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Ek weet nie warre fok hier aangaan nie. Miskien verstaan julle dit!

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Here are some doos’s that messed up my day yesterday

The first one I parked in the middle of the parking and he pulled up like this next to me, I wonder how he got out… my car and the bike was parked behind me when i was parked against the wall…

I would expect better from a biker

Thanks Dwaine

Onthou maats, as iemand soos ‘n poes parkeer, is die kans groot dat hy soos een sal bestuur ook…

Deel met jou tjommies!

    griffinEk weet nie warre fok hier aangaan nie. Miskien verstaan julle dit!
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    Die Antwoord – Rich Bitch teazer

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    Checkit, Die Antwoord se  nuwe music video vir Rich Bitch drop 28 Februarie. As jy geskiem het hulle kan nie nog ‘n level opgaan na Evil Boy nie, is jy in vir ‘n poesgroot surprize. Hulle het tussenin al klaar nog ‘n paar levels opgegaan en daar is fokken hectic surprizes oppad binnekort.

    Hier is solank ietsie om te speck.

    Ons kry gereeld briewe van mense wat ons uitkak oor Die Antwoord. Dit sluit in comments soos:

    “Hoekom het julle nog nooit iets op Watkykjy oor Die Antwoord ge-post nie? Is julle ooit bewus van die band se bestaan?”

    “Wat de fok is fout met julle? Ek het nog nooit iets op Watkykjy oor Die Antwoord gesien nie. Julle weet seker nie eers dat hulle ‘n song het wat se naam ‘Watkykjy’ is nie. Julle is fokken deur die kak pateties”

    Ons is baie jammer. Hiermee dan info oor Die Antwoord. Vir die eerste keer ooit op Watkykjy.

    DIE ANTWOORD iz a mega-zef rap-rave krew from Zuid Afrika.

    DIE ANTWOORD krew iz made of NINJA and YO-LANDI VI$$ER, da best 2 rapperz alive on Planet Earth, and DJ HI-TEK, da most next-level DJ in da Universe.
    DJ HI-TEK’S next-level beatz iz a dangerous mix of HI-NRG rave and hardcore gang$ta rap, dat intersplicez da luminous rush of infinity wif da power of da streetz.
    NINJA and YO-LANDI’S double-dragon-style rap-attak pumps hard like an unremovable little alien prawn stuck to your face wif it’s piel inside your throat dat lays special eggz inside your tummy dat can open your 3rd eye.
    U can’t fok wif DIE ANTWOORD.
    Even if u try 2 to fok wif DIE ANTWOORD, u just end up looking like a doos.
    DIE ANTWOORD iz Number 1:
    Plain en fokken simple…
    NINJA trained 2 become a ninja wif da secret Xhosa Ninja sect dat live hidden in da rain forests behind Natures Valley in Zuid Afrika.
    At first NINJA was not allowed to train wif da Xhosa Ninjaz because he was white, so he camped outside the secret Xhosa Ninja temple for 3 years.
    NINJA often got fucked up by the Xhosa Ninjaz for hanging out outside their secret temple, but NINJA would not go away and so eventually the Xhosa Ninjaz just left him alone.
    Then one day, one of the Xhosa Ninja Elderz had a vision dat a white ninja would be sent to them one day.
    And dat after his training dis Great White Ninja would go out into the world to rage a terrible war on Da Evil Nothing that has taken over da mindz of da people.
    NINJA was den allowed into da secret Xhosa Ninjaz temple where he trained to become a Master Of Reality.
    So, u can’t fuck wif da NINJA.
    Even if you try 2 fuk wif da NINJA, u will just end up looking stoopid and all your friends will laugh at u.
    NINJA rulez:
    Plain en fokken simple…
    YO-LANDI VI$$ER iz NINJA’Z best friend.
    YO-LANDI was raised on a small farm in da Eastern Cape in Zuid Afrika.
    Her father was a priest and a farmer.
    YO-LANDI rebelled against her conservative Afrikaans upbringing by bunking school da whole time, smoking weed and listening to music wif a lot of swearing in.
    When YO-LANDI was 16 years old she left da farm and went to a boarding school in Pretoria, but YO-LANDI was soon expelled from dis school for smoking weed and she was sent to rehab.
    After all dis drama YO-LANDI moved 2 Cape Town and hooked up wif her old buddy NINJA.
    YO-LANDI didn’t have a place 2 stay so NINJA said she could crash wif him in his kak little one room apartment for a while.
    YO-LANDI ended up staying wif NINJA in dis small little kak room for 5 yearz.
    During dis time NINJA and YO-LANDI had a lot of fun doing whatever they felt like doing while dey wrote next-level raps and hustled money for cheese and bread.
    One day NINJA and YO-LANDI hooked up wif DJ HI-TEK and DIE ANTWOORD was born.
    Da rest of dis story iz written in da starz.
    Either you know about dis story already, or u about to find out.
    Daar het jy dit nou.
    DJ HI-TEK iz a shape-shifting alien from anotha dimension.
    On DJ HI-TEK’s planet men breed wif men.
    After dese alien men get pregnant dey lay eggz out of their mouths.
    If an alien boy hatchez from an egg it is cared for by da alien men.
    If an alien girl hatches from da egg she is either eaten by da alien men, or released into da wild where she may survive to become a wild alien woman.
    Hunting wild alien women iz a popular sport on DJ HI-TEK’S home planet.
    DJ HI-TEK doesn’t like Lil Wayne, Lady Gaga or Black Eyed Peas because they all remind him of da alien women from hiz planet.
    Art by Kobus Holnaaier:
    kobus holnaaier
    Deel met jou tjommies!

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