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Liewe Suid-Afrika, hoekom hou julle aan om kak uit te pomp?

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“Jan Pierewaaier gaan kuier saam sy pelle met sy Ford bakkie en boere hoed. Sexy meisies by die klub hou nie van sy kleredrag en dans nie. Sy pelle trek hom beter aan en hy raak die katjie van die baan terwyl almal die pierewaaier dans doen saam Hans Drom! Pierewaaier beteken windgat of kroegloper in Nederlands.”

Issit? Vinnige Afrikaanse lessie:
Jy gaan kuier saam MET jou pelle of jy fokken dans saam MET iemand, jou absolute fokken verkakte nool. Jou Afrikaans het seker saam met jou verbeelding uit jou bakkie gebliksem, kop eerste.

Fok man, kan iemand dalk aan ons verduidelik waar die mark wat hierdie kak opvreet spawn? Ons wil die nes met Doom gaan spuit en aan die brand steek.

Sulke vreeslike fokken aaklig.

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    griffinLiewe Suid-Afrika, hoekom hou julle aan om kak uit te pomp?
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    Meneer Doenbaar and the Saturday Semi

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    Deur Meneer Doenbaar

    One of the great perks of being an occasional contributor to Watkykjy, is that every now and then Griffin can’t make it to an event and he turns to you, a willing member of his ever ready crew of representatives and lines them up for an interview, or a photography gig, or VIP access to a Johnny Walker whiskey tasting where you end up drinking Platinum Label and Coke, stuffing your face with complimentary Woolworths schwarmas before you have to call an Uber to take your 1-star rated drunken ass back home. That’s an example, of course.

    Or perhaps it’s like when Ch0pper Charlie interviews Metallica or Gareth Wilson interviews the Lumineers or Griff himself interviews Kris Kristofferson. I guess what I’m saying, is, there are awesome things that can happen, and opportunnities like this should not be simply shrugged off. And so, this Saturday, Griff arranged for me to have a new and unique experience of a lifetime. Being the day of the big S.A. vs All-Blacks semifinal, I figured this one would be huge.

    An overseas trip was highly unlikely, but as I waited in anticipation on Saturday morning for the call with details I still did the math on a possible plane flight to the UK. Or perhaps it would be a lekker all-expenses-paid braai and brandy experience sponsored by Ricky Louw or Meister Jagie, with an overnight stay at a 5 star hotel and breakfast for the victory babbelas. Or maybe a trip to a game farm in the Magaliesberg for an early hot-air-balloon ride followed by an event where I’d rub shoulders with the eligible daughters of the cream of South Africa’s rugby heritage. Or maybe even just free KFC and a chance to watch the rugby on IMAX followed by a little dancing at Tiger Tiger, boet.

    But it was bigger than that – my chance, my opportunity, my moment was here, to fly the flag proudly for Watkykjy and for my country…

    At 4:30pm on Saturday I would be taking Griffin’s niece to meet international superstar pop singer Carly Rae Jepsen, and afterwards had free Golden Circle tickets for the show at the Monument Amphitheatre!!! Tadaaaa! Dankie bra, dit was befok timing. Die enigste fokken semi wat ek gesien het was tussen my bene toe daai kort C3PO-goud rokkie van CRJ effens opgelig het terwyl sy “I really really really really like you” mooi gedans het.

    In Carly se defense, wat sy nodig het want sy is Canadian, is sy ‘n mooierige meisie with one helluva voice and a tight backing band wat lekker pop tunes sing. Pop is nie rerig my ding nie, but I had enough tequila, brandy and whiskey in me that I actually ended up enjoying the show for what it was – a good fun evening of happy music. Dankie, Carly. Call me, maybe?

    In retrospect, mine just may have been the better semi to experience…
    crj-pretoria crj-pretoria-2 crj-pretoria-4 crj-pretoria-6 crj-pretoria-8

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      Laasweek se zefspotters

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      Die haas gespot in Century City. Dit is wragtig ‘n electric kar en is vol drade en kak.
      Seker meer gekos as die kar self. Kak seker as Eksdom die switch gooi.
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