Master Of Puppets – Metallica Masterclass with Brad ‘The Madman’ Dillinger

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Jeeezuz, America? What the fuck is wrong with you guys? You elected Donald Trump as your new president? Like for fokken real? The same country who brought us something as fucking cool as Metallica went and fucked things up sideways! Un-fucking-believable….

But let’s not dwell on that right now. Now is not the time. Now is the time for something uplifting and to focus on Metallica. Welcome to our third Metallica Masterclass episode with Brad ‘The Madman Dillinger’ as he takes you through the year 1986 and talk about Metallica’s third album, Master Of Puppets. Yup, we still have seven episodes to go, but before you even watch this episode, please do us a massive favour and subscribe to our YouTube channel to get immediate updates as and when we release new content.

This is also a reminder to all you Metallica fans that we’re hosting a big fucking Metallica tribute concert this coming Friday at The Goodluck Bar in Johannesburg. Don’t miss out – you can win a shit load of cool Metallica merch!

If you missed yesterday’s episode, please go check it out over here. Hopefully with your support, we can carry on making more of these web-series where we ask Brad to take us through everything that is music.

Oh yeah, you can now also pre-order Metallica’s new album, Hardwired To Self-Destruct, on iTunes.


griffinMaster Of Puppets – Metallica Masterclass with Brad ‘The Madman’ Dillinger

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