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In Gorrel kakpraat deur griffin

Are you one of those dicks that write on toilet walls? Remember to carry a pen with you. You never know when you’re gonna it need to cross the t’s or dot the i’s the next time you visit the porcelain throne…

Here are some ideas for you:

“Here I sit all broken hearted,
Came to shit, but only farted.”

“This is a teepee
where you peepee.
This is not a wigwam
where you beat your tomtom.”

“Here I sit in a misty vapor
Some damn fool stole the toilet paper
Late for work and I cannot linger
Lookout butt here comes my finger”

“Those who write on shithouse walls roll their shit into little balls.
Those who read those words of wit, eat those little balls of shit.”

“No need to hover above the seat,
the crabs in here can jump six feet.”


And then there are always opportunities to invent new kakhuis games. Never know how long someone can spend in there:

“Shithouse tennis: See other side!”
(Other side of the door): “Shithouse tennis: See other side!”

(straight ahead, on the door) “Let’s play toilet ping pong. Look to the left.”
(on the left wall) “Look to the right.
(on the right wall) “Look to the left.”

“You are now shitting at a 45 degree angle.”

“All turds longer than 6 inches must be lowered by hand”

Next time someone asks you where you come up with all your kak, send them here.

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