Sepultura coming to South Africa

“We know, after playing so many years, which songs get people crazy…” – Wat Kyk Jy? interviews Derrick Green from Sepultura

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Sedert die vroeë negentigs skud ek al my kop op Sepultura, die legendariese geraasmakers van Brasilië wat verlede jaar hulle nuutste album “The Mediator Between Head and Hands Must be the Heart” vrygestel het. Die album is ‘n bedonnerde ene. Heavy, hard en aanhoudend.

In Sepultember is die manne hier, in Suid-Afrika, vir die eerste keer sedert hul eerste SA toer 11 jaar gelede. Hulle jol Joburg en Kaapstad, onder andere saam met local metal acts Groinchurn, Boargazm en Ing.

Ons het hulle vocalist en frontman, Derrick Green so bietjie kaarte geskiet
Sepultura logoYou were last in South Africa in 2003. How did you experience it and what are you looking forward to here?
Our last experience in South Africa was mind blowing on so many levels. The culture, the people, the environment were all extremely fascinating. Hopefully we can be introduced to some new knowledge on this trip.

With such a rich discography of songs as well as a crushing new album, how tough is it to choose a setlist each night?
I think it has a way of working itself out. We know, after playing so many years, which songs get people crazy. We try to put a bit of everything from the history of Sepultura in our set list. We are playing a lot from the new album and it has been going over very well.

On ‘The mediator between head and hands must be the heart’ you got to work with Ross Robinson for the first time, while Andreas and Paulo knew him from ‘Roots’ days (1996). What was his influence on your writing and vocal delivery specifically?
It was a privilege to work with Ross. I have a lot of respect for the work that he has done. He is committed to making you bring out the best in yourself. The raw truth in your feelings and emotions that are behind the music you’ve written. We questioned the meaning behind every lyric on the album and this helped me get to a level of no compromises, but just giving.

The album impressed critics and fans alike. Do you feel it’s the best record you’ve done with Sepultura?
I do feel it is one of the best that I have worked on. I feel that the band as a whole is at a powerful level. The evolution of the band has gone in such a natural way and I know there are great things to come.

Drummer Eloy Casagrande joined in 2011 and is still only 22 years old. Would you say his youth and skill brought a new energy into the band?
Without a doubt yes. We are very fortunate and lucky to have him be a part of Sepultura. He is extremely talented and I don’t think age has anything to do with it. He is determined with a strong, secure personality and a passion for music. His drive has definitely brought a new energy to the band.
SepulturaHow is it touring with someone as young as Eloy? Does he party while the older guys are recovering, or do you need to show him how it’s done?
Eloy is definitely not the party guy and we are all grateful for this. He is very focused and he really understands the whole purpose of being on the road or in the studio. We are all there to perform our best and we all do that best when we are not getting fucked up all the time.

The lyric writing duties are shared between you and Andreas. How does this process work, do you write together or does each one get to write for the songs they want?
Yes, we just starting writing the songs we want and sometimes combining lyrics. There are certain topics of songs that could be similar and we can make them work together.

You’ve been fronting Sepultura since way back, from 1997/8, with rock solid Seps albums under your belt. What is your reaction to some people still calling for a reunion with the original line-up?
I’ve heard it all from the beginning and all from the same boring people. What can I say, but it’s boring ahah!

Outside of Sepultura, you’re also into writing and photography with a book planned soon. Care to tell us more about this?
I’ve been interested in writing and photography for a long time. Traveling the world with Sepultura I had the chance to see many incredible places and have many wonderful experiences. The more I showed my work to other people the more encouraged I was to make something for the public to see.

I love books and felt this was something I felt comfortable to do that could feature my photos and writing together. I’m still in the process of picking what photos to use. There are a few places I would like to have in the book, for example South Africa. I am keeping people updated through my social networks like:
• Facebook:
• Instagram: fumaca71
• Flickr:
• Twitter:

You’ve just come from Brazil for a couple of shows. I’ve heard that the crowds there are manic. Would you say it’s the wildest place to play for Sepultura?
I believe there are many wild places for us to play but Brazil will always be the most special.

In South Africa, you’re being supported by local grindcore legends Groinchurn, among others. Do you know anything about them at all?
I don’t know anything about them but I can do my homework and learn a thing or two about them before I arrive there ahah!


• Andreas Kisser (Guitars)
• Derrick Green (Vocals)
• Eloy Casagrande (Drums)
• Paulo Jr. (Bass)


Johannesburg – 12 September 2014  – Venue Carfax (Supported by Groinchurn & Boargazm)
Cape Town – 13 September 2014  – Venue The Assembly (Supported by Groinchurn & Ing)
Sepultura coming to South Africa

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Chopper Charlie“We know, after playing so many years, which songs get people crazy…” – Wat Kyk Jy? interviews Derrick Green from Sepultura