Edwin Costa: Ninja and Yolandi explain their use of the n-word

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Get up to speed with all the developments with regards to Die Antwoord over here. In the meantime, The Citizen newspaper also decided to cover the latest developments. This is the first time main stream media is reporting on Die Antwoord’s deplorable behavior. There has also been more recent developments behind the scenes with at least two people who decided to come forward and speak up about how they were mistreated and abused by Ninja and Yo-Landi. Hopefully they will finally give the rest of the victims (there are quite a few) the courage to step up.

There isn’t really anything we can  add to Edwin’s video below. To quote one of Ninja’s favourite lines: “It is pretty fucking much self-explanatory!” Edwin Costa puts some stuff into perspective once again.
Once you’re done watching Edwin’s video, I have something very entertaining for you to check out. This one might especially appeal to the fans who still like their music. I didn’t bother to count how many songs Die Antwoord have released in total over the years, but 32 of these tracks and even lyrics where sampled from other artists. It is really a cool site and you can get lost in there for hours and hours of fun. It has side-to-side YouTube videos for of the songs in question with exact timestamps to compare the tracks.

Anyway, over to Edwin:

griffinEdwin Costa: Ninja and Yolandi explain their use of the n-word

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