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Don’t be THAT oke on April Fool’s Day (which is Monday)

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I want to appeal to you okes to please refrain from making kak jokes and pulling dumbs-ass pranks on your friends, family and colleagues on April Fool’s day this year. Not only because it is mostly lame, but also because it falls on a Monday this year. If shit goes south on April Fool’s compounded by the baggage that normally comes with a blue Monday, you might end up with a PK or a bloedneus.

There were some seriously lekker pranks in the past, though. Some April Fool’s pranks have even become quite famous – such as the 1957 BBC clip showing pictures of fake farmers picking spaghetti from trees. Some gullible Brits even inquired as to where they could get their own spaghetti tree. Fokken poepholle.

This was, however, how spaghetti was really produced back then. It was before the Spaghetti Worm infestations of 1963 which wiped out all the crops in the northern regions of Switzerland. What we eat now is artificial spaghetti grown from wheat and it is a tremendous tragedy that we will never be able to savor the taste of a real string of spaghetti…

Lekker kakpraat. Did you fall for it?

Look, we can’t force you not prank each other like Microsoft’s Chris Capossela, who earlier this week, sent out a memo to all his staff and asked them to “not do any public-facing April Fools’ Day stunts.” because “these stunts have limited positive impact and can actually result in unwanted news cycles.”

I agree with with the nerdy uncle. It is just that we are in a very weird time and space and we kind of spoiled the fun for ourselves with social media. Think of all the fake news and bullshit out there? How many times do you have to reprimand a friend or relative for spreading horse shit links on (especially) Facebook? I am of the strong belief that not everybody should have a social media voice. There should be a university of some sorts for it.

The majority of sheep find it very difficult to filter their kak from their klippe and of course it can have problematic repercussions . Capossela goes on by furhter stating: “I appreciate that people may have devoted time and resources to these activities, but I believe we have more to lose than gain by attempting to be funny on this one day”.

HOWEVER, Mr T put it much more eloquently way back in the 1980s when he categorically stated, on more than once occasion:
“I pity the fool!”

So just go with a plain old trusted Rick Roll, man. That shit is still funny, right?
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 10# The night of the brutal burns
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 #9 The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind goes from Wimbe to the world
The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind opens with a group of men walking through a dry, sun-beaten field picking maize from the browned stalks and throwing them into baskets carried by the young.
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#8 Not just a beautiful game
Whether you support The Red Devils, Liverpool, Real Madrid, Barcelona, or the perennial fourth-best team Arsenal, as a football fan, you live and breathe your team.
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 #7 Your top 10 superhero series playlist
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 #6 It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia S13
This season the gang have their hands full as Charlie hopes to have a child, Mac explores his sexuality, Dee takes feminism to new heights and Frank (Danny DeVito) tries to experience the greatest moment in Philadelphia sports history. Episode 1 is available until Friday 5 April 2019.
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 #5 The Grand Tour is outrage porn that took a wrong turn
Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May are back for Season 3 of The Grand Tour on Amazon Prime and again push the limits of political correctness, participate in highly choreographed set pieces made to look organic, and engage in frat boy banter about penises, guns and anti-vegetarianism, among other things. All of this is interspersed with the occasional serious review of beautiful cars that most viewers cannot afford.
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 #4 The most chilling thrillers to stream on internet TV
While there are a plethora of TV shows to watch, a thriller will always hit that sweet spot. There’s nothing quite like uncovering a murder mystery or discovering that your favourite character isn’t who you thought they were.
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 #3 Where to stream M-Net’s Sunday night movies this March
Settling down to watch the M-Net Sunday night movie is a comforting ritual in many South African homes. It’s the last bit of escapism before the end of the weekend – and the perfect dessert after the real-life stories on Carte Blanche.


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 #2 Ant-Man and The Wasp
He may be the smallest superhero, but the second Ant-Man movie is a marvel (geddit) to watch, as the creators play with scale. This time Dr Hank Pym asks Ant-Man to team up with his daughter The Wasp against a powerful new enemy. Available to watch on DStv Now until 23 April 2019.
 On DStv Now
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 #1.Westworld Season 2
Starting right after the bloody climax of the first season, the survivors of the Westworld massacre fight for survival! But the androids are realising that things aren’t as simple as they thought in this brilliant second season.
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Our randomized trailer pick of the week

Each week we take a number from 1 to 10 from our list of suggestions and put it through a randomizer to choose a trailer to show you. This week, it landed on the primer for Westworld’s second season!

Just so we are clear – a primer video is not a trailer or a sneak peak, so it doesn’t contain any spoilers. The name is kind of self explanatory – it primes you for the next series of events by recapping what has transpired in the past, just so you can have your wits about you. It arms you for what is about to come. It is kind of like getting back to school from a lekker long holiday and doing some revision work to bring you up to speed.

Except, school is kak and TV is kaklekker!

Having said that, don’t watch this 25 minute primer if you haven’t watched season 1 of Westworld yet. I haven’t started season 2 yet, so this is the perfect 25 minute have-it-all episode to recap the entire season 1.

griffinDon’t be THAT oke on April Fool’s Day (which is Monday)
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Gunshot Blue is meer gefokus met ‘Until the Last Prayer’

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Ek het so drie jaar gelede Gunshot Blue se 12396KM EP (2014) review en kon die Slawiese konneksie in die blues hoor. Veral wat die kitaarspel aanbetref. Pepi Dimevski (van Macedonian afkoms, om meer spesifiek te wees) lyk of hy ‘n Oosbloklandmafiabaas kon wees en boonop verantwoordelik was vir die sluipmoorde op talle van Gunshot Blue se vyande. Dis nou as hulle vyande gehad het. Ek het Pepi nog nie persoonlik ontmoet nie maar sal obviously een of ander tyd en ek vermoed die wolk van verbeeldingryke misterie (en miskien my eie stereotipering) gaan soos mis voor die son verdwyn. Mense wat hom al ontmoet het tune hy is eintlik ‘n baie vriendelike siel.

Ek weet Frans is sover van ‘n mafiabaas af as wat storytelling folk blues van die Mediteranean Shipping Company se ethos en mission statement is. As hulle ooit een het. Ek kon ook SA landskappe hoor destyds met die EP (vir my het hulle soos die Karoo geklink). Wel, Frans staan nou beter bekend as Frans Karoo so ek was seker nie te ver af nie. Gunshot Blue is eintlik meer van ‘n ander planeet af of dalk het hulle net ‘n spesiale konneksie met die geesteswêreld. Soos die San van Suider-Afrika of die Noord-Amerikaanse Indiane. In plaas daarvan om transdanse te doen of om ‘n peyote-kaktus te verorber, gebruik hulle musiek. Wel, ek sal nie weet wat hulle nog gebruik om by hulle musiek of die netherworld uit te kom nie maar ja, dis ‘n weird-as-fuck-but-awesome band hierdie.
Ek was gelukkig genoeg om Gunshot Blue live te sien op die Mojo Rising Blues Cruise verlede naweek. Holy shit, wat ‘n experience! So ironies dat Gunshot Blue op die drywende toonbeeld van alles-in-beslagnemende verbruikerswese opgetree het want hulle vibe is presies die teenoorgestelde daarvan. Miskien is dit hoekom ek dit waardeer het. Ek sal volgende week ‘n volle feature doen oor die hele blues cruise. Dalk.

Frans laat my dink aan ‘n meer rustiger en sober Jim Morrison wanneer hy tussen die songs sulke onsamehangende poëtiese wyshede kwytraak en die crowd boonop kak gee wanneer hy dink hulle reageer nie genoeg nie. Wel, vanuit die perspektief van iemand wat in die crowd was, dink ek ons was bloot gehipnotiseer deur die band se spiritual blues. Dis nie musiek wat jou summier laat opspring, rock and boogy nie. Selfs as Gunshot Blue die elektriese kitaar harder draai luister jy aandagtig na die hele musikale meditasie want jy weet nie eintlik waarnatoe dit alles gaan nie. Maar dis ‘n goeie ding, so mens sê maar net ‘amen’ aan die einde van die songs. Dis meestal roots-blues maar daar is ‘n duidelike tribal element in hulle musiek and it could go anywhere. Gunshot Blue se ritme-afdeling het dalk iets daarmee te doen.
Terug by die Until the Last Prayer debut album. Die Slawiese bluesklanke is nog steeds een van die unieke fondasies van hulle musiek maar ek hoor minder van daai Going Nowhere Slowly (daai ou TV-program se sound track) acoustic anthems, as op die EP en daar is dalk ‘n ander tipe landskap(pe) se invloed in hulle musiek nou? Dis minder Karoo vir my maar ek kan dit net nie akuraat verwoord op die oomblik nie. Maybe kan ek net sê dis ‘n voller overall klank met build-ups en meer catchy hooks so tussenin die lekker chops en slides deur. Daar is meer prominente bass, vocals en tromme en die stories en lirieke het ook baie meer kleur en diepte bygekry. Daar is harder elektriese kitaarriffs en solos ook. Rockedamia blues.

Die vorige EP het baie colabs gehad en dis ‘n goeie aanwysing van groei in ‘n band – as daar fokol colabs is op die daaropvolgende offering. Tom Hughes se recording, producing, mixing en mastering het ook duidelik ‘n verskil gemaak. Gunshot Blue het nou ‘n meer gefokusde klank hier beet en hulle kon hulle aandag vierkantig vestig op hulle songwriting.

Wie weet, dalk kan hulle die song writing nog meer verbeter in die toekoms?
Check dit uit!

RolbeesGunshot Blue is meer gefokus met ‘Until the Last Prayer’
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Nina Dobrev – Woensdag se warm bokkie

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Nina Dobrev is ‘n Kanadese actress en jy sal haar dalk ken uit The Vampire Diaries. As jy however ‘n groot fokken marabs is skiem Vince Diesel is dit kat se tiete, sal jy haar uit die 2017 movie, xXx: Return of Xander Cage, ken.

Sy is in Bulgaria gebore en het saam met haar ouers Kanada toe getrek toe sy 2 was.
Sy is nogal atleties en het Kanada in gimnastiek verteenwoordig.
Op ‘n stadium het sy Kenya toe getravel en vir minderbevoorregde kinders ‘n skool gebou.
Sy like van tequila klap:

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griffinNina Dobrev – Woensdag se warm bokkie
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Mense se honde – Is Dit Net Ek Of Is Als Tos?

In Is Dit Net Ek Of Is Alles Tos? deur griffin en Chopper Charlie2 Eiertjies


Ons (griffin & chopper) se boek, Is Dit Net Ek Of Is Als Tos? word hierdie jaar (2019) teen Augustus se kant 11 jaar oud. Om dit te celebrate het ons besluit om alfabeties met die lys af te gaan en ‘n paar topics uit die boek te kies om weekliks hier op Watkykjy te publish, seinde dat ons die regte besit. Dis lekker kort stukkies wat jy op die kakhuis kan lees. Dink daaraan as jou klein zef kakhuisbybeltjie met pitkos vir elke dag… Wel, elke dag tot ons die boek se einde bereik.

Mense se honde
Daar’s ‘n ou grap van oorle Mike Schutte en Kallie Knoetze wat in die straat afloop en sien hoe ‘n hond sy ballas lek. Mike haak af: “Jislaaik, ek wens ek kon dit doen!” waarop Kallie antwoord: “Moenie simpel wees nie, man, die hond sal jou byt!”

Honde het nou maar eenmaal sulke gewoontes, en jy as eienaar laat jou brak toe om oor jou gaste te kwyl of sy nat neus herhaaldelik tussen mense se lieste in te stamp asof hy ‘n versteekte bederfie soek. Soms is jy baie ongelukkig en Wagter besluit dis tyd om met sy nuwe beste vriend te paar. Indien Wagter groter as ‘n medium-sized hond is, is daar probleme. Lang, nat, pienk probleme. Jy kan dit sien as ‘n “flank two posistion”, as jy Jack Bauer van 24 wil quote. Lekker ongemaklik, soms vreesaanjaend. Is dit vir jou oulik?
Sommige eienaars behandel hulle honde asof dit hulle eie kinders kon wees. Hulle laat die vuil vlooidraers op die rusbank slaap, voer hulle gekookte, gekerfde en ontbeende hoender, soet sagte biltong en romerige sjokolade. Mooi so. Deur jou geliefde kind so te bederf vat jy ses jaar van sy reeds beperkte lewensduur af. In hondejare.
Hier’s ‘n opregte boodskap van ons wat nie honde het nie aan julle wat nie julle honde kan beheer nie: Ons hou nie van julle honde nie. Trouens ons hou nie eers van honde nie. En nee, jy gaan ons nie oortuig nie.
Ons gee nie om of hulle vriendelik is nie. En jy weet nie of jou liewe vlooisak my gaan by nie, so moenie vir my sê hy sal nie. Nou weet julle hoe ons voel. Kanselleer maar ons Kerskaartjie. Dis nou die een met die oulike Golden Retriever met die takbokhorings op.

Is Dit Net Ek Of Is Al Tos is in 2008 geskryf en uitgegee en daar was so baie copies verkoop dat ons dit in 2009 laat herdruk het. All-in-all is daar nog net so 10 onverkoopte copies oor op aarde en ons sal teen Augustus se kant besluit wat om met hulle te maak. Kort antwoord – dis nie tans te koop nie.

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griffin en Chopper CharlieMense se honde – Is Dit Net Ek Of Is Als Tos?