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Go vote early on Wednesday so you kan klap some beer and TV the rest of the day!

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We’ve just stumbled out of a string of public holidays, the latest one being this past Wednesday with Worker’s Day and South Africa can now finally get back to work! Oh shit, hang on – there is one last public holiday coming up next week Wednesday on the 8th of May. Haven’t the economy suffered enough?! The 9th of May is probably THE most important public holiday for 2019, so you need to take it seriously. It only comes around only once every five years and it is the only way you get to give input into how South Africa’s affairs should be handled. You need to go make your mark. Go vote!

Back in 1994 people were very excited about change and people were passionate about South Africa’s future and prospects. over 19.5m  people voted that year. Then things started to  fizzle out. The numbers dropped to just under 16m in 1999 and in 2004 it fell with a further 400k voters. In 2009 there was a sense of urgency because of the rampant corruption that started to surface and South Africans managed to keep an unhealthy two thirds majority out of reach for the ruling party. Just barely! total votes surged to 17.7m that year and it seems that the sense of urgency persisted, because in 2014 it surged with another 700k voters to top 18.4m votes. This was perhaps because the EFF were the new kids on the block and made a dent in the other parties’ numbers.

I get the strange feeling that we are now, in 2019 back to 1999’s voter numbers. The general vibe out there is that people are a bit weather-beaten by lies and nonsense politics and that the whole South African election with all its campaigns turned into a bit of a joke. Most people I encounter don’t know who they want to vote for. They definitely know who they don’t want to vote for, but who the fuck are we going to vote for? I don’t even know that answer for myself, but what I do know is that I am 100% going to vote ons Wednesday. I guuess I will make my pick once I have the ballot in front of me. If you’re also unsure, perhaps this list of eleventy-nine registered parties might help.

Please don’t stay away on Wednesday! Go vote! Go do it early, because the rest of the day you can braai, crack some beers open and klap some lekker streaming over the internets. To help you along, here is our top 10 from what we picked off The Plumlist tree.

 10# HBO’s Animals S3
The characters in the third season of the hilarious and fearless animated series continue to push the envelope in a post-apocalyptic New York devoid of human beings. The all-star voice casts includes Jameela Jamil, Carol Kane, Lucy Liu, Michael Sheen, Jacob Tremblay, Tatiana Maslany, Demi Moore, Tracy Morgan and many more.
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 #9 Think Ireland’s Troubles are over? This documentary will make you think again
ReMastered: The Miami Showband Massacre, a true-crime documentary about the execution of members of an Irish pop band in the 70s, throws the current dangers of Brexit into sharp relief.
 On Netflix
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#8 Can Season 2 of Discovery save the series?
The story picks up right where it ended in Season 1 – Discovery intercepts a distress call from the Enterprise. Captain Pike (Anson Mount) beams aboard and takes command of Discovery. Pike’s orders are to investigate a threat that Star Fleet detected – seven mysterious red bursts that occurred simultaneously across the galaxy. These ominous red bursts, or signals, form a central plot device, bringing much-needed cohesion to the series.
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 #7 Future Man could be the funniest time-travel series ever
Remember when your parents told you that playing video games all day wasn’t a real job? Oh, how the tables have turned. With the youth culture of today preferring to get their entertainment from a wide range of professional streamers who broadcast their digital antics on various media platforms, you can find real success as a professional video game player.
On Showmax
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 #6 The funniest show no one is talking about
The Guardian described Will Ferrell’s No Activity as “Waiting for Godot in a cop car”, but trust us – it’s way, way funnier.
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 #5 Five sterling South African films to stream
From the bleak to the upbeat, from the delightfully dark to the wonderfully whimsical, these are the homegrown movies you simply can’t afford to miss.
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 #4 Seventeen new series to stream in May 2019
Looking for a new TV addiction? Showmax is adding all of these new shows to its catalogue in the month of May – and most of them are already up!
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 #3 Wrestling penguins and other sexual fetishes: all in a day’s work in a
There may be an abundance of black leather, studs, whips and masks, but this genuinely funny comedy about the world of BDSM is less about kinky sex and more about quirky relationships.


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 #2 We’ll rip her out, root and stem
If you haven’t watched episode 3 of Season 8 of Game of Thrones on Showmax (episodes land at the same time as the M-Net broadcast, every Monday at 22:00), stop reading right now, and only come back once you’ve sat through the most tense and intense 82 minutes of television you’ll ever see.
 On Showmax
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 #1.The Battle of Winterfell in pictures
We sat with our hearts in our throats for the entire 82 minutes of Game of Thrones S8, episode 3, and, to be honest, we’re still traumatised. These images from HBO capture some of the greatest and most intense moments of the fight between the living and the dead.
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Our randomized trailer pick of the week

Each week we take a number from 1 to 10 from our list of suggestions and put it through a randomizer to choose a trailer to show you. This week, we go to outer space and it has nothing to do with our top 10, because space is awesome and Jeff Bezoz is the richest mofo on earth.

griffinGo vote early on Wednesday so you kan klap some beer and TV the rest of the day!
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Werner Bekker – Parts of a Broken Man EP

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Ons het nou al ‘n paar keer artikels oor Werner Bekker gepubliseer maar ek het nog nie van sy musiek review nie. So nederig en teruggetrokke as wat hy is, het hy nogal ‘n teenwoordigheid op hoofstroommedia aan die een kant, sosiale media aan die ander kant en hy tree boonop in al die regte rock and roll hole van Gauteng op. Sy kreatiewe musiek is die mees effektiefste manier hoe hy met sy fans kommunikeer, sou ek sȇ. Sy unieke kitaarspel, waar hy dit op sy skoot sit en finger tap, mag dalk ongemaklik raak as hy aan sy girlfriend dink maar dit klink ongelooflik mooi. Daai grappie is geborg deur Arsenio Hall en oorlede Jeff Healy.

Sy stem en styl is naby aan Damien Rice se meer suiwer akoestiese tunes en Rice is vir seker een van sy influences. Hulle het daai vêraf melankoliese vibe in gemeen. Ons het hierdie EP se album launch by Rumours Rock City in Randburg gemis so twee maande terug, maar Watkykjy is ‘n fan van sy musiek en ons dink hierdie EP het alles wat ‘n great album kan maak. Behalwe, soos met so baie goeie EPs vantevore, genoeg fokken songs! Maar ons weet almal die dinge is deesdae anders met streaming-kultuur en budgets wat so tight is soos Werner se eie catchy melodieë, hooks en chorus lines.
Ek wonder hoe gaan sy songwriting wees as hy in sy veertigs is? Nogal baie meer as betaamlik tans. Dit behoort alle geslagte en ouderdomme se aandag te trek – mits jy van goeie musiek hou. My favourite songs is I’m with You en Let it Go. Beide kan die soundtrack wees van ‘n Gus van Sant fliek. ‘n Small town lesbian girl bly al haar hele lewe in ‘n woonwa saam met haar dwelmverslaafde stiefpa wat ook ‘n korrupte crossdressing polisieman is (met al die sosiale eeuwels wat daarmee gepaard kan gaan) en dan eendag tref die kak die fan en sy ontsnap na die groot stad toe. Hoe? Deur duim te gooi, natuurlik. Sy ontmoet allerhande free spirited mense langs die pad en moet haar demons face en verlede laat gaan. Mmm, serious stuff maar waarskynlik nie Oscar-materiaal nie.
Voor my verbeelding met my weghardloop: die EP se temas is ietwat meer algemeen. Sover ek kan hoor gaan die songs oor liefde, geluk, verlies en aanvaarding. Dinge wat almal elke dag geniet of mee moet sukkel. Ek dink nie hy kan veel meer doen om sy organiese soloklank te verbeter nie maar dit sal interessant wees om te hoor hoe sy musiek gaan klink as hy meer instrumente inbring soos klavier, viool of klarinet. Ek sal graag ‘n voller klank op sy recordings wil hoor ook. net vir die wis en die onwis.

As jy nog nie het – nie gaan luister die EP bietjie en check ‘n live show uit waar jy kan. Waarskuwing: musiek is goedkoper as terapie en minder riskant of gevaarliker as draks. Behalwe as dit op vinyl is. Daai is net kak van die duiwel!

RolbeesWerner Bekker – Parts of a Broken Man EP
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Kyk vandag 15:30 regstreeks hoe ‘n rocket wat soos ‘n piel lyk opstyg!

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Dis vandag Blue Origin se elfde vlug en hulle styg in West Texas op. Dit sal ‘n onbemande vlug wees en die rocket sal die suborbital capsule, die New Shepard dra – dis nou die gedeelte wat soos ‘n pielkop met venstertjies lyk. New Shepard is vernoem na Alan Shephard wat in May 1961 die eerste Amerikaner was wat space toe gegaan het. Dit klink lomp, maar ek weet nie hoe om dit anders te stel nie. Ek laat dit klink asof ‘space’ ‘n bestemming is. Soos Checkers. Jy gaan nou probably met my stry en tune Yuri Gagarin was eerste bra, maar a) hy is ‘n fokken Russian b) ek is dronk en c) fok jou.

Vandag se onbemande mission is seker om te kyk of dit safe is vir mense, want die doel van die New Shephard capsule gaan eventually kommersieël van aard wees – om kakryk mense op te stuur en befokte views in space te offer. So indien jy al voor jou gebeoorte begin zak spaar het of ‘n bank wil beroof kan jy ook die blou bolletjie waarop ons bly teen die pikswart backdrop van die buiteruim kokkenodge. Die eerste betaalde vlugte kan so gou as hierdie jaar al plaasvind. Blue Origin het nog nie laat weet wat ‘n sitplek jou gaan terugsit nie, maar ons laat jou weet sodra ons die info het.
Hierdie vuurpeilpiel vat egter ook allerhande vragte vir scientific studies en shit. Op vandag se trippie is daar 9 ‘studies’ wat saamvlieg. Dit sluit in ‘n 3D printing toets wat moontlik kan help met space manufacturing vir toekomstige iglo’s op die maan. Daar is ook ‘n sub-orbital centrifuge vir life-science studies (jy weet, die tipe vakke waarvoor kinders deesdae net 30% hoef te kry in matriek) en dan is daar ook ‘n ondersoek om te kyk wat maak space dust en moon dust. Die van julle wat hard core drugs doen ken seker daai antwoord self.

Die vorige mission het net oor die 10 minute geduur en die rocket het ‘n hoogte van 107km bereik. Om jou ‘n idee te gee – dis net-net hoër as wat Steve Hofmeyr tans op sy eie ego trip is.

Die main rede hoekom jy hierdie graag sal wil kyk is omdat die New Shephard se rockets herwinbaar is en vertikaal terugkeer aarde toe. Dis nogal iets fokken spectacular om te aanskou. Die Blue Origin company behoort aan God’s rykste seun, Jeff Bizoz van Amazon-faam. Jy gaan nou met my stry en sê hy is nie meer die rykste ou op aarde nie omdat hy skei maar a) jy is verkeerd b) ek is dronk en c) fok jou!

Jy kan sommer nou al play druk. Die video wys allerhande angles van die rocket, daar is ‘n countdown en daar is sulke moerse soothing agtergrondmusiek waarop jy kan mediteer of draad trek.

griffinKyk vandag 15:30 regstreeks hoe ‘n rocket wat soos ‘n piel lyk opstyg!
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Marketa Stroblova – Woensdag se wark bokkie

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Marketa is in 1988 in Czech Republic gebore en het aanvanklik studeer om ‘n food nutrutionist te word en het in die beverage iundustry gewerk. Maar die pay was heeltemal te kak gewees, sy was (is) good looking en ‘n tjommie het haar ‘n sex tape gegee wat daartoe gelei het dat sy besluit het om hardcore porn te doen.

Sy het ‘n tweelingsussie genaamd Lucie
Haar “stage” naam in die porn wêreld is Little Caprice

griffinMarketa Stroblova – Woensdag se wark bokkie