Kill ‘Em All – Metallica Masterclass with Brad ‘The Madman’ Dillinger

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We worked our asses off the last three weeks to film and edit a complete ten part web-series and dedicate an episode to every single studio album Metallica has released since 1983. After a few coffees and a bakkieload of whiskey was consumed, we’re proud to finally introduce Brad Dillinger and his unsurpassed Metallica knowledge to the world. Before you even watch this episode, please do us a massive favour and subscribe to our YouTube channel to get immediate updates as and when we release new content. This is also a reminder to all you Metallica fans that we’re hosting an awesome Metallica tribute concert this coming Friday at The Goodluck Bar in Johannesburg. Don’t miss out – you can win a stack of cool stuff!
metallic-masterclass-kill-em-allWe asked avid rocker, Brad “The Madman” Dillinger to take us through all Metallica’s studio albums. Today he discusses Metallica’s first studio album, Kill ‘Em All. You can now pre-order Metallica’s new album, Hardwired To Self-Destruct, on iTunes. For the next two weeks, we will be releasing a new episode every weekday, Monday to Friday. Hopefully with your support, we can carry on making more of these web-series where we ask Brad to take us through everything that is music. Brad has quit his job as chartered accountant so he can put more time into educating you on rock and roll. It’s cool to be kind, so subscribe to our channel and share the episodes you like.

griffinKill ‘Em All – Metallica Masterclass with Brad ‘The Madman’ Dillinger

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