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Dis naweek, kom ons fokken duik!

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Op Vrydag moet jy baie deeglik ge-olie raak, want Maandag begin daai fokken roes weer aanpak.

griffinDis naweek, kom ons fokken duik!
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Protea fire became Protea fizzle. Sommer on day one of the #WCC2019!

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Yesterday’s performance of the Proteas against the 2019 World Cup Cricket hosts, England, reminded me of a nerdy, pimply teenager opening a box of condoms for the first time – clumsily fucking up the first few wrappers, tearing the condoms in the process and finally inflating the last two effies with his nose while stretching the lubricated mess over his forehead and ears. Even if he somehow did manage to pull it over his dick correctly the first time and get a boner, he would have nowhere to put that wood. Just like the Protea batsmen yesterday…

I don’t get it. England only managed to get 311 runs, so we bowled and fielded well enough. The required run rate wasn’t an impossible ask but South Africa was bowled out for a dismal 207 runs. It was the very first match of the Cricket World Cup 2019! Wat die fok, ouens?! England beat us by 107 runs at The Oval. Do you know how much 107 is as a margin? It is 21.4 times what Faf managed to score, because when Faf was standing on 5 runs, he tried to hook a ball by Archer. You don’t hook balls that early in a match. You hook them when you are in die fokken kak, my bra! Like at the middel to the end of the fokken game when you’re chasing a stressful score.
But Faf was not alone. All his tjommies were pulling effies over their heads. Dwaine Pretorius thought he was Duane “The Rock” Johnson because he tried to be a hero. He was run out in the most awkies fashion while he was trying to steal a second run when we really, really didn’t need that run, because we had all the overs in the world. We just had to keep our heads down and get stuck into the match. In fact, we had so many overs that we didn’t even use 10 overs and one ball:
“No thanks, we’ll take the 207! Can we get a doggy bag for the overs, please? Bietjie vol.”

England didn’t really have to work hard for our wickets. They didn’t take it from us – it was more a case of the Proteas giving it away.

There were only three South African batsmen who really brought their milkshakes to the yard – Quinton De Kock (68), Rassie van der Dussen (50) and Andile Phehlukwayo (24) were the only three guys with #ProteaFire in the squad. They were the only okes managed to score more than 20 runs each. I feel very sorry for Andile, though. Shame man. We was doing really well but he became the victim of one the most spectacular catches in cricket history. Ben Stokes took a super-human, one-handed catch on the boundary off Adil Rashid’s delivery.

Jirre buddy, that was shit luck, hey? But what a fokken catch!

This now leaves the Proteas with a must-win situation when they take on Bangladesh at The Oval this Sunday. It will be their second match of this World Cup and they are already in the deep end.

Are they going to do their usual party trick and hang on for dear life to go home after the second last game of the World Cup? Or are they going to surprise us by sommer going home after the second game?

Die fok weet.

One thing that will be a sure bet this weekend, is our selection of top ten things to watch which we picked from the trusty old The Plumlist

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#8 Gentleman Jack: The life and times of “the first modern lesbian”
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 #5 The Expanse: Like Game of Thrones but set in space
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Our randomized trailer pick of the week

Each week we take a number from 1 to 10 from our list of suggestions and put it through a randomizer to choose a trailer to show you. This week it landed on our number 2 spot, Barry. In stead of showing you the trailer, have a look at his comedy genius, then head back over to Showmax to see him in a totally different role – a hit-man:

griffinProtea fire became Protea fizzle. Sommer on day one of the #WCC2019!
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Carli Bybel – Woensdag se warm bokkie

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Carli Bybel is een van daai YouTube personalities wat ‘n groot naam vir haarself gemaak het met make-up tutorials wat sy in 2011 begin post het. Verder run sy ook ‘n baie suksesvolle fashion blog. Sy maak ongeveer $16k per mand, net uit YouTube uit, wat ‘n bewys is dat die interwebs beter as die bybel is. Sy is egter steeds ‘n kokkelol uit New Jersey en het daai oranje Donald Trump look nogal down. Vir sommige mense is dit sexy, so ons post haar vandag spesiaal net vir julle marabse wat oppervlakkige gooses like met groot lippe en spraytan.

Sy was op Pjoject Runway
Sy is totally pikkewyn-befok
Sy het haar lippe laat inspuit om dit voller te maak

griffinCarli Bybel – Woensdag se warm bokkie
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Die N2 – Is Dit Net Ek Of Is Als Tos?

In Is Dit Net Ek Of Is Alles Tos? deur griffinRek jou bek

Ons (griffin & chopper) se boek, Is Dit Net Ek Of Is Als Tos? word hierdie jaar (2019) teen Augustus se kant 11 jaar oud. Om dit te celebrate het ons besluit om alfabeties met die lys af te gaan en ‘n paar topics uit die boek te kies om weekliks hier op Watkykjy te publish, seinde dat ons die regte besit. Dis lekker kort stukkies wat jy op die kakhuis kan lees. Dink daaraan as jou klein zef kakhuisbybeltjie met pitkos vir elke dag… Wel, elke dag tot ons die boek se einde bereik.

Die N2
Die N2 uit Kaapstad uit is soos ‘n parpodie van ‘n snelweg. Dit begin goed, met ‘n hele paar bane en verkeer wat redelik vloei. Selfs ‘n paar vulstasies op pad, soos wat die gewoonte maar is op nasionale snelweë.
Maar alles kom tot ‘n einde vlak voor Somerset-Wes, net so 40 kilo’s buite die stad. Die snelweg krimp na twee bane en jy moet drasties spoed verander om by die verkeerslig te stop. Wat? Die verkeerslig? Maar… Dis dan ‘n snelweg?
Jy beur moedig voort en ‘n halfuur later is jy deur Somerset-Wes se verkeer en oor die pas. Voet in die hoek, of so dink jy. Kort voor lank is dit weer 60 kilometer ‘n uur en dan 80 en dan weer 60. Dis klein dorpies en padwerke (alhoewel die pad altyd dieselfde lyk) en pote en spoedkameras en nog vreemde spoedbeperkings en nog kleiner dorpies en dan trek jy noodgedwonge by die Wimpy in Riviersonderend in want dis klaar tyd vir aandete en jy’t nog ‘n goeie 180 kilo’s van dieselfde kak voor jou.
Dankie N2. Dankie vir niks.

Is Dit Net Ek Of Is Al Tos is in 2008 geskryf en uitgegee en daar was so baie copies verkoop dat ons dit in 2009 laat herdruk het. All-in-all is daar nog net so 10 onverkoopte copies oor op aarde en ons sal teen Augustus se kant besluit wat om met hulle te maak. Kort antwoord – dis nie tans te koop nie.

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griffinDie N2 – Is Dit Net Ek Of Is Als Tos?