Wees ‘n ster in Daaf Vapor se music video, sommer so in lockdown met jou foon!

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Bands en die entertainment industry kak so bietjie af op die oomblik (soos ons almal maar). Dis wel lekker om te sien hoe van die ouens hulleself besig hou in plaas daarvan om in hulle hande te huil en warmee hulle kreatief raak. Daaf Vapor, ‘n Pretoria artist, val in hierdie afdeling. Die bra het besluit om ‘n tune oor die lockdown-situasie te skryf, juis omdat mense nie by die fokken huis wil bly nie. En nou wil hy dit sommer in ‘n moerse fun, crowd-sourced music video omskep waaraan enige iemand met ‘n smart phone kan deelneem. Hy vra nie vir zak nie, net jou tyd en jy het kakbaie tyd op jou hande. So hier is iets befok cool om jouself mee besig te hou. Hy het die tune in sewentien klein basic en kort scenes opgedeel, so dis maklik om te verstaan wat aangaan, maar laat die man eerder self verduidelik:

Howzzzit beautiful peoples!!

I hope you are all healthy and well.

I have written a funky tune about this whole Lockdown situation we are currently in and I need your help. It is crucial that we flatten the curve of this insidious virus in South Africa and every little bit of awareness helps. I am sure that many of you and/or your kids and pets have quite a bit of time on your super sanitized hands. We want you to act out the lyrics to this song. I have broken it down into scenes so you only have to do 1 scene. Please also let us know in the comments section which scene you do as not everybody can do scene 14 (cooking meth).

It is also important that you send us your videos in landscape format because movies are never made in portrait format. Even “Portrait of a Serial Killer” is technically a landscape format movie.

Please send your videos to daafvapor@gmail.com via wetransfer.com and who knows, maybe something good and creative can go viral for a change!

The Soundcloud link to the tune is below

PS: Let your creativity run wild. Nothing is too crazy, absurd or outrageous.

Scene 1:
We are stuck in a strange situation
We’re all on a forced stay-cation
Scene 2:
The whole world is in quarantine
And its normal to have OCD
Scene 3:
Met this lady in the house I think she is my wife
We had a cup of tea we’ll she’s quite nice
Scene 4:
Now We are going on long holiday
We’ll be camping in our drive way
Scene 5:
If you jog outside you’re a maniac
A psycho murderous maniac
Scene 6:
We are living in a novel by Stephen King
We are alone together in this dreadful thing
Scene 7:
Every dark cloud has a silver lining
But Don’t freak out like that dude in the shining here’s Johnny!
Scene 8:
Stay put in your residence
Listen to your president
Scene 9:
Play Frisbee with your dog
Scene 10:
Write a brand new blog
Scene 11:
Curl up and read a book
Scene 12:
Try and learn to cook
Scene 13:
Find your inner zef
Scene 14:
Cook some crystal meth
Scene 15:
Smoke a big fat bong
Scene 16:
Build a nuclear bomb
Scene 17:
Stay the fuck at home

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griffinWees ‘n ster in Daaf Vapor se music video, sommer so in lockdown met jou foon!