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Laas keer het ons vertel van The Most Amazing Show met Corné en Twakkie. Onthou jy? Ja man, daai snaakse zefgatte wat so band het, Style of Love? Laas keer man… met die headbands en die meisies op stage… Nee? Fok, anyway, ons interview hulle die keer. Of eintlik net vir Twakkie in die issue. Once.

CHopper: Wat kyk jy bra?
Twakkie This flippen computer screen stupid. How else must I write for you these answers?

CHopper: Set for us first the scene. Wie (of wat) is Corné en Twakkie?
Twakkie Um, Twakkie is me the guy which is writing this flippen answers and Corné is the Love Captain, who is kind of like my guru and mantor. He is a Dr Phil for the Love Muscle. For a real inside scoop on our whole lives go check out www.tmas.co.za

CHopper: Wie score meeste met die ladies?
Twakkie Corné.

CHopper: En die ouens?
Twakkie Barry Ronge.

CHopper: Hoe lank is julle bra's al aan die gang?
Twakkie Almost forever. We have known each other since we were just laaties there by the caravan park next of the Bimbo’s in De Lange Straat. Since then we have been training in the ancient art of the Style of Love. I am still wearing my training wheels, but Corné have to unleash me from time to time or else I make a mess in the caravan and we just got that new fur.

CHopper: Wat is die style of love, guy?
Twakkie The Style of Love is a life philosophy which can keep you cool and full of the good vibe and also get you into lots of polony salads with the guy, lady, ladyguy and guyladies of your choice. It is also the name of our amazing band which will be in your city shortly , unless you live in Maatjiesfontein because I still have that problem with the local polisie over that thing with the tractor and the pig which I have called “Soothy”.

CHopper: Hoekom lyk Twakkie 'n bietjie soos Asterix?
Twakkie Don’t make me moer you moffie boy.

CHopper: Wat skiem julle van Afrikaanse mense?
Twakkie They are pretty much everywhere.

CHopper: Wie's die stylie girlies wat by julle show wat mooi goed met Clover boksiemelk doen?
Twakkie That is totally confidential and only on a need-to-know basis.

CHopper: Wat is hulle telefoonnommers?
Twakkie 084-773 1245.

CHopper: Wat het toe actually met Icarus guy gebeur?
Twakkie He felled moer of a far and broke many flippen bones but got up again to feel pain again on another day. Icarus guy is a song about me and my job as being Corné’s sidecrack.

CHopper: Explain please for us why is love so very important and amazing thing?
Twakkie Because without it sometimes you will get a hand cramp.

CHopper: Hoekom moet mense na die Most Amazing Show kyk – why should we care?
Twakkie Sometimes life can be kak, and so also can a show, but not this one, which is why it is called The Most Amazing Show. Or else we would have called it The almost quite not kiff but actually quite kak show.

CHopper: Tell us from Twakkie's accident. You right, people were flipping worried.
Twakkie I really don’t like to talk about it, at least not until the hairs grow back.

CHopper: Waar kan mense meer lees oor Corné en Twakkie?
Twakkie On our amazing interwebsite, www.tmas.co.za, and also books and stuff.

CHopper: Is watkykjy.co.za nie die mees amazing website op ons planet nie?
Twakkie Actually no, that would be www.tmas.co.za, but you guys are a pretty close third behind www.smallshavedpigs.com.

CHopper: Wat's julle planne volgende – where, how and what?
Twakkie Check out the interwebsite, I can’t remember because of that spirit le bleu hangover, that meths sure can burn off a few unneccessamary brain cells.

CHopper: What's up met julle TV pilot? Gaan ons for real a most amazing TV show kry?
Twakkie Well the pilot is flippen cool guy, I think you will like it because it have a violence. Just waiting for the SABC to make up its flippen mind.

CHopper: Any last words?
Twakkie Yes.

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Chopper Charlie‘n Most Amazing Interview met Twakkie