Have you tried parking in Brooklyn Mall recently?

In Park soos 'n poes deur griffin

Hi griff,

Herewith some pics taken 16 July at Brooklyn Mall in Pretoria.

I just have to mention that this was my initiation. I was referred to
the site by a friend – laughed my ass off and decided that we should
stand up for fun – there is no more fun in this world. So I printed a
bunch of pamphlets from the website and kept them in my handbag.

I’m 21 years old – a lady some would say but then also gifted with the
charm of immense road rage. So there I was minding my own business going
to the bank. OBVIOUSLY all the parking’s were taken and the ones that
were empty were reserved for some or other reason we normal human beings
can never come to understand.

Driving along looking for a parking I see this . . . . . what the fuck
is the first thing that comes to mind, then maybe I should show them I
can squeeze in there – I might just have done that if not for the fact
that I’m driving the companies car – although saying that I was there
first could be a nice cover-up. But no, being the mature lady that I am
I drive away get another parking and walk all the way there . . . . Now
I’m going to take the plunge and do what I set out to do.

Let me tell you – losing your virginity is a scary thing – I never thought
my only fear would be that the car alarm will go off or that a huge lady
would walk up behind me wanting to know what the fuck I was doing. None
the less – I’m on a mission and I sort of place-click-run . . ..

Laughing my ass of and feeling immense satisfaction I get to take revenge and enjoy walking all the way to my freaken car on the other side of the parking lot.

Thanks a bunch for your site – you rule. To all the people’s too scared
to place-click-run – it’s so worth it.


griff tunes: Jessica, I hope that these fucking douche bags see their own cars on this site. For the car owner reading this: Hou op om soos ‘n doos te parkeer en sulke shit sal nie met jou gebeur nie.
Vir die marabs in die blou karretjie: Daai is nie ‘n fokken parking nie.
Vir die Beamer idiot: Jy is ‘n Beamer idiot.

Onthou maats, as iemand soos ‘n poes parkeer, is die kans groot dat hy soos een sal bestuur ook…

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griffinHave you tried parking in Brooklyn Mall recently?