool when the lifeguard was off duty….

  68. Honda boy

    "We must respect what Malema stands for"-Duba.Lol so what exactly does he stand for?Well from what weve gathered he definitly stands for hate speech nationwide.He doesnt respect foreighners at all,example the british journalist.You can hear in the way he talks that he barely has an education.I mean what is a totally uneducated person doing supposedly leading a black,poor youth???How is he representing the ANC???He is supposed to be standing up for the poor but he lives in the lap of luxury-what the poor dont realize is by them supporting him,they are making him stinking rich, and not getting any benefits whatsoever???Which was the plan from the beggining,duh???Lol , Not to mention the fact that he intices friction between black & white.He is nothing but a hippacrate who is dragging South Africas name through the mud and inevitably creating a Zimbabwe.

  69. Wessie

    Malema is a shame and disgrace for our beautifull country..Dumb dumber MALEMA!

  70. Hager

    Julius can’t be called a poes, that is something you can use. He is more like broken knees, with that you get do fokol.

  71. trilskil

    Duba … Malema is nothing but a hate monger fucking cockroach ! He is a disgrace to SA !

  72. Mella

    Julius Malema is n baie slim kakmaker en moet ASAP net gefokken moer word! enige volunteers? Die doos praat heeltyd van die revolution: dis 2011!!! Die revolution is al 21 jaar klaar!

  73. Hennieb

    Tot hoe oud kan jy wees om die "youth league" se leier te wees? 

  74. PeterV

    Kruger-Dunning effek deluxe. Meeste mense wat kak praat sindroom

  75. gherholdt

    What moderation????????????????????????????????????????????

  76. gherholdt

    This is a site for the scared of saying what is what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. gherholdt

    I, Dont believe in the justice system!! The township law is better(bundu-Law)

  78. pieter

    If julius malema cared for our country, he would'nt have cared to win or loose the court case, but only cared for all people and let go of songs like "kill a boer, Kill a farmer".
    It only creates conflick amongst fellow countrymen and hatred. He says he means no harm by singing these songs, but still Farmers are being killed regularly. Some stupid uncultered idiot thinks he must kill because jm says so!
    Stop singing these songs julius, start loving your fellow countrymen and united, in order to better this Beatifull Country of ours, so that we can love one another and make South Africa a safe, free of corruption, free of crime and murders, etc. Grow up man! Forget the Past we live for the FUTURE!!! 

  79. Malema se Moer

    S30d – 0773H

  80. Jokerinthepack

    The ANC and its leaders are 'shepherding' this country in the very direction as to why   apartheid existed. Anarchy (or is that apathy?),Nepotism (or is that tribalism?), Corruption (or is that crime?).
    Stand back, laugh and enjoy as it unfolds as predicted.

  81. Eve

    I can't believe that the case is going on for so long.  What a joke!!! If we all had to go back to screaming racist names such as the K word we'd be arreasted and fined on the spot.  Kill and shot the Boer means nothing.  All it is, is aparheid reversed!!!!!! 

  82. Prof. Bokdrol

    Eve my dear, I do so share your sentiments about the poes in question on this page, but kindly get your grammar above the level of Juju's woodwork marks if you please?

  83. Dirk Diggler Diktros

    Ontspan die boudjies almal.  Enige revolusievegter of wat hierdie buidelrotnaaiers hulsef noem en dan sing UMSHINIWAM, UMSHINIWAM – gee my majiengeweer, gee my masjiegeweer, is lankal vrekgeskiet in kontak my blaar.  Jy dra jou wapen by jou, 24/7.  As jy draers vir jou gun het is jy fokken dood en Garp sien uit daarna.  Bietjie geroes, maar active ops in Angola loop sterk.  Bring my umshiniwham – joke.  DDD

  84. Shwabahla

    I’m so flabbagastd to hear wat our own black ppl hv bn sayng abt our own blck leader, wow again white folks are managing 2 make most blk ppl 2 blv dt JM is wrong or guilty, pls wake up guys coz dis ppl never accepted democracy in de 1st place and 2 b led by blck person bt stil u cnt c dat, and stop enjoyng being led by white racists folks.

  85. Prof. Bokdrol

    Ag fok, helaas is alles verlore – selfs 'n hele peleton Grammar Nazi's kan nooit daai fokken MXit-speak se legacy uitwis nie!

  86. Dirk Diggler Diktros

    Shwabahla, this is my third attempt to get through to you and I sincerely hope there is a connection this time.  Two brief points firstly, if your opinion is as weak as your grammar, your basis for deductive resoning is fucked.  Secondly, none of your comments and points hold any water, so please see my response to "shakes" earlier in this blog.  I truly hope you get better soon and feel well even sooner.  Regards, DDD

  87. eve

    Sorry Prof about my (spelling) but I was in a hurry which is no excuse.  Well at least you got my point!!!!!    I do feel quite stupid!!!

  88. Prof. Bokdrol

    Eve, all was said tongue in cheek, and normally on this site I get told to go fuck myself for comments like those, so you seem like a real sweetie – if you plan to comment here regularly you could do with some toughening up! Start by calling Juju a poes in the public domain and see if you feels meer befok afterwards?

  89. douglas

    These child freedom is only seventeen years old and the pain that most people felt before he was born their wounts are not not yet cured, and for us the youth of south africa, who every day point fingers at one another will end up loosing all that was fought for by our forefathers. From as far as Bram Fisher to Nelson Mandela the dream of living in freedom had always been their career and I urge to us all the youth of South Africa to spent more time on how to mantain love and peace among us …The future and the better lifes of South Africans is in our hands.PEACE 

  90. Prof. Bokdrol

    Vandag se mantra: "Ek sal fokkol doosliks sê oor Douglas se comment; ek sal fokkol doosliks sê oor Douglas se comment; ek sal fokkol doosliks sê oor Douglas se comment…….

  91. Dirk Diggler Diktros

    douglas, you are an enlightened person of similar opinion.  i hope this gets posted.  fabricatti di diem, vulva.  feel it, brother, DDD

  92. Lt.Parow

    die waarheid maak seer so vok hom

  93. Jags Jannie

    Douglas, siende dat jy minderjarig is en nog nie mag vloek nie, sal ek jou maar moet "pottie-train" my seun. In kort, die op die klip-uitgekakte en son-uitgebrande fokken bevrugte eiersel, is besig om met die jeug van vandag se fokken "grysstof" rond-te-kont. Intussen sit hy diep in die ANCYL lede se zak en voel fokkol vir enige iemand anders as homself nie. Die vierkantige-karton papier-struktuur of DOOS in Afrikaans. Kortom, in beste bekrywende taal verbruik, hy is 'n groot POES. Einde van les 1………

  94. Whatmendreamabout

    Ek is nuut tot die site, maar 4ken LAVITT!!!  DDD en prof, u rock!

  95. Beeba

    Sorry for the English reply. I obect to you calling this oxygen thief a "poes". In my language a "poes" is a very usefull thing. This piece of low life needs a name that is unique to only him and the likes of bin laden

  96. arno west AKA Dude

    As ek "Arno is" intik is ek vermoedelik gay of in new orleans, 2 voorstelle wat altwee kak/modder wil stoot. ek dink google moet hulle feite reg kry

  97. Dirk Diggler Diktros

    Dude, u rock this joint, much betta!

  98. Prof. Bokdrol

    Dankie WMDA; moerse naais van jou – hier's 'n paar eenvoudige tips:
    1) Belangrikste is dat jy fokkol wat gepublish word kan delete, so dink so bietjie voor jy "Post Comment" kliek (fok, ek hoop ek luister na myself – daar's heelwat kak wat ek al gepraat het wat ek sou wou delete/onttrek as ek kon – soos hulle sê, die Internet is forever;
    2) Dit herinner my – as jy sit en suip terwyl jy comment, wees ekstra waaksaam met daai Keyboard Warrior-attitude;
    3) Behalwe vir die odd verbygaande kont wat dit verdien, moenie onnodiglik 'n doos wees met ander Watkykertjies nie – veral nie as jy sit en suip nie (verwys na tip #2);
    4) Moenie vir Zefmeester kak byt nie;
    5) Spelling is belangrik in kont-teks…of dalk fokken belangrik…of dalk glad nie fokken belangrik nie; ek probeer daai een nog self uit-figure;
    6) As jy jou drank op jou mat omdonner, gooi baie sodawater daarop uit en droog dadelik op met baie papierservette om vlekke te voorkom;
    7) Onthou om altyd jou handjies te was, veral na skommies. Dis net mooi maniere.

  99. DomDan

    Julius Malema is my grootste Hero — as dit ni vir hom was ni dan was ek die wereld se domste doos. Dankie Julius.

  100. Dirk Diggler Diktros

    Geagte WMDA en Prof.  Dankie Prof, ek het natuurlik omtrent al die basics vergeet, jou insettinge hierbo is goud, nee platinum werd, sommer vir almal, veral die dosevan die ANCYL wat ongelleterdheid tot die volgende vlak neem, soos mxit taal, caps-lock sinne en fuck-up taal grammatieka..  Net n gedagte, komende van n gesertifiseerde skisofreen-suipende-tikkende-min-respek-vir-keyboard-ninja wat buite die doos is oor punt 6.  As ek drank oppie mat ommoer, doen ek 1) gee die mat CPR en suig die drank uit, Vodka is duur teen twee liter per 24 uur.  2)  Tergeleketyd met CPR, soos Prof se, probeer ek vloeistof "opsuig", maar ek gebruik dustbuster, wat reversible is, dan recycle ek die dop.  Ek lewe groen en verklein so my koolstofspoor (carbon footprint).  DDD

  101. Willem Wikkelspies

    Ja/Nee bou met sy generasie se nasie wat nie eers kan werk met hout nie..
    Persoonlik dink ek almal blaf teen die verkeerde boom op as dit kom by Julias. Hy is regtig net die puppet wat se wat die ander nie regtig kan of wil se nie. Daai mannetjie is better beskerm as die R in Proes straat. Wat my soms so effe in my mond laat kots is dat my en elke SA burger wat belasting betaal se geld gebruik word om hom op te pas. 

  102. DOG

    Dan is hy n knieg – laer as n poes ??

  103. Jags Jannie

    Prof, punte 1, 3, 4 & 5 is haalbaar vir my. Punt 2 bietjie moeiliker. Punt 6 onmoontlik want ek het eed met myself dat vir elke drankie (druppel) aartappelsap gemors, ek my piel met hamer moet kap. Dis fokken seer glo my en dus let ek op in die klas. Punt 7, sal tog vir omama herinner om te voldoen na sy my gespeel het……

  104. douglas

    Julius malema has made a good example of how it feels like to be an insulting leader and I’m at no stage of being pottei trained insults, I could rather understand that south africans have the rite to freedom of saying what ever they feel its their opinion and I believe that for him to be called a poes by some of us is due to the unsatisfaction of his way of talking,however the leaders that fought for black and white discrimination has buried it seventeen years ago and up until now there is steel a black and white leather word from our youth,s comments, Allowing changes and differences in our life can bring peace and justice in way we all deserve it. PEACE

  105. Rachel Boeremeisie

    EK LURV DIE SITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  106. Dirk Diggler Diktros

    douglas, should i translate the latin for you, you cretin? DDD

  107. Dirk Diggler Diktros

    Dougie, I merely ask, because you strike me as a person of superior intellect.  Or maybe I should just cut and paste it again, Fabricatie de diem, Vulva!  DDD

  108. Dirk Diggler Diktros

    Amper daar Arno, dis "Make my day, poes!" jy kan self in afrikaans klank….

  109. lekke lizzy

    tune 'n ding soos hy is! reguit…  julle is my inspirasie! haha 

  110. Dirk Diggler Diktros

    Arno en nedelesers, jul kan altyd Juju doe volgende meedeel, dis wel bewys…Mater tua criceta fuit, et pater tuo redoluit bacarum sambucus – Jou ma was n hamster en jou pa het na moerbuie gestink.  DDD

  111. louwhan


    A woman in a hot air balloon realised she was lost. She lowered her altitude and spotted a man below.

    "Excuse me," she called, "can you help me? I promised a friend I would meet him an hour ago, but I don't know where I am."

    The man consulted his portable GPS. "You're in a hot air balloon, approximately 10m above a ground elevation of 782m above sea level," he said. "You are at 31 degrees, 14.97 minutes north latitude and 100 degrees, 49.09 minutes west longitude."

    She rolled her eyes and said: "You must be a DA supporter!"

    "I am," replied the man. "How did you know?"

    "Well," answered the balloonist," everything you told me is technically correct, but I have no idea what to do with your information, and I'm still lost. Frankly, you've not been much help."

    The man smiled and responded: "You must be an ANC government official."

    "I am," replied the balloonist. "How did you know?"

    "Well," said the man, "you don't know where you are or where you are going. You've risen to where you are due to a large quantity of hot air. You made a promise that you have no idea how to keep, and you expect me to solve your problem. You're in exactly the same position you were in before we met, but, somehow, now it's my fault.

  112. Dirk Diggler Diktros

    Defnitief.  Soos Sanlam.  Verseker.  Lam innie pram ANC.  DDD

  113. Qoos

    Jisis as spelling regtig belangrik was,is julle almal n poes

  114. KatoNamus

    Dankie, julle het sopas my stoel opgefok. Myself gepis van die lag! (Wel, nie regtig nie, maar dit klink befok as jy gesuip is :D)

    In Elk Geval; julle is die elite van SA, ek's fo-o-o-o-o-okken moerse bly daar's nog mense met breins in dié land.

  115. louwhan

    Nee David, dis poese. Daars geen tee in meer as een poes nie, net heuning (en bloed so af en toe.)

  116. louwhan

    Michael – jys reg, Steve Mofryer is die Vanilla eish weergawe van Malemmer so hys ´n poes.

  117. Dirk Diggler Diktros

    Wat praat julle ouens?  Steve is n goeie ou.  Goed om teen te pis ja……DDD

  118. Michael

    DDD pas ook mooi by steve

  119. Willem Wikkelspies

    Dit smaak my hy is deesdae bietjie aan die bek geruk deur die einste "lady justice" wat stortkop gerape het….Maar dis net wat die media vir ons vertel. Weet nooit hoe hard daai tikkie op die hand regtig was nie!

  120. Dirk Diggler Diktros

    Micheal, baie dankie!  Ek verkneunel my aan jou berisping.  Dis voorwaar uit voorste rak.  Byt egter vas jong man, ek sien egter jy het nog n lang pad om te loop.  Moenie moed opgee nie.  Ek weet dit raak soms alleen en jy weet nie watter kant toe nie.  In die donker vra jy jouself allerhande kwintessensiele vrae af..  Die ding is om nie op te hou nie.  Ek sien jy gaan egter nou deur n moeilike tyd.  Dis n toets van karakter.  Byt vas, jy kan n beter mens anderkant uitkom.  Sterkte, ek hoop jy voel sommer gou beter…DDD

  121. Willem Wikkelspies

    LOL DDD, dis soos om met 'n wit satyn handskoen deur die gesig gemoer te word. Dit voel moerse snaaks maar aan die einde van die dag is dit nog steeds 'n insult… moerse snaaks, hou die blink kant bo!

  122. SoldaatSannie

    Ek het nou al duer almal se comments gegaan en nou eers my kak af gelag. JuliPoes Malenoma.. Die probleem hier is nie al die kak wat die dooskop kweit raak nie.. Die probleem is die dom donnerse jeug wat hom volg en in n mags posisie sit…
    Maar wat kan jy verwag van n klomp kinders wat nie eers duer graad 6 kan kom nie ?? Dit was onlangs op die nuus gewees dat die jeug n klomp waterkoppies is en dis daar waar die kak le. Solank jy Dom donners het wat dom donners ondersteun gaan jy altyd kak he.
    Dom poeste weet nie van beter nie so hulle volg JuliPoes Melanoma sonner vraag..
    Griff ek weet die comment gaan baie waterkoppies onstel maar post dit seblief.

  123. Prof. Bokdrol

    Fokken hel – praat van verdeelde lojaliteite! Ek wil moer graag saam met SoldaatSannie stem, maar tot sy daai kakspul hierbo mooi herrangskik in 'n taal wat mens kan verstaan kan ek nie waag om my naam by assosiasie kont te maak nie…

  124. SoldaatSannie

    Haha ok ek moet admit ek is redelek scatterbrein vandag so vergewe maar asseblief.
    Prof jy is mos immers n Prof, so jy behoort deur my kriptiese skryfstuk die kern te kan verstaan

  125. Prof. Bokdrol

    Amper reg, SoldaatSannie – ek is iets met 'n "p" en 'n "o" maar die ander twee letters is nie "r" en "f" nie…

  126. Dirk Diggler Diktros

    Daar het n tegniese foutjie ingesluip en die kommissie van ondersoek, ondersoek dit.  Byt vas.  DDD

  127. neville lamberti

    I am also sick of that poes. He under estimates us whites. He’ll eat dirt.

  128. stef1756

    Als gaan oor politieke mag die "donners" dink mag sit in hul skote maar "suprize" surprize sal nog lank vat voordat 'n sekere paaar mense sal gaan lé. Die stil persoon word altyd die meeste geonner skat?!?

  129. Jakes

    Ek sien die doos bou vir hom 'n bomskuiling in sy nuwe R16mil se huis in. Weet hy iets wat ons nie weet nie.

  130. Jags Jannie

    …dat sy naam by Cosatu opgekom het! Koolkop-kont!

  131. Vlaknaai

    Fok , die storie bly in die top 10 ! Fok weet , net deur die artikel het watkykjy seker al miljoen nuwe kykertjies bygekry !!

  132. Prof. Bokdrol

    Vlaknaai, hierdie storie sal uit die Top 10 uit-drop die dag as Julius Malema ophou om 'n poes te wees…

  133. marius

    a nee a!!
    Julle kan mos nooit die dom donner so assosieer met iets wat so mooi is nie. Kom ons noem hom eerder ”werfetter” of Julius ‘slangkak’ Malema, of miskien, JouLuis MaNaaier’ of so iets. Mens mors nie so met kos nie!!

  134. Prof. Bokdrol

    Ahhh, net nog 'n lieflike (dronk) Sondagoggend in Pitooria (die weer is wel skielik en onverwags bewolk en baie kak – seker te veel Kapenaars in die dorp?) Sit en kyk vir my twee jong brakke wat play-fight en toutrek met my nuwe handdoek wat hulle van die wasgoedlyn afgetrek het, die klein fokkers – ek was oorspronlik eers hewig de bliksem in, toe verbeel ek my dis twee Rottweilers wat toutrek met Juju en toe voel ek skielik baaaie fokken beter…

  135. Vlaknaai

    juliass gaan die keer op sy poes kry by papa zuma . Hy is nou op daai stadium waar jou pa jou nie meer met n belt innie kamer pak gee nie , maar jou sommer n poesklap op die plek gee ! 

  136. Jags Jannie

    Vlaknaai, sal graag wil saamstem, maar na vanoggend se nuus nie so seker nie. Lyk asof sy advokate hom gaan uitkry uit die een uit. En dit nadat hy fisies 'n opstand bewerkstellig het met sy volgelinge. Enigste land in wereld wat so iets toelaat en wegkom daarmee. Fokkers!

  137. Leon

    Ek het dit sommer nou net gegoogle om te check of julle nie kakpraat nie, en dis hoe ek dit kry…

  138. Bossssman

    Manne ek voel hartseer dat ons van so lekke ding so sleg kan praat kom ons noem hom knie, want hy is laer as n poes!!!

  139. oumatjie

    Eeiisshh!! Nou hoe kan julle so lelik van die arme mens praat hy is mos een van die agter geblewenis julle moet hom mooi behandel hy gan nog ons president word dan het ons kak ons moet ons kinders orienteer en hulle toelaat om by di youthleague aan te sluit miskien sal dit beter gaan met ons as Juliuspoes president is.

  140. satan

    hay…..oumatjie!!!!gan eet n appel en poep…….en stuff….ek hou nie van jou nie.

  141. poeslekker

    Asb ek vra mooi dat julle nie vir Juju n poes noem nie! As julle dit aanhou doen gaan julle die woordeboek betekenis van poeslekker opvok,en dan lek ek nooit weer doos nie!

  142. vasco

    julius is the one saying people are racist look where it got him lmao! Just saying….. Being racist is a crime and crime is for people like him.

  143. Khanyisa

    To the mother fucker who said Julius Malema’s poes….Jou ma se poes

  144. kinnie

    'n Poes is 'n geslags orgaan van 'n vrou waardeur die meeste van julle gebore is.  Hoe sal jou ma wat aan jou geboorte geskenk het hieroor voel?  Noem hom eerder die manlike geslags orgaan aangesien 'n manlike geslagsorgaan bloot aan 'n man hang om deur te piepie en om hope kinders te verwek waarvoor die meeste mans nie kan sorg nie.  

  145. Alfa Charly

    Nee wat as ek so na jul luister is juju die minste van ons probleme. Om te top oor die verlede is so goed om branewyn te drink om nugter te raak. As ek lees wat jul skryf is ek maar bekommerd oor jul kinders se opvoeding en sidder as ek dink hul moet eendag die land se leiers word. Ek kry skaam as ek dink my mede suid-afrikaners wat so in detail kritiseer kan dit nie eens op n ordentlike manier doen nie.
    kry werk vir jul hande julle is ledig.


     julius malema se ma se poes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!* as ek kan iets se

  147. Nicky

    Dis so jammer dat ons as Afrikaanse mense onself verlaag om sulke krue taal te gebruik.  Julle noem julle self dames, nee wat dan is ek 'n "queen".

  148. Prof. Bokdrol

    Dis so jammer dat ons Afrikaanse mense ons so verlaag deur sulke Godsafskuwelike taalversorging in cyberspace in te stuur…

  149. fred verwey

    ja,n woord vir juju en sy gevolg is ;brainless .onbevoegd
    onopgevoed en onbeskof ongemanierd .

  150. Boohringer

    Donder Mense… Dai Tannies raak Onvergenoegd! Hulle is seker Afrikaanse Onderwysers, En Thx vir di Lag Hahaha Di Site Fkn Rule! Wa Afrikaanse Mense Yt Ooze en Weg Breuk van Normaliteit Af (Ou Tannies Moan Ma! Ds Beter as Dagga), Oh en… Julius Malema se Poes!

  151. JUJU

    Julle wat so kommentaar wil lewer oor kru taal, WAT MAAK JULLE OP DIE SITE!!!!!!! Malema se moer en dit staan op ons ingang se borde op die plaas.  Soek julle 'n foto?????????? Fok die moer wat so ons geld steel en in weelde lewe

  152. Pinky

    Haha julle is maar nogals n snaakse klomp seuns en ja ħƹħƹ ds nogals kak snaaks as j dt op soek en di results kom so uit haha dis snaaks

  153. chris

    People white and black need to stop thinking and living appartheid and start taking action against those who do go according to it. Judge by knowledge, not by skin colour … if the person is fit for the job then give it to her/him. My opinion? Fuck the BEEE system, fuck those who act and think racist and fuck those who actually go the extra mile to drive SA even deeper into the soil. Look around you …. SA is becoming the next zimbabwe … where they need a trolley full of money for a loaf of bread. Pathetic if you ask me. All the striking shit and extensive violence just for a few thousands increase? Need I go on? Where is the president, regardless on skin colour. This is all a big fat fucking joke

  154. Dr. Onk

    chris: Fok, my ou – you need to lay off the Bostik for a while.

  155. That girl from 1993

    Dr. Onk I think you should lay off the Bostik for a while, or is there something else that you’re smoking that’s causing you to be so blind? I agree with Chris 100%…the BEE actually goes against our Constitution,it’s bullshit…20 years have past where black people could get themselves “back on track”, but what have they done so far? Fuckall…actually they have driven this country lower than snake shit lying at the deepest bottom of the sea,it’s just that they don’t give a shit about what happens to this country at all…as long as they can live the “high life”, us normal people here don’t matter. Who the fuck gives someone the right to say oh your the perfect candidate for this job,but uhm your skin colour is too white/pale/not black enough…excuse me?!?! That’s not “getting back on track” that flippen screams racism and no one is doing anything about it! People just need to wake up and stand together, white black coloured indian,whatever you are,I really don’t care…don’t let the colour of your skin or other people’s skin dictate our lives…its plain stupid

  156. Prof. Bokdrol

    My Dearest 1993 Girl,
    You must please excuse my esteemed colleague Dr. Onk. You see, he fancies himself as a bit of an amateur dipsomaniac in his spare time, which has resulted in many an embarrassing moment for myself. As but one example, while trying to get into the spirit (geddit?) of things with him on the East Rand on a Hump Day night out one day, we were both incarcerated overnight and released with a warning the next day, after he insisted on mooning a family of Seventh Day Adventists having their Sabbath supper at the Boksburg Lake Spur by pressing his buttcheeks up against the window from the outside and doing his best "through-the-glass-motorboat-fart" ever. It took the Spur staff 3 days to wipe up all the customers' puke and they didn't have a single diner for three months afterwards, but in any event the purpose of this anecdote is to give you some background on his psychological profile.
    One of the many other things that brings his OCD side to the fore – or that gets his goat, so to speak – is people who mangle ANY language to the same degree that Jacob Zuma rapes elementary Neanderthal era numeracy – 939 million and six thousand and thirty thousand times. We have supposedly evolved over millions of years, and there are about 7-gazillion-and-plenty Gods who were supposed to infuse Earthlings with some intelligence, so if both "chris" and your kind self could refrain from speaking in clicks and grunts on the Internet in the 21st century it would calm my colleague's nerves to the extent that I don't have to call the Pretoria Zoo emergency squad to tranquilize him with their elephant dart gun when he reads your comments, that at best look like the smeared thumbprints of a spastic gorilla to anyone with opposable digits.
    You really have to try harder – and lay off the Bostik please. Really.
    With best regards,
    Prof. Bokdrol.

  157. Reich Van Deventer

    Poes snaaks skeur myself en dit is waar julius malaema bly n poes

  158. Chris

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion Dr. Onk, i'm 24, i don't know much about apartheid or how the black culture suffered ect …. i have little knowledge on that … but that was my opinion. You have your opinions and i will have mine, But what pisses me the fuck off is that we get Julius Malema and Jacob Zuma that spends R250 million rand on houses and that pays a shit load of money for striking to commence …. just to satisfy their own wants … they demand, they kill, they take what is not theirs … the farms that are taken away from white farmers and 10 years later considered as being fucking worthless …. that is racism and BEEE shit. My friend i can make a list of kak …. but what is the point, what am i achieving in doing that? I am motivated to make a success of my life and to be a good influence on family and friends around me. I will work for what i want and i will earn my living. That is why i said they are a joke … 'demand' needs to be a crime

  159. malema is n poes

    Julius malema is n groot ingelegde blikkie uit geryde

  160. titties

    Julias my friend as google se jys n poes dans jy n poes!!!

  161. devil

    Julius malema is n groot poes en as jy mooi gaan kyk lyk hy soos n piel kop ek sweer hy naai sy hond met sy kop

  162. edward

    Julias malema is I ingenaaide poes en hys I asshole en hy naai sy honed met sy gat

  163. jetauser

    Dinge het deesdae verander hy is oky.
    #ZUMA must fall

  164. bella

    moet ni so praat van my julius malama ni…hyt nou pouse …heel tyd speel vi di poes

  165. Gert

    Nee man ñ poes kan jy nog gebruik om voort te plant en na sate te maak.
    HY IS Ñ STINK DEEL VAN Ñ MUIL DOOS jy kan die ding nie gebruik nie

  166. Malema se pa

    sy ma like hom nie eers ni sy het gewonder wat die v het sy nou uit gedruk, het sy nie dalk n mse fout gemaak nie(sy pa vk ek haat my lewe)

  167. Hugo

    Halloo. Deesdae mag jy mos nie se hys n poes nie want hys mos kroonwild ! Maar ek dink hys n poes .

  168. FJM

    Hys so lelik toe hy gebore was het die dokter sy ma n poes klap gegee😂😂

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