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My tjom Christo lyk my is meer gatvol as ek. Die funny ding is, hy sal actually sy kar verbrand soos ek hom ken:

Sy hartseer briefie, weer in Ingils:

I want to thank the select few who bothered to reply to my story. Unfortunately the deadline has now been reached and VWSA has one chance to resolve this – as per their suggestion before the deadline.

It is with great regret that I want to inform you of the fact that even after three months of battling with this, it is now time to put an end to it. Apart from dealers trying to make money out of me, mother companies trying to silence the issue (I do appreciate your effort though – alas, it was not really your fight) and other parties trying to make the problem someone else’s; nothing was done from VWSA’s side to accommodate me.

VWSA: Aparantly your customer interaction center manager and some director is willing to meet with me? Please set this meeting up for Tuesday, 13 May 2008 at your Midrand offices at 10:30AM. Please note that I will only do this as a last resort. I am pretty sure that I have made all of my demands clear enough and I will not re-iterate. All I want from VWSA is to give me their solution to this problem and not to waste any more of my time. If no resolution can be achieved, please feel free to invite the press before I set the worst VW ever built alight in front of the VWSA Midrand offices on 14 May 2008. Although the vehicle is still in good running order (for now) the action will be purely to demonstrate how South Africans are tired of being misled and lied to. It will demonstrate how we will not tolerate any further abuse, corruption or dishonesty. The fire will also demonstrate the raging frustration amongst all TDI drivers in South Africa who have had the same frustration in dealing with VWSA’s incompetent, inferior “customer interaction”. Hopefully this will spark more VW owners to refuse to take second best and also demand the service that they already paid for.

ABSA: Please forward this to your Vehicle finance department as VWSA will accept responsibility for the remainder of the agreement. Please draw up all necessary paperwork for VWSA to sign before commencement of the action on 14 May 2008. I will confirm if this will be necessary after the meeting with VWSA – which I’m pretty sure will either not happen or be another waste of my time. In fact draw it up in any case before the meeting on 13 May 2008.

GrifFin: Doen met hierdie net wat jy wil ou maat! Miskien kan ons almal (al die mense wat die fout gemaak het om ‘n TDI te koop) maar daar saamkom en ‘n truly South African toi-toi reel en om die vuur dans.

Oor en uit.

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    griffinHier kom kak …

    Hellogriffin – Die VWSA saga sloer voort

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    Ai’t, VW het toe uiteindelik na my toe terug gekom. Ek moes 8 dae wag vir ‘n response. Smaak my ek kry my hubcap. Dis partykeer die moeite werd om soos ‘n kind tekere te gaan op WKJ maar kak diens bly kak diens. En as dit hulle policy is om nie op die helopeter website respond nie, plaas ek maar my eie shit hier.

    Ek het hierdie keer nie gevloek nie – seker omdat ek ‘n hubcap belowe is … Hieronder is hulle brief en my response. Daar is so paar comments vir konteks.

    VWSA skryf:

    We refer to your correspondence sent to our office on 29 April 2008 [hulle het eers 7 Mei respond].

    We take this opportunity to express our sincere regret of the turn of events, which led to your dissatisfaction of the overall service experience. [al hulle briewe begin so vir almal]

    The concern was discussed with the Service Manager, Mr Tyron Wilde of Lindsay Saker Rivonia. [hierdie ou antwoord nooit sy foon nie en luister ook nie na voice mails nie – ek weet nie hoe hulle deurgekom het na hom toe nie]

    The warranty on your vehicle has expired on 26 October 2007. In your correspondence you mention an extended warranty. This plan is not administrated by Volkswagen of South Africa but rather with the McCarthy Group [en watse karre verkoop hulle?].

    We wish to confirm that Volkswagen of South Africa did provide a financial contribution. This was done on merit and offered purely as a goodwill gesture. [is goodwill ek wat my moer strip? is goodwil dalk ‘oops ons TDi reeks het kak turbo’s en nou voel ons skuldig’?] Goodwill is given without the admission of liability and it does not oblige Volkswagen of South Africa or our dealer network to consider any other or future claims in respect to your vehicle. [sien my response onder – hierie is ‘n klomp kak]

    Page 2/…
    It has been confirmed by Mr Wilde that the dealer is willing to accommodate you with regards to the hub cap. They will be in contact with you to discuss this issue. [Wilde horses sal hierdie ou nie na die telefoon toe trek om my te bel nie. By the way, ek het nog steeds fokol van hom gehoor. Ek kan na die dealership toe ry, dis net 2km van my huis af, maar hoekom moet ek soontoe gaan as die ou my gaan kontak?]
    Thank you for affording us an opportunity to comment and assist in this regard.

    Yours faithfully

    Rolandi Manley

    My oordentlike reply (sonder om eenkeer die term ‘julle dose!’ te gebruik:


    Please explain the following:

    “it does not oblige Volkswagen of South Africa or our dealer network to consider any other or future claims in respect to your vehicle.”

    Does this mean that I have no guarantee on the turbo that was replaced? Is this even a new turbo? I don’t have any proof or paperwork of the work done on my car. I was given nothing (except of course for the diagram indicating the missing hubcap – as per my previous mail).

    What happens if this turbo breaks down again? Do I revert to my McCarthy warranty (which is still valid for another year and two months) and follow the same avenue of frustration?

    PS: I am very grateful for the willingness of hubcap replacement by Lyndsay Saker Rivonia, but will only express my gratitude once I receive it. I am also grateful for the goodwill VWSA expressed towards covering costs where McCarthy insurance was trying to take shortcuts, although the responsibility of replacing the part was supposedly 100% covered by their policy.

    Thank you for the investigation into this matter.


    Die enigste rede hoekom ek die correspondence hier sit, is om vir julle te wys hoe fokken lank dit vat om sulke companies te probeer kommunikeer. As hulle my gister middag terug gemail het, sou ek nie hier gebitch het nie. Ek wed julle R5 dit vat hulle nog 8 dae om na my toe terug te kom.

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      griffinHellogriffin – Die VWSA saga sloer voort
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      Binnekort – Interview met Nul

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      Net om vir julle te wys wat mens regtig kan doen met ‘n video kamera in jou eie huis en ‘n oordentlike presenter, bring ons binnekort vir julle Watkykjy se interview wat K Lo, griff en Meneer doenbaar met Adriaan van die band Nul gedoen het.

      Ons belowe dit gaan beter wees as as daai Herman ou van MK met die lang pienk neus wat heeltyd ‘vrede’ skree en sy vingers in die kamera se lens indruk.

      Hou hierie spasie dop …

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        griffinBinnekort – Interview met Nul
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        Heppy Birfday Griff

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        Grif kry oud al weer vandag, maar Mnr Doenbaar het ‘n bietjie advice:

        “That’s what I love about these high school girls, man. We get older and they stay the same age.”

        Deel met jou tjommies!

          griffinHeppy Birfday Griff