Die Antwoord – Suck on This Mixtape

In Die Antwoord deur griffinRek jou bek

Die Antwoord are back wiff a new mixtape, Suck on This. It are after dey releazed deir 2014’s Donker Mag album. Dis is de first trak, Dazed & Confused, and de okes from Die  Antwoord, Ninja and Yo-Landi skiem dat dis mixtape was produced by deir friend, GOD. Give for it a listen. It sound like dey smoke so much zol so a homeless person what caren’t afford zol.

Also, if you wanna buy a Rolling de Stone magazine from Souf Africa what went out of print and are so limited so making sex wiff Yo-Landi’s front bum, you can go grab one over here. Dese are the last twenty kopies. Dere are fokol udder places what have it. Poes.


griffinDie Antwoord – Suck on This Mixtape

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