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Ons het bietjie met Riaad Moosa ge-chat, die dokter-turned-actor-comedian wat die hoofrol speel in die nuwe movie, Material wat nou in cinemas regoor Suid-Afrika wys. Julle mag dalk so riaad moosa material4week of terug 'n insert op Carte Blanche gesien het…

Material is 'n Suid-Afrikaanse comdey-drama wat afspeel in Fordsburg (Jobrug) en handel oor 'n jong Moslem, Cassim, wat volgens familietradisie sy pa se materiaalwinkel moet oorneem. Cassim wat nooit gedink het dat hy iets anders sou doen nie word een aand deur 'n reeks coincidences op 'n stage geplaas vir 'n open mike session by 'n comedy club wat hom laat besef dat hy iets anders met sy lewe wil doen. Dit veroorsaak spanning tussen hom en sy familie…

Ons gaan nou nie verder aangaan oor die movie self nie. Wat hierdie movie interesting maak is dat dit 'n moerse nice Suid-Afrikaanse storie sonder aansitterigheid is en dat daar actually ooreenkomste is tussen Riaad, die actor en sy karakter, Cassim.

Check die interview wat ons met Riaad gedoen het. Daar is ook 'n trailer en so paar behind-the-scenes foto's…

riaad moosa material 5griff: Give us a bit of background. You are actually qualified as a medical doctor. Doctors make big bucks. Why go into comedy? Either your family's house is built on a foundation of Kruger Rands or you are crazy. Or maybe you're not into material things, but you actually are, because you made a movie called material.
Riaad: Doctors do make big bucks, but only after YEARS of study and work. I started doing comedy while I was doing medicine, so there was no point of confrontation where I said, "Mom, Dad…I wanna be FUNNY!" Eventually more opportunities opened up with the comedy…and I followed the path  of least resistance and I find myself here…Also, it may also be because they dropped me on my head as a child.

griff: It’s OK, I was told that I’ve also been dropped on my head as a child. I think the height from which we were dropped might have been different…
Riaad: My Dad is quite tall….
griff: What makes Material different from all the other South African movies that we've seen over the years?
Riaad: It's a movie that will make you laugh and cry. The comedy we use touches on every type of comedy style, from standup comedy to cultural humour to witty dialogue to quirky dialogue to slapstick…so all the different types of comedy are incorporated into this movie – from the most physical to very quick and witty. Then there's also the drama which is very powerful. You'll go though the full range of emotions when watching this movie.

griff: Drama (especially in movies in South Africa) is very hard to pull off. South African actors tend to over act or miss it completely and make it riaad moosa material3awkward when it comes to dramatic scenes. Have you guys truly nailed this then?
Riaad: Well, all I can say is that the people who have seen it can sometimes be overwhelmed by it cos it feels so real. We made Barry Ronge cry tears… But obviously it's up to the audience member to decide if we've nailed it. From my point of view, Vincent Ebrahim's performance is spectacular because I know him in reality and he is completely different to his character in the movie. His transformation is incredible…
griff: Does the movie give more insight into the Indian community? How far is it off the mark? In other words, if I go see it, will it give me insight into a typical Indian family living in South Africa or will I see people pimping out their cars with dik sound and all? I mean, you've already got the selling of material in there?
Riaad: It's very accurate. Very authentic. We spent alot of time ensuring authenticity. The most common comment I get from Indian families are, "It's so real…"
griff: Glad to hear that, because “authenticity” in South Africa more than often turns out to be a groot blerrie gemors
Riaad: We tried to do alot of the story telling without dialogue…we had to use other techniques to convey reality…
griff: How did you prepare for the role? There are some parallels in the movie, for instance you changed to stand-up comedy in real life. Is your dad also that scary and angry in real life?
Riaad: My dad was very supportive in real life. He said, "Riaad, you can do whatever you want to in life…as long as you become an orthopaedic surgeon first…" So no pressure…
riaad moosa material 1griff: Your dad in Material is played by British actor, Vincent Ebrahim from The Kumars at No. 42. How was it working with him? He looks like a very scary oom!
Riaad: Very scary! But a man who also loves his family dearly. I think we can all identify with these types of uncles in our family. They want the best for their family, but they end up pushing them too hard.

griff :Who are your favourite stand-up comedians in South Africa?
Riaad: I love comedy in general, so I enjoy various aspects of all the comedians in SA. We have alot of talent in our country…
griff: Getting back to the orthopaedic surgeon stuff… Do you know what a Hoffman apparatus is? I had one of those things in my pelvis.
Riaad: Is it an exoskeleton? I can ask my Dad. Although he wanted me to do orthopaedics like he did – I only did my MBChB – I am a GP – I haven't specialised…

griff: What advice would you give to someone who is stuck in a rutt, doing something they totally do not want to do for a living? riaad moosa marterial 2Where do you start?
Riaad: Never stop searching for your bliss. I found my bliss after 4th year medicine. I found comedy. I am a big advocate of living your dream, but not at the expense of those who mean the most to you. Try to achieve success, but achieving success at the expense of those dearest to you may not be success… 

Wat kyk jy?
Riaad: Praat jy met my?

Movie trailer vir Material:

Riaad se stand-up comedy – Malema (fokken snaaks)

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