Telkom kry duifkak in die gesig

In Kak companies deur griffin

Dis tyd dat Telkom fokken square op die neus gebliksem word. ‘n Goeie manier om dit te doen is om deur middel van ‘n baie praktiese metode vir hulle te wys hoe erg hulle pielsuig.

Julle sal volgende week daarvan lees in die koerante ook.

Hier is die bottom line:
‘n Company wat gatvol is vir kak diens gaan ‘n 4gb SD kaart aan ‘n duif se poot vas strap en terselfdetyd hulle file oor die netwerk stuur. Wie gaan wen?

Ek self het al ‘n stel of drie hierdie jaar afgetrap met Telkom. Ek kan ‘n boek daaroor skryf, maar het nie tyd vir kak nie. Basically het niks in 10 jaar verander nie.

Hier volg Neil se e-mail:

Hi Guys/Gals

We are having a bit of fun at the expense of our favourite telecoms provider Helkom. Let me explain. We have satellite call centres which are connected via business ADSL’s to our main data centre. As usual these connections where very unstable and extremely slow. This caused a huge amount of frustration for us as we need to move voice logs(100’s of megabytes) a day up to our main databases for QA and legal purposes. Our company runs on sales and without voice logs we have no binding contract between us and the customer. So they are pretty essential.

Anyway I read a Aprils fools white paper about Avian carrier networks a couple of years ago. Basically it is a protocol that uses racing pigeons as a network layer. This got me thinking about how fast we can transfer the data by racing pigeon. I discussed this idea with my CIO one night having a couple of drinks. When we did the math we found out that we can transfer the data faster by pigeon for certain sites. So we made a project of it. Next week Wednesday is Pigeon VS ADSL day here at the unlimited world. We have the media involved so check the Sunday times for a article on this event.

Basically we will be flying a pigeon with a 4GB micro SD card from Howick to our central site in Hillcrest. We did a dry run yesterday. Here is the stats: Pigeon took 48 minutes to deliver the data. ADSL is still downloading. Telkom got hold of this via the media and is currently in a flat spin. We got a call from Telkom asking us for our circuit numbers so they can make sure we have good service.

Here is the best part. We spend +/- R 45000 a month just on rental for these lines. If we moved to the Avian Carrier Network we will be saving a whopping R 35 000 a month.

Check out the facebook group, do a search for Winston the pigeon on facebook. Also watch the local press for some tongue in cheek articles about our great Helkom.


PS: The Original White Paper is located here:

Check hierdie ook sommer uit:

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