Die Antwoord – very rare and extremely rare merch and memorabilia now made available

In Die Antwoord, Zefshop deur griffinRek jou bek

Die Antwoord’s first official merch ever came out in around 2010 and there are still some very rare and limited sotck available as well as stock never released before, for example the boob tubes that we discovered while doing stock take which was never made available for sale online. Of these boob tubes, there are only 30 available which we have now put into stock.

Die Antwoord also featured on the Rolling Stone cover of the South African edition, Issue #3, February 2012. Daughter, Sixteen is also featured on the cover of the February edition of Rolling Stone SA magazine together with mom & dad, Ninja & Yo-Landi.

Rolling Stone magazine went out of print in South Africa after only a brief two and a half years. Circulation numbers were around 7000 copies per edition and only a few sealed copies of Die Antwoord featured on the cover are still available. We have a limited amount of 15 sealed copies available. This will become a great collector’s item to the true fans, not only because of Die Antwoord, but because such few copies were printed in Die Antwoord’s home country before Rolling Stone stopped printing its South African edition after such a short period.

Below you will find some photos and links to the stock. We are also considering selling even more rare memorabilia of which items in existance are only one of each. These include:
The ninja suit used in the music video “Enter The Ninja”
White hoody hand painted by Ninja which only he wore once at their only Oppikoppi performance in South Africa in 2009.
Golden apron used on set for the filming of the music video “Rich Bitch”
Black Evil Boy shirt hand painted and worn by Ninja in the music video “Evil Boy”
Wooden Evil Boy statuette used in the music video for Evil Boy. Only three of these were made.

If you are interested in the extremely rare items, feel free to contact us to get more info, photos and to negotiate a price. For the rest, you can click on the images to order.
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griffinDie Antwoord – very rare and extremely rare merch and memorabilia now made available

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