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Bombs are about to drop on Die Cuntwoord! World Wide!

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Aaaaaaaaalrighty then! I’m doing this post in English so that people world-wide can understand what is about to to go down – the answer in short, is Die Antwoord. Watkykjy played an important role in the initial success and eventual rise of Die Antwoord and in an ironic turn of events, it seems that Watkykjy will be somewhat instrumental in the eventual collapse of Die Antwoord. What is even more ironic is that they did this to themselves, 100%.

You can go read up on the whole Zheani-saga which I addressed on the 3rd of April and use Google Translate (I might re-publish it at a later stage for the international audience). In fact, you should read that whole article, because you need to arm yourself with facts and try and not have an emotional reaction because you simply don’t care to read. Everything with regards to Zheani is addressed in that article:

Die Antwoord, rape allegations, video replies en kakbaie screenshots van text messages

Zheani’s story, however, only forms part of what is going to get revealed. You can see her as the match that lit this fuse which is going to explode a massive bomb. If it wasn’t for Zheani, I would have not given two fucks about what Die Antwoord was getting up to – our paths split more than 7 years ago and I kept to myself and moved on with my life. I just completely cut myself off from them because I could see in which directions things were headed. I’m a big boy who can look after myself, but reading and hearing about what happened to Zheani made me contact her. Certain things she said about what happened to her made perfect sense to me. From only one screen shot from her phone, I could see right into Ninja/Waddy’s dark soul and I knew she wasn’t lying. I’m not going into details about anything with regards to her story, because that is not important right now. Nor do I have to prove anything or have time to explain. The details will probably have to come out when Die Antwoord’s claws come out. They follow the same predictable recipe – the threats, the stupid fans (think Friends of Zuma, think Trump supporter type people), the lawyers and what seems to be their best form of attack – childish Instagram videos to discredit anyone who has anything to say. They try and get very insulting and personal in their instagram videos but we will get to Instagram in a minute.
What is important now is that you need to pay close attention to what is about to unfold over the next few days, months and weeks. At the same time I made contact with Zheani, I also made contact with an old “friend” of Die Antwoord. Yes, I was also a “friend” once. This guy – let’s just call him Kobus Holnaaier for now – worked on a LOT of projects for Die Antwoord. Projects he barely or never (it is probably barely, to be fair) got paid for. Projects he definitely never got credit for, because that is how Die Antwoord rolls. They take credit for fokken alles – Kobus Holnaaier sounds much funnier than someone who is trying to make a living from his work or art or trying to build a name and career for himself, so why let his art do the talking when they can just take it from him and give him a shitty name? So let’s go with Kobus Holnaaier, because he is the guy that *blows on poes big trumpet and rolls out red carpet* is going to naai Die Antwoord square in the fucking ass! By the way, all the photos as well as the painting used in this post was the work of Kobus. For these photos he never got a cent.
Kobus was Die Antwoord’s personal artists, videographer, diary man or whatever you want to call him. He was mostly in the shadows, a fly on the wall, documenting all the behind-the-scenes stuff and Die Antwoord became so oblivious to him that they just kept on doing the stupid shit they were doing and becoming numb and unaware of his existence. He played a big part in their success as well. Artwork and murals for their music videos, photo shoots, directing music videos and the list goes on. He kept documenting them, filming every moment and he has a stack of hard drives full of unseen videos and photos of Die Antwoord. 23 terrabytes of it, to be precise. If you don’t know how much that is don’t worry, it is a fuckload! It is probably enough to make a Netflix series with a few seasons…
Back to Instagram: this seems to be the platform where Die Antwoord likes to attack Zheani, who otherwise would have just remained on the fringes of Instagram, dealing with this shit and abuse on her. She would have been forgotten. Die Antwoord decided to attack her relentlessly, creating videos with some wannabe Cape Town gangster rappers of which one of these videos is of them, along with Yo-Landi and Ninja jumping up and down chanting in a rap choir about Zheani’s pussy smelling like rotten fish. Remember, Waddy is a 45 year old man and this is what he does…

There is too much to unpack here which will distract from the main task at hand, so let’s just move along for now – the point is that this Australian chick is relentlessly being slut-shamed and ridiculed on Instagram by both Ninja and Yo-Landi – on both Instagram accounts (dieantwoord & prawn_star). More or less two weeks ago Ninja and Yo-Landi started deleting fans’ comments and questions, because the fans/followers started seeing through all the bullshit and calling them on it. Die Antwoord also managed to pull Zheani’s albums from all online streaming platforms and they had fans helping them attack people asking questions online. Kobus even received death threats. It is fucking laughable, actually. If you’re not from South Africa, google Hlaudi Motsoeneng. This is how I see their dwindling fan base act and respond. Fokken clueless. So Die Antwoord is all for the “you need to say whatever the fuck you want to say”-vibe but try and silence others. Cool. Censor the fuck out of alles julle naaiers…
With my previous post I said that there was still time for Yo-Landi to try and get away from this shit, probably with a few scars, but in tact. I know that she reads this site and then translates and reads it to Ninja (his Afrikaans is really shitty), so she would have gotten the message. But now it is too late. After their last video on Instagram in which they attacked Zheani, Kobus decided to release the video which I posted below. Yo-Landi had a bit of a titty-wobble and phoned Kobus and they had an 18 minute conversation. Then she deleted her Instagram account. Do I need to elaborate?

At the end of March, dancers who also suffered abuse came forward in private to Zheani in support but then disappeared and started praising Die Antwoord on Instagram in stead. Threatened? Paid off? Lawyers? One specific dancer in Cape Town (of which we have the name) will probably come forward. We won’t out her, because it is her own decision to deal with it and come forward in her own time. There is another one in New York. There is another one in Paris. My first phone call to Zheani lasted just over 90 minutes. Lots of things were discussed. The following day I had 2 people also come to my house who did a 3 hour interview which I recorded. They didn’t want to do this over the phone. They wanted to come speak to me in person and a LOT of light was shed on the psyche of Ninja & Yo-Landi. For now, these tow people need to remain in the shadows until they feel ready to come forward publicly.
But what I have is virtually 0.5%. Zheani is the fuse and the stacks of hard drives which Kobus has, is the big bomb. It is going to take some time for him to work through everything. Please note that this video is only a very small example of how Die Antwoord rolls with hypocrisy. Hierdie video is fokol my bra! This video is not to try and show that they are racists, so please focus. THAT video is still coming and it is far, far, far worse. It is also one of plenty videos to come. So for those saying that “rappers talk like that” – again, this video isn’t about them dropping n-boms. It is about Die Antwoord calling themselves vegan Buddhists and acting the way they do. It doesn’t match up.

And for those saying it is sour grapes or whatever variation of the argument you want to use – let me again reiterate: I quietly cIosed the door between myself and them and didn’t give a fuck about what Die Antwoord did for the last 7 years until Zheani came forward with her abuse allegations and until Kobus called me at the same time. You call it sour grapes. I actually have better things to do with my time, but unfortunately this is the right thing to do, and I now have to spend some time on it. And it is actually fucking annoying that I need to do this. But who else will help?

You can follow Rolling With The Devil (Kobus’ instagram account) to see how things slowly pan out. Feel free to not ask dumb questions or ask him about his motives. He has a lot of work to do. Those hard drives aren’t gonna edit themselves.

Ja-nee, dit was fokken lekker, maar nou is dit klaar. Of hoe Yo-Landi en Ninja?


griffinBombs are about to drop on Die Cuntwoord! World Wide!
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Klap some lekker old cold war Deutschland spy stuff this weekend!

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Our top 10 weekly selection of DSTV Now | Showmax | YouTube | Netflix | Amazon Prime

Counterpart and Deutschland 86 caught my attention this week. I watched the first season of Counterpart when it came out and it pure spy heaven. As I’m typing this, we’re sitting at Schipol airport, waiting to board our flight to South Africa after a short visit to The Netherlands and Berlin. I still need to take it all in and go through the photos and videos of our trip when we get back home over the weekend to put everything into perspective and to revisit our trip. When you’re on such a whirlwind expedition, small things get lost in the details, especially stuff like museum visits with their countless statues and especially in Berlin. Who is dickhead number 7 without the nose again? Don’t know. Look at the photos of the descriptions I took at a later stage. No time. Gotta move! But I remember most of the Deutsche Spy Museum and I remember that the underground at Alexander Platz looks like the biggest crazy Vereeniging badkamer in Berlin:
This alone was enough to make me feel like Jason Bourne was going to get bliksemmed through a train carriage window by some big bald Russian or that J.K Simmons from Counterpart was casually going to walk past me and inject Polonium 210 in my neck.

And now I can’t wait to get back home to take a holiday from my holiday and get into some serious communist and cold war stuff. Go and dig through The Plumlist top ten pick for yourself:

 10 This is the life we have to live. There is no other life.
Our first meeting with Zandile Mkhwanazi aka MaZet (played by the SAFTA-winning Dawn Thandeka King) is a wake-up call – literally – as she rouses her fellow prisoners in their dingy cell at Thabazimbi Women’s Correctional Service in Lockdown
On Showmax
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 #9 Colourful stories about outrageous characters: this is TV at its most fun
It’s a well-known adage that the truth should never get in the way of a good story – and the ones on Mike Judge: Tales from the Tour Bus are crackers; anything that could be somewhat creatively embellished can easily be forgiven for the sheer entertainment value.
 On Showmax
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#8 The Flash Season 5
Barry Allen is The Fastest Man Alive, and together with his team, he defends Central City from criminal metahumans and alien species who arrive from other timelines and dimensions.
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 #7 Gotti: Godfather & Son
How could you grow up as a member of the most famous crime family in America and not think that you’re destined to inherit your father’s power, his business dealings and his brushes with the FBI? Somehow, John Gotti Junior managed just that.

On DStv Now
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 #6 Counterpart is not just a good show: it’s a fascinating thought experiment
Setting it in Berlin, which was the epicenter for Cold War espionage and surreptitiously slipping over “to the other side” like a spy, is appropriately complex.
 On Showmax & DStv Now
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 #5 Deutchland 86
After being abandoned by Moscow, the East German leadership is desperate for cash – so desperate that they’re prepared to put their secret operative Martin Rauch out in the field to experiment with capitalism if it will help save their sinking capitalist ship.
 On DStv Now
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 #4 Wine Country is a watered-down comedy that we wish was spicier

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 #3 DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

The Legends may be ready for a break after wiping all the anachronisms from time. But there’s no time to rest for this unlikely group of superheroes, and they soon find themselves investigating new magical threats in different times and places in the past.

On DStv Now
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 #2 Gotham
The thrilling dark DC Comics origin story that’s never been told. Follow the rise of Detective James Gordon as he scours Gotham, a city on the edge, for those responsible for killing the parents of a boy who will one day grow into one of the world’s most beloved superheroes.
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 #1.The Orville
Seth Macfarlane created this adventure-comedy-sci-fi series and stars as Ed Mercer, the captain of the exploratory spaceship The Orville.
 On DStv Now 
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Our randomized trailer pick of the week

Each week we take a number from 1 to 10 from our list of suggestions and put it through a randomizer to choose a trailer to show you. This week, we take a look at Deutschland 86’s intro. I cant wait to watch this!

griffinKlap some lekker old cold war Deutschland spy stuff this weekend!
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Karaoke Machine of Death se tweede kief claymation video!

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Howzit Watkykertjies! In plaas van om bands te interview of albums te review het ek die hele week ‘n website probeer bou vir een van my alter egos: Dit was fokken harde werk en ek moes actually ‘n dag lank rus en het maar net ontspan deur ou music documentaries te kyk op ‘n free streaming website genaamd Daar is ‘n groot klomp b-grade kak (eintlik meer c-grade) op daai channel maar as jy mooi soek is daar ‘n ton vermaak en geskiedkundige informasie vir musiekliefhebbers. Ek het ‘n paar ou doccies oor classic albums soos Metallica se Black album en Iron Maiden se Number of the Beast gekyk en daar is een unauthorized doccie oor Led Zeppelin ook. Weird gewees om geen Led Zep tunes in ‘n doccie te hoor nie – net talking heads. Daar is baie blues en punk inhoud ook. Ek gaan almal deurwerk eventually. Jy gaan seker meeste op YouTube ook kry maar jy hoef nie hard daar te soek nie want al die musiek videos is mooi bymekaar. Daar is ook geen irriterende advertensies nie.

Griffin en sy vrou is besig om Nederland en Duitsland plat te toer en ek het besluit om nie vandag vir hom ‘n opstel te stuur om te edit nie. Net so vinnige befokte ietsie. Ek het Karaoke Machine of Death (KMOD) se album in Februarie probeer review maar hulle info op die interwebs was zero en ek het nog nie vir Casey Bliss leer ken nie.  Ons het een van hulle claymation videos gedrop maar hier is nog een.

Ek het iets kwytgeraak toe ek die album review het van die voordele van DIY musiek maak en dat dit deesdae “goedkoper” is as back in the day. Ek is bly ek het aanhalingstekens gebruik, want as ek so luister na KMOD se ambisies en hoeveel dit alles kos (en gaan kos) sit dit net die hele projek vir my in ‘n ander lig. KMOD is eintlik ‘n sci-fi concept band en hulle hele wêreld is om dié genre gebou. Hulle wil nie net musiek en claymation videos maak nie maar ook (onder andere) boeke publiseer, skilderye verkoop en bietjie radiodrama ook probeer.
Iets wat ek agtergekom het hierdie week (en wat Casey ook beaam het) is dat as jy alles DIY gaan doen, moet jy eers alles self leer en dan eers kan jy dit toepas. Dis harde werk en boonop moet jy tyd kry daarvoor tussen al jou paying jobs ook. Projekte soos KMOD is passieprojekte en mens doen wat jy kan, wanneer jy kan. Hulle is wel nou hard aan die werk om hulle sosiale media inhoud op te knap so hopelik het Watkykjy se rants hulle bietjie aangespoor!

By the way, die stop clay animation was veronderstel om vier videos (of episodes) te wees wat deel is van ‘n groter storie maar dit sou te lank gevat het. Dit was ook Shayne Minnot van Budget Blood Productions se eerste probeerslag. Ek dink dis nogal impressive vir ‘n eerste keer! Die volgorde van die videos is bietjie deurmekaar en iets waaraan KMOC nog kan werk as hulle beplanning doen vir die toekoms. Volgens Casey Bliss is daar meaning in elke woord en image en dis moeilik vir hulle om die art gedeelte te kommunikeer met fans.  Ek dink hulle sal dit effektief kan doen as hulle net eers alles mooi opgeknap het en begin met projekbeplanning.

Ons dig julle tunes en hou julle projekte dop, KMOD! Dis al klaar kief!

RolbeesKaraoke Machine of Death se tweede kief claymation video!
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Anastasia Ashley – Woensdag se warm bokkie

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Anastasia Ashley het reeds op 5-jarige ouderdom begin surf en op die ouderdom van 6 ‘n surf kompetisie gewen met ‘n stuk kak surfboard wat sy in ‘n trash can in die straat af gekry het. Teen die tyd wat sy 7 was, het sy reeds ‘n sponsor gehad en het sedertdien nog nie terug gekyk nie – op 16 het sy byvoorbeeld ‘n major national title gewen.

griffinAnastasia Ashley – Woensdag se warm bokkie