Reload – Metallica Masterclass with Brad ‘The Madman’ Dillinger

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brad-dillinger-metallica-reload-1997Hey-hey, you made it to Tuesday! Only three days left in our countdown to Metallica’s new album release, Hardwired… To Self-Destruct!

Welcome to the seventh Metallica Masterclass webisode as Brad ‘The Madman’ Dillinger takes us through 1997. A lot of bad shit went down during that year, but Metallica rocked us with another studio album, Reload! This was almost 20 years ago! Where were you in 1997? Do you even remember that year? What piece of shit car did you drive back then? We’re you even born yet? Jesus, Metallica has been around for a very long time…

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griffinReload – Metallica Masterclass with Brad ‘The Madman’ Dillinger

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