Nou kan jy ponde koop vir net oor die R7.

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News24 het weer die kat aan die poepstring beet:

London ‘living wage’ = £7.20
02/04/2007 17:45 – (SA)

London – London mayor Ken Livingstone called on Monday on employers in the capital to pay workers a “living wage” of at least £7.20 (about R52.34) an hour.

The new rate, worked out by the living wage unit, is higher than Britain’s national minimum wage of £5.35 (about R38.89) an hour, largely because of the cost of housing in London, one of the most expensive cities in the world.

Livingstone said: “The London living wage is vital to ensure the capital retains a skilled, committed workforce and this applies to those who provide all the essential services – without which London would grind to a halt – as much as it does to highly paid brokers, bankers or lawyers.”

The mayor said it was unacceptable that about one in seven of London’s full-time workers and almost half part-time workers were paid less.

Even though London heads the wages league, house prices in the capital are increasing at a faster rate than in the rest of the country and the average price for a property now stands at more than £300 000 (about R2.1m).

Steve Hart, regional secretary of the Transport and General Workers Union, described the creating of the London living wage as a “bold move” by the mayor.

Hart said: “It’s now about getting it in practice throughout the public and private sectors.”


Van wanneer af is die pond net oor die R7 werd, News24? Dis 2007 outjies. Word fokken wakker. Bietjie minder tik rook en julle facts check voor julle sommer bullshit publish.

O ja, in ander nuus: Ek het vir my ‘n ninja suit van Amerika af bestel. Hoekom? Bietjie meer oor dit later. There is method behind the madness…

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griffinNou kan jy ponde koop vir net oor die R7.